Love & Hip Hop Recap: Poor Little Rich Girls

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We’re drawing to the end of this season of Love & Hip Hop….after all, these folks need some time to recuperate from all their brawling and baby drama! Peter Gunz was back last night after a one episode hiatus (admit it, you missed him!), and he’s decided he’s definitely, one-hundred percent kind of maybe a little head over heels in love with Tara Wallace, um I mean Amina Buddafly. Does it really matter at this point. Peter really only seems to care for these ladies when they decide they’ve had enough of him. He’s decided to prove his feelings with a long overdue wedding ring for his once secret wife, and he’s enlisted bling expert Erica Mena to help him pick out the perfect bauble. Erica questions whether the ring is going to make everything better…shouldn’t he just try being loyal to one woman? 

Rich Dollaz has decided to put all of his crazy lady drama on the back burner to do some shopping with pal Cisco. He relives his recent altercation with Jhonni, bragging that he knows when to leave before the chicks really lose it due to their extreme love for him. Cisco is glowing thanks to a new crush on Cyn. Rich reminds his friend about how they have been in beast mode in every major hip hop city–is Cisco ready to slow his roll? Cisco is ready to settle down, and he doesn’t want to let a good one get away. Rich is wary. Does his friend know how hard monogamy is? Cyn is also confused about the situation with Cisco, so she’s meeting Chrissy Monroe at the hair salon. Chrissy is sporting her finest Swiss Miss braids, and she’s clearly not getting her fake hair done at this place. Cyn is proud of the fact that her song is raising so much money for suicide awareness on the Internet, and both ladies think it was a tad creepy and inappropriate for her producer to express his love at that event. Plus, Cyn is starting things back up with her high school flame, so she needs to nip things in the bud with Cisco. Chrissy reveals that she’s finally met Chink’s father, but she’s concerned that Chink may still be cohabitating with his current wife when he’s not with her. She’s decided to surprise him with an apartment for the two of them, and we all know how much Chink loves Chrissy’s surprises!


Yandy Smith is ready to plan a baby shower to end all baby showers…for herself, of course! That was the quickest pregnancy ever. Remember when just a month ago, she was telling Mendeecess she was pregnant? Now she’s thirty-eight weeks along. Yandy wants a formal commitment ceremony–not a wedding, mind you–at the shower where she legally changes her name from Smith to Harris so that her baby will have her last name when born. Her friends warn her to keep that portion of the shower under wraps from Mendeecees’ mom because goodness knows the woman is going to have A LOT to say about that turn of event. However, when Yandy weighs an earful against the drama that could ensue from a commitment ceremony, she thinks it is in the best interest of everyone to let Mendecees’ mom on the surprise.

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After her fight with Rich, Jhonni is ready to get out of her contract with Rich. She’s still extremely hurt by him saying he didn’t love her. She’s meeting with Rich’s mom to discuss her issues, and his mom just wants to talk business. She doesn’t want to be privy to her son’s messy personal life. Jhonni cries, admitting she’s just trying to get Rich’s attention by calling their contract into question. His words say one thing, but his actions say another. All Rich’s mom can do is roll her eyes. Can you blame her? 

Chink is meeting with the most respected members of his entourage to make sure his latest single is on point. He’s invited Chrissy to join them at the studio. He’s proud of how chill she’s been lately now that she’s met his father. She arrives and shares the news that she’s found them the cutest apartment in Jersey. What? Chink was hoping that by introducing her to his dad, she’d be placated a bit as far as their relationship. Unfortunately, his plan backfired. He’s not ready to live with anyone. Isn’t that something they should discuss? Chrissy is livid, and he shows her to the door. Across town, Erica is trying to convince Amina that she needs to give Peter another chance. Erica isn’t keen on sticking up for Peter because, let’s be honest, he hasn’t given her much to work with as far as his character is concerned. She’s just hoping that Peter stays true to his word so she doesn’t sound like a fool. Amina is near tears as she reiterates for the nine thousandth time that Peter isn’t giving her the commitment she needs. Erica can’t give away Peter’s surprise, but she does admit that she ran into Peter and she believes he’s ready to make things right. Amina is shocked to hear her friend taking Peter’s side, but she’s clearly intrigued. 

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Despite her friends’ advice, Yandy has decided to fill in her future mother-in-law on her plans for the shower. In order to make the news more palatable, she’s planned a spa day for the two of them. She relays her idea for a commitment ceremony, and she swears Mendeecees’ mom to secrecy as she hasn’t even shared this news with her own mother. His mother doesn’t understand the need for both a commitment ceremony and a wedding. Can’t she just get married to Mendeecees? Yandy tries to explain that she wants her name changed before her wedding. Um, does that require a ceremony? Hey, Mendeecees’ mom…I’m just as confused as you are.

Deciding to focus more on her music and less on Peter, Amina has enlisted the assistance of her former manager. He is also her ex-boyfriend. This is going to go over well. He tries to sell himself as the one who can revive her career, but he’s worried that when (not if) she reconciles with Peter, his role is going to be kicked to the curb. She can’t really make that promise to him, but she’ll try. He calls her emotionally unstable, but in the nicest way possible so she’ll still want to work with him. Rich should be taking notes from this guy! Speaking of manager-musician relationships on the verge of crossing the line, Cisco has reserved a private room at his favorite restaurant for his first date with Cyn. Are we sure she knows it’s a first date? They awkwardly discuss his profession of love, and she states that she’s flattered, but business is business. Cisco isn’t giving up so easily, but she spells it out for him. She’s not interested in a romantic relationship with him. He certainly didn’t see that coming! His charm always works on the ladies. Instead of losing his shiz (which I totally assumed he would), he tells her he hopes she finds someone who finds her as special as she does, and he hopes they can continue to work together in the future. Maturity looks good on you, Cisco!

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After Jhonni’s conversation with his mom, Rich is ready to face his cray-cray artist/booty call to discuss the nonsense with her contract. Her love for Rich clouds her judgment, and while she still wants to work with him (despite multiple Twitter rants), she needs to figure out their underlying feelings. Rich admits that he does have feelings for Jhonni, but he’s tired of her pulling the same wily shenanigans over and over again and expecting a different result. The more craziness she pours on him, the more prepared he is to blow her off…and he tells her as much. Her behavior isn’t conducive to an adult relationship. She’s screaming and pointing in face, urging Rich to take responsibility for his scoundrel ways. Drinks are thrown. Security is involved. Rich pleads with security to let him continue talking to Jhonni. He reminds her that he should not have the power over her to make her act a fool over him. He’s got so much faith in her as an artist, but he can’t give her what she needs outside of a business relationship. Rich gives her an angry pep talk, but it makes total sense. He should have some kind of self-help show, don’t you think? He tells her he can’t do this back-and-forth anymore. Rich gives her a fancy watch for signing with his label before yelling at her to tear up their contract. They are done. Aww, Rich. That was cold. 


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