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We begin this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with Scott Disick accidentally walking in on Kris Jenner in her closet while she is getting dressed.  She spazzes and screams at him to get out of her space! Scott immediately runs downstairs to tell Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian that he did not intentionally try to creep on their mom and Kris whirls into the kitchen freaking out about wanting to have some private space as she flashes everyone her S&M bra under her robe. First of all ew, but also somewhat impressed as she looks good for a woman her age trying to pretend she’s 30.

Later on, Kourtney is in the kitchen with Khloe Kardashian and Khloe mentions that she thinks Scott is up to a shady business deal as all these multiple exotic cars are popping up in the driveway and there are about 10 different license plates strewn upon the counter. Like what is he up to? He could very well have a legitimate biz going on and while I don’t blame him for attempting to expand his skills of profiting outside the realms of reality TV, I highly doubt he’s doing anything resembling a la Guidice to make a buck. We’ll see what he’s up to later on.

Down the road in Malibu, Bruce Jenner has finally been set free of the financial restraints of Kris and can spend his money any way he damn well pleases. I have a hard time believing she was pinching pennies at the Kardashian abode for the past 25 years, but she did have a way of stripping him of any masculinity these past 3 decades so, it is conceivable.  He splurges on an ATV and goes joyriding with his son on the beach. I love Bruce – he looks so happy! Meanwhile, Kris’s bratty kids can’t be bothered to help her out and drive her to the doctor early in the AM the next day, so she rings Bruce and he happily agrees.  

Kris, Kourt and Scott are cruising around town and Scott takes a few work calls in front them. They appear a bit suspicious and Scott is discreet not disclosing any details and Kris announces that’s weird (it is). Kourt could care less as she probably has been to the Scott Disick-20th-career-path-rodeo so she knows this is probably a fad and will not last.  This would drive Kris nuts to be involved in 1,000% of whatever her spouse would be doing, but not Kourt (at least not yet).

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Doctor day has arrived! Bruce picks Kris up and brings her coffee at the crack of dawn. While at the doctor’s office, because she is going under anesthesia she has to disclose her advanced medical directive revealing that Kourtney is now her executor of her will and not Bruce. Bruce is visibly upset by this and points out that if Kourtney is so responsible, why is she not here instead of me! Somewhat valid point, but they are divorced now and Kris has to protect herself as does Bruce. It’s kinda endearing to see Bruce get so emotional over it. When they return home, Bruce and Kris let Kim know that Kourtney is the executor of the will.  Kim declares she’s way more competent than Kourt and now Kris is having second thoughts. I don’t think any of her kids are competent enough to handle that role, but to pick the best of the worst, Kim might just be right.

Kendall Jenner swings by Bruce’s house in the ‘bu which tickles Bruce pink! Any 17-yr would have have way cooler things to to do than hang with their dad, so he’s grateful she’s been able to visit.  She mentions she wants a new purse (I suspect the reason for her mystery visit) and Bruce falls for it hook, line and sinker.  God, I wonder how much stuff I would have been able to squeeze out of my parents if they got divorced when I was 17, ha! Kendall is so blah by the way. I just get that impression that this a great example when you pull kids out of school and elect them to not have to further their education.  Not for monetary purposes – because we all know the Kardashians can make a dollar out of .15, but yeezus, just to like – KNOW things would be motivation enough.  

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At this point everyone is starting to get suspicious that Scott is up to no good with his new car brokerage venture.  On the one hand, I don’t blame him from keeping this new gig separate from the Kardashian wrath. However, it is odd why he can’t articulate a thoughtful explanation of what he’s doing.  C’mon Scott, this is dragging.  Turns out he’s president of a luxury car company in Calabasas. Scott is getting pissy because he doesn’t want to disclose what he’s doing.  Here the thing, he says he doesn’t want to disclose the deets because he doesn’t ask other family members what they make in all their deals (which is normal) but lots of people can discuss their jobs and not disclose what they make. Scott in the workforce is very transient and I think quick, easy money appeals to him (who wouldn’t it appeal to?) so as soon we begin to think this will last, it most likely will not.  

Apparently, Bruce is taking his financial freedom too far, as he’s dropping cash to buy gifts for everyone. Kim is concerned (mind you she wears ripped up Chanel sweatsuits, so I take this criticism with a grain of salt) that he is spending too much money and will be left bankrupt. Again, everyone knows that the Kardashians are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so this plot line is just scene fillers IMO. It’s just a weird part of their vision trying to make their reality series dramatic and with several storylines happening. Like they are sitting together at one big table read trying to come up with arcs throughout the season to sustain an entire show – “Bruce should be almost going broke in this episode!” Um, nice try. Ugh.  

Curve ball scene of the night is when Kourt, Khloe and Kris grab lunch and Kris mentions that she wanted to text Lamar as it was his birthday that day (What? No. Bad idea Kris.). Khloe is sullen and says she’d love to give it to her but his phone has been shut off for a month so she can’t get a hold of him. First of all, I have a feeling he just got a new number and didn’t give it to Khloe because no one can go for a month without a phone.  Secondly, if Lamar meant that much to Kris, I’m pretty sure she’d have his cell number in her contacts.  Although Khloe has a sad face on when talking about this she pushes on being all, “F it, whaddya gonna do about it? He’s an adult and does his thing”. This impresses Kris so much that I think Khloe just earned her a$$ the new title of executor.

Next week – Kim finds out that she might have to remove her uterus! Eek, no more babies from her then? Plus, an intervention could be in the works for poor Rob, so stay tuned to find out!


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