Love & Hip Hop Reunion Recap: Who Are You And Why Are You Here?

love hip hop reunion rich amina

Last night was the first part of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, and Mona Scott Young has given up her throne in favor of Nina Parker. Here’s hoping she’s able to bring out the dirt without inciting anyone to physically injure any of their co-stars. I’m not counting on it! Per the usual, it’s a lot of fake hair and dresses for which I would have given my right arm to wear to my junior prom back in the mid-90’s. There have been so many random characters who have appeared this season for no reason, the VH1 crew was probably hard-pressed to find a sofa that fit them all

Luckily, they are one person short, as Erica Mena has decided to forego the festivities. Ahhh, it seems Mona has scored the sit-down with the original franchise’s most volatile cast mate who claims she’s ready to start a new chapter in her life. Erica doesn’t want to risk a setback to her positive life changes, so she’s refusing to take part in the reunion. However, she’s happy to dress as if she’s ready to cut a bitch while wearing a cleavage-friendly sequined semi-formal. Erica believes she’s being very generous by letting CynRich Dollazand Chrissy Monroe have their time without her interrupting. After all, she is their story line. They can make up stories while she continues to prosper. Erica’s volatile relationship with Cyn is showcased, and there are some scenes I would have thought were from last season they took place so long ago. That’s a may be a sign the season played out a little longer than necessary. 


Erica cites Cyn as the sweet girl who loves to play the victim while accusing Erica of lying and stealing. Mona encourages her to go out on stage and face Cyn, but again Erica refuses. She explains the timeline of her relationship with BowWow while stating she feels good that her pairing with Cyn may make people more accepting of certain types of couples. What type of couple is that? Two girls pretending to be lesbians? Ladies with a strange fetish for Chipotle? On stage, Cyn gives her version of the situation, asserting that Erica always needs to make herself the center of attention. Nina then introduces Cyn’s new boyfriend who joins her on the sofa. He barely made a three second appearance on finale…why is he wasting my reunion time? Peter Gunz watches intently, and you can tell he’s thrilled that finally a ridiculous scenario has overshadowed his now yawn-worthy love triangle with Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly.

love hip hop reunion yandy

Next up, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are highlighted, from his release from prison to her pregnancy to that time he told her their son was in the hospital to get back at her for not answering her phone, culminating with that epic baby shower where she legally changed her last name. Mendeecees loves Yandy through their ups and downs, but he wishes that she wasn’t always chasing the Benjamins. When Nina questions about the potential pregnancy complications he could have caused Yandy with his lie, he admits that he didn’t consider the undue stress it may inflict. Tara interrupts to tell him how wrong his actions were because, you know, no one has focused on her yet. We’re then reminded that the most exciting showdown of the year occurred between Mendeecees’ mom and the rarely featured Little Meneecees’ mom’s mom over a tossed Mai Tai and a cleaning bill. The mother of Mendeecee’s ex looks like a boss in her suit, and she is ready to take every last one of these fools to the cleaners. The grandmothers are about to brawl, but end up laughing together. 

Rich certainly had a tough time this season with artists and with girlfriends. It seems that Rich is just too good for his own good, and he leaves ladies crazed in his wake. His tit-for-tat (literally) with Jhonni is highlighted, and they are still passive aggressively sparring. Jhonni wants him to admit he had feelings for her, but Rich doesn’t understand why she can’t just let their relationship be professional in nature. Jhonni shares that she is absolutely in love with Rich, and Paris then busts in to remind everyone that he was also a crappy manager to her. Her time in the spotlight is short lived before Jhonni turns her attention and aggression towards Diamond Strawberry. Diamond Strawberry Shortcake looks like she was making out with the Purple Pieman before the show. Jhonni bleeps and charges before being pulled of stage, but Cisco manages to tag into her spot against Diamond…at least where the indecipherable swearing is concerned. 

love hip hop reunion chink chrissy mendeecees

Nina changes the subject to Chrissy and Chink, and I get distracted trying to count just how many horrible hair pieces she’s seen sporting in the thirty second highlight reel. I then wonder how I never realized before how Chink’s choice of headgear, whether it’s a backwards ball cap or a beanie, makes him look like a petulant twelve-year-old. He shouldn’t wear hats. Chrissy tearfully regales us with how much she loved Chink and how he refused to make an effort. Per the usual, Chink responds defensively and Peter just seems happy to be on the periphery…or is it that he knows he’s about to be front and center for Paris wardrobe malfunction of nipplistic proportions? With Chrissy in the hot seat, Erica returns to share her side of the escort story…far away from her actual co-stars so that no one can refute her. The cast’s reactions to her rant are hilarious. If Rich is shaking his head, you know you’re throwing some mad shade!

Clearly, if you were ever an extra in the strip club when one of these yahoos tossed a drink on another, you’re going to be invited to participate in this reunion. If Diamond and Cisco’s antics throughout the season weren’t scripted enough, Nina has both of their mothers joining them on stage. After recapping their tumultuous fake relationship, Diamond is faced with a fan question who wonders why Diamond called her daughter a dog. Diamond tries to twist her words to say that she never said it (I guess it was fine for Cisco to assume it), and it cuts to Erica calling “that Diamond girl” pathetic. Jhonni seconds that assertion. Diamond’s mom starts to get feisty when Cisco’s mom asks why Diamond would leave her daughter behind in pursuit of a man she barely knows. Are we about to have a grandma battle Part Deux? Cisco made mention of his brother’s death, and Cyn realized that she hadn’t had any camera time for the past forty minutes. She grabs a tissue and turns the subject to the tribute song she made in memory of her late brother. What a perfect segue into the brief attraction between Cisco and Cyn…the time devoted to it may be actually longer than the attraction itself! Time runs out before Nina can address any Diamond related potential beef between Cisco and Rich


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