Kim Kardashian Selfie-Obsession Rubbing off on Baby North?

Variety’s Power of Women

In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s ground breaking interview with Diane Sawyer, the rest of the Kardashians are scrambling to revamp their images as kind, authentic, rigorously honest people too. Juuuuuuust kidding! In an effort to remain the Queen of All Things Shallow and Vapid, Kim Kardashian shared at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon in New York that her selfie obsession is rubbing off on daughter North West (22 months). And she couldn’t be a prouder mommy. “She [North] has a computer of mine with all of these movies and music on it, and I was just using it, and I noticed the Photo Booth, there were all these selfies of her, that she doesn’t realize she’s taking, but she presses it, and it’s so funny,” says the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. “So we do take lots of pictures together.”

Adding her wisdom on the “power of the selfie,” Kim explains, “I think it’s really cute when you go and the girls, they ask for a selfie, and they say, ‘Will you post this on your Instagram? It’s so funny to see the power of a selfie… As silly as that may seem, it really makes their day.” Can’t you just picture Kim in a Skeletor pose wielding an iPhone? By the Power of Butt-Naked Instagrams! I have the SELFIE! Erghh.


In a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer about her new book, Selfish, Kim claimed that her selfie obsession does not make her vain. No, ma’am. And the title of her new book proves it. Lauer asked, “If you take such a large percentage of pictures of yourself, it does open this whole line of questioning as to, ‘Are you self-obsessed? Are you an incredibly vain person and have you always been that way?'” Kim responded that “I can understand how someone would say that you must be really vain if you’re taking selfies all day long or wanting photos of yourself,” but adds, “Is it a little ridiculous? Is it vain? Yes, but it’s fun and you get to capture all of these memories at the same time.” You know, memories of being naked in front of the bathroom mirror, memories of being naked on the beach in Thailand. Memories of being naked in…well, you get the picture. It’s all about memories, people! When Lauer commented on the obvious by saying, “You’re naked a lot in here,” Mensa candidate Kim just responds, “Not too naked.” 

Kim adds that, selfies aside, she hopes her relationship with baby North mirrors her relationship with mom, Kris Jenner. “I hope that I have the same relationship with her that I do with my mom and that she is my best friend and that she is just a strong, powerful woman and is very confident,” she tells PEOPLE. “My grandmothers and my mom all … just displayed a really strong work ethic, a strong family sense, and really instilled that within me and my sisters at a young age.” 


Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/