Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap – Family Bonds


On this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian and Malika spend a girls’ weekend together, celebrating the single life.  Kylie Jenner tries to avoid her mom but winds up bonding with her and so much more. 

We start off with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian wrapping up Kim’s surgery and it appears everything went well! Full steam ahead baby-making in bathrooms with Kanye West again.  Yay.


Kris is at an indoor go-cart racetrack with Khloe and Scott Disick.  Kris explains that she tries to spend one-on-one time with the kids and hasn’t seen Kylie in a few weeks.  What? Where is she living?  Isn’t she like 15? Is that legal? 


Meanwhile, Kylie is back to Bruce’s Malibu house hanging out with him and tells him she is not meshing well with Kris lately.  Bruce (who I am such a fan of!) gives her a shoulder to cry on just in case she ever needs it.  I can’t help but stare at Kylie’s face throughout this entire scene.  Her lips are just insane.  She looks like she is trying waaayyy too hard.  You have many years of ahead of you to look 25, it’s just too much to see all of that make-up on a teenager.

Over at Khloe’s house, Malika (her BFF) walks in and relays the news to Khloe that she dumped all of French’s stuff on his lawn, ding-dong-ditched it and sped off.  Khloe has been broken up with Mumbles for about a month now, so we’ll see if this sticks.  

So there is a tech conference coming up and Kim has to make an appearance and the tech media is having a field day with the possibility that they will be able to grill Kim about her app and game.  Kim is reading this criticism on the internet and although she’s a bit intimidated by her new tech venture, she thinks she can hold her own among peeps in Silicon Valley.  This is hilarious.  I would pay a gazillion dollars to see her stutter answers about her app and the technology behind it.

Touching down in Vegas are Khloe, Malika and Khadija among Khloe’s friends as Khloe has to make a club appearance.  Guess who else is there? Mumbles! Her friends are kinda peeved because Mumbles is lame and they don’t want him to ruin it for Khloe.  Malika let’s Khloe know this and Khloe is all “Chill out Malika it’s gonna be fine”.  Um, guess it won’t be because Mumbles is at the same restaurant that Khloe and her crew show up to for dinner.  Can you say stalker much???  

Back to the fiasco that is Kim Kardashian at a tech conference in San Francisco.  Kara Swisher is going to interview her on a panel and this should be good.  Kara Swisher is no joke and Kim is shaking in her Jimmy Choos.  But Kim surprises me and does really well at answering all of Kara’s questions.  Albeit, they weren’t as tough I thought they would be, but she came across confident and energetic.

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Kris is on a mission to get her relationship back with Kylie, so she basically orders her to spend the night in San Diego so they can bond, dammit! Well, it looks like Kris is off to a great start with this being a fun trip.  They pull up to La Valencia (I love this hotel!) and Kylie is already being teenagy-bratty and wants her own room.  Ugh, Kylie is the worst.  They visit Kris’s mom at her children’s boutique in La Jolla and Kylie tells Kris and gammy that she is counting the days until he 18th bday when she can be essentially legally emancipated from Kris.  Oh man.  The night of bonding is a bit of a bust and both crash early in their respective rooms. 

The next morning they have brunch with gammy and realize that they do love each other and understand each other now.  They head to an amusement park that looks like it closed just for the Kardashians and go on a ride, eat cotton candy and pretend like they are normal for about 5 minutes.  Please – this is convenient and just seems staged from the start to have a storyline for blah Kylie.  Blah blah blah.

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Khloe and Malika decide to take a road trip up the coast after Vegas to Solvang, CA. It’s a cute little Danish town in Cali. They feel like they have some air to clear since Malika kinda yelled at Khloe about Mumbles in Vegas.  Basically, it’s Malika apologizing for butting in Khloe’s business about dudes she’s dating or no longer dating.  They call it truce over wine and cheese and everything is back to normal again.  This is the part of the show that appears to be so odd.  In the beginning there is some crazy drama and fights and then by the end everyone is besties again like nothing ever happened.  Ugh – this is not life and not reality.  Their attempts at making their life seem chaotic are very weak and obvious.  

Next week – we witness more of Kris’s midlife crisis as she is now booking nightclub appearances via Scott.  Oh jeez. 

Recap Author: Bonnie K.


Editor’s note:  As you might have seen in our Happy Easter post, Bonnie has given birth to her second child and has her hands full right now.  She’s no longer going to be able to do the KUWTK and Real Housewives of Melbourne recaps.  If anyone is interested in trying their hand at recapping, shoot me an email with a sample recap.   editor @ reality tea. com

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