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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta wasn’t really what I was expecting. Sympathizing with Stevie and mild S&M? Game changer for sure! Stevie J. has survived his first ten days in rehab, and he’s feeling much better about his recovery. However, he’s not permitted to have visitors so Joseline Hernandez has arrived to rehash her sit down with Mimi Faust. There goes Stevie’s calm vibe. He wants her to work on her anger management, and he urges her to give up smoking now that he’s giving up drinking. Stevie shares that he can’t be around liquor for at least a year once he’s out of the program, and he’d prefer not to be subjected to any tempting substances. Hold up! It’s not Joseline’s problem that Stevie has a drinking problem…she’s not giving up smoking just to appease him. Stevie requests that she talk to his doctor about his post-rehab needs, but she isn’t interested in talking to some bunk-ass therapist. 

I didn’t realized that Kalenna and Tony Vick would be joining us again this season, but they’re back and she’s about to give birth. They complain that the pregnancy came about at the most inopportune time. They are suffering from financial problems and had to close their studio mid-production of her latest album. Tony relays that he has the chance to invest in some clubs with a a real estate developer. Kalenna thinks his scheme is too risky, plus the last time he worked with this friend, there were rumors all over town that Tony was cheating on her. Speaking of bad business deals, Karlie Redd is meeting up with Rasheeda to discuss the messiness at her boutique opening. Karlie wants to know why Rasheeda brought Erica Dixon to the opening of her event after Karlie ditched her plan with Erica to open a store. Rasheeda accuses Jessica Dime Piece for stirring the pot unnecessarily, and the one get into a screaming match in the restaurant in an attempt to one-up one another. AARP Karlie speeds off, and not a single patron in that crowded restaurant acted like anything was weird about two grown woman shrieking insults at one another during the lunch rush. Weird for “reality,” I know…


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After hearing about Joseline’s failed meeting with Mimi, Stevie wants to hear Mimi’s take on the situation. He’s meeting her in the chapel in hopes of starting the conversation out in a calmer manner. When she asks about how he plans to stay clean once he’s back in the real world, Stevie hugs himself (he loves himself, y’all!) and says he’s ready to change his playgrounds. She relays her interaction with Joseline, citing that Stevie’s wife acted as if she didn’t go violently wild at the reunion. Stevie acknowledges Joseline’s anger issues and shares that she’s going to be seeing his therapist. He wishes they could all just get along, because Mimi loves him, right? She admits that she loves Stevie in such a way that if he were to get creamed by a bus crossing the street, she’s attend his funeral. Mimi may even bring flowers. True love. 

Margeaux is in town to keep tabs on her husband Nikko, and he’s put her up in an apartment just two floors from his own. He’s generous like that. When he pops in to see how her move is going, she jokes that they will have to set some boundaries. Nikko can’t just barge in whenever he pleases. Margeaux wants Nikko to come clean about his relationship with Mimi and the sex tape, and she’s horrified to learn that a book deal has been thrown into the mix. How humiliating! She wonders just how involved her husband was with this woman. Am I supposed to believe she didn’t watch last season? Margeaux wants to know if Nikko was skeezy enough to leak the sex tape behind Mimi’s back. He admits that Mimi was the mastermind behind the tape leaking, but he agreed to take the rap since she is a mother. He now needs to keep Mimi reigned in long enough to get her book finished. Margeaux isn’t on board with his line of thinking.

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Sina drops by Khadiyah’s office to show her the secret footage she has with Yung Joc. Why are they both fighting over this man who continues to openly cheat on both of them? Sina plays the video on her tablet which Khadiyah promptly stomps with her stiletto. She can’t believe this side chick would ever try to compete with her real relationship with Joc. Um, really? Across town, Erica has slapped Lil’ Scrappy with an order of contempt. The ex-couple and their lawyers are meeting to discuss their child support disagreements. He will always provide for his daughter, but he likes to do it off the record so the court system isn’t all up in his biz-nigh-ee. Oh, and bring on the random drug testing. Scrappy ain’t scared! 

Khadiyah arrives home to seduce Joc in light of her new news. Khadiyah has his arms and legs strapped to each corner of the bed. Joc couldn’t be more excited! She promises his a great surprise before going to change into a mesh thong number. As she straddles him with chocolate covered strawberries, she remembers a certain video with he and Sina that involved the same sexy food. Wait, how does she have this footage on her iPad? Didn’t she slam her heel through the device? He can’t believe his ex trapped him like that, and he wants her to stop showing him the video. Khadiyah wants to know how he can do it, but he won’t look at it. Joc claims that he didn’t go all the way with Sina, and, truth be told, he thinks she may have drugged him. Khadiyah wasn’t born yesterday, and she gives him a few spanks before shoving a strawberry in his mouth and dousing him with a cocktail. She leaves him strapped to the bed, telling him to call her if he’s able to free himself. Damn. Joc has never been more turned on in his life.

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Stevie’s calm experience with rehab comes to a screeching halt when his lawyer calls to let him know that the feds have indicted him on criminal charges for failure to pay child support. If convicted, he could face up to two years in jail. Stevie mus focus all of his effort in making sure this doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Kalenna has given birth to son Noah, and she’s suffering from post-partum. K. Michelle could be her stand in if she needs to take some time for herself. Kalenna invites Mimi and Karlie over to her ginormous house (so, money problems?) to meet the baby, and Karlie brings Jessica Dime Piece as a baby gift. She knows what Kalenna likes. When Mimi finds out that Jessica is old friends with Joseline, she won’t tolerate any sweet talk about Stevie’s wife. However, she’s happy to get to know Jessica apart from her past with the Puerto Rican princess. In fact, should Jessica need a manager, she and Stevie would be happy to work with her! Karlie then spills the chaos that happened at her boutique opening with Rasheeda and Erica.

Joseline has finally conceded to sit down with Stevie and his counselor so she can learn how to be supportive to a sober Stevie. Of course, if these fools think she’s going to quit partying, they have another thing coming. The counselor inquires as to whether Joseline would be able to quit doing drugs for at least a year to keep the temptation away from Stevie. He notes that if she can’t, she may want to consider rehab herself. After a period of silence, Joseline agrees to give up her recreational drugs, but she still plans to get her drink on whenever she wants. The discussion turns to Stevie’s indictment, and Joseline his hurt and angry at this news. Stevie’s therapist knows their relationship needs a lot of work, but he can see that Stevie is willing to put in the time to make sure things move in a positive direction. After their session, we’re left with a cliffhanger. Joseline meets with Margeaux for drinks and gossip. 


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