Thomas Ravenel Discusses Facebook Breakup with Kathryn Dennis; Says He’s Done with Politics!

Southern Charm premiere party thomas

Remember the Joan Jett anthem, “I Hate Myself for Loving You?” Well, that’s my relationship with Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel. As the show’s resident delusional political wannabe, over-the-hill baby daddy and strumpet-impregnator, T-Rav should be a laughing stock. But there’s something about him that keeps me waffling between disgust with his behavior and empathy for his “plight” (which, okay – yes, he squarely got himself into!). 

In his latest Bravo blog, Thomas starts out by negatively commenting on Kathryn Dennis’ decision to vacation on Jekyll Island instead of…what? Sitting in their depressing kitchen, waiting for T-Rav’s campaign manager to call to tell her to leave T-Rav alone some more!? When he found out Kathryn was leaving for a weekend away, Thomas says he “didn’t really know how to respond at first, but then I realized that I was disappointed and hurt. I needed support. I really needed support at that time.” Support in the form of waiting around all dang day in Target leggings while your baby daddy sleeps at a hotel 38 nights in a row! Hmmm. Thomas claims, however, he wasn’t surprised that Craig Conover was the main impetus for Kathryn going on the trip: “Knowing Craig’s recent choices anyone could see he wanted someone to party with and not judge him for it. Kathryn seemed to fit the bill.”


As for T-Rav’s public – and unbelievably juvenile – breakup with Kathryn on Facebook back in March of this year, he says he regrets using social media for what should have been a private affair. “Perhaps I should’ve just texted her. Paul Simon says it best in his song ‘Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover’… which predates Facebook. Perhaps he can rewrite the song to, ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover on Social Media’.” In his March Facebook post, Thomas pours his heart out, alludes to the fact that Kathryn was going to “propose to him” (huh?), accuses her of being in love with a former boyfriend, and rebuts Kathryn’s (alleged) false claims that he physically assaulted her. So, yeah. High school Snapchat stories have nothing on this dude.    


In an attempt to explain his dramatic post, Thomas says, “Seriously, my impulse was fueled by emotions which turned into the action of breaking up on Facebook. I regret that. I could have put myself on a 24 hour wait list for breaking up. I could have handled the situation better by taking the time to think about how I felt. To calm down, in order to make an honest assessment of the situation, starting with arranging a time we could meet at a public place to have a face to face conversation. That would have been more courageous and shown more integrity.” Although the couple, who share a daughter are not together (at least on social media), Thomas says he was delighted to see Kathryn at his election party: “I welcomed her. I was glad she was there. I felt like she was supporting me,” he says. 

Election parties may be a thing of the past for good ole’ T-Rav, though, as he faces the reality that his political career is dunzo. He says, “I love politics, interacting with people and the challenge of creating solid changes in the government,” adding, “However, if I do get the urge to run again I’m going to start flushing 100 dollar bills down the toilet until the urge passes. As far as future career plans, I will continue to develop real-estate, and keep my main focus on my daughter.” If being a full time father to the cutest baby on the planet is what his failed political career affords him, then he should be grateful. 

Ugh. I just can’t quit you, T-Rav!