Snooki Publishing Her Fifth Book And Isn’t Letting Anyone Put Her Down


Since her Jersey Shore days, Snooki has built herself quite an empire and (wisely) didn’t put all of her eggs in the “reality star” basket.   She’s left her party days behind her and swapped out her Shore house for this house, and is raising two adorable kids with her husband.  Nicole is writing books, getting crafty, running her clothing and accessory lines, selling her perfumes, slippers and a million other products and managing other side gigs.   The never-out-of-energy star announced this week that she has written her fifth book! 

Snooki shared on Instagram that her newest book, “Strong is the New Sexy: A Kickass Memoir” will hit shelves in October.  The fitness buff is going to talk about her road to living a positive and healthy life and share advice on what other women can do to be strong and positive.  She shared a photo of the book cover, “So excited for my new book!!! Strong is the new sexy- how to live a positive life!”  

Despite the fact that she’s put the smoosh room and all of those bad decisions behind her long ago, Snooki deals with a ton of negativity online about it and I love how she handles it – not many have thick enough skin to deal with it, but she does!  The perfect example is a comment she got today about the book’s message.  Someone said to her:

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Snooki doesn’t ignore the haters out there and addressed the rude message.  She explained to the user, “This is the perfect example of why I wanted to write my new book. What I did 6 years ago at 21 doesn’t define who I am today, nor will I take shit from a stranger who doesn’t know who I am. Rise above the hate, the judgmental people, and live the best, healthy positive life that you can. Of course you are going to be a drunk slob at some point in your life, but you grow older and wiser and learn what’s important in life. I’ve done that and my kids are my world. I work out, I’m a strong, happy mom and I want to show you that you can change and become a better person, regardless of the naysayers that say you can’t. Sorry girl for using you as an example, but you asked for it. XOOX love yourself and stay positive, no matter what!”

She also shared a snippet from her book – a specific excerpt on bullying.  “Here’s a little glimpse into my next book “Strong is the New Skinny : A Kickass Memoir ” out October 15!  #strongladies This is my list of how Us Women can be Weak !!!”

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Photo Credit: Instagram