Tamar Braxton Backs Out Of Scheduled Performance At L.A. Pride Anniversary Bash Days Before The Event!

Tamar Braxton Performing

Tamar Braxton has pulled a disappearing act! Running from the IRS? The reality star and talk show host was confirmed as a performer at the 45th Anniversary L.A. Pride bash but has stopped returning organizer’s calls. 

Days before she was scheduled to perform the Tamar & Vince star is missing in action. L.A. Pride Executive Producer Jeff Consoletti confirms that Tamar is refusing to return their calls and they’ve been forced to hire a last minute replacement for her act since the event is happening so soon! 


However, organizers find the whole thing very surprising considering that Tamar was one of the first acts hired for the event. When asked for an explanation for her sudden disinterest Tamar didn’t offer one!

With her refusing to answer to organizer’s inquiries, event coordinators have decided to continue on without her. Tamar has been replaced by Pop artist Ivy Levan and rapper Angel Haze says TMZ

Tamar hasn’t gotten any compensation for her scheduled performance so organizers can’t take legal action against her, but they just find the entire about-face very weird – especially considering the great promotion the event would be for Tamar’s newly released song and her currently airing reality show Braxton Family Values. Recently surfaced rumors speculate that Tamar and hubby/manager Vince Hebert are having major financial issues and are up to their eyeballs in debt to the IRS, so if that’s true Tamar could have used the check. Tamar has denied the financial hardship. 

I personally wonder if it has something to do with a recent scandal surrounding Tamar and the video for her new song “If I Don’t Have You.” The singer posted a snippet of the music video on her instagram feed, which featured a man in a white feathered bikini writhing in front of a church altar and cross. Fans and Christian groups lashed out at Tamar for being blasphemous. 

The Real host defended the video as being “praise dancing,” admonished fans for being “petty and silly” and disrespecting different expressions of loving Christ. “I’m speaking about love, which God is,” Tamar argued. The singer also defended herself as being “very saved and sensitive to my spirit.” 

In a later post Tamar then apologized to anyone she incidentally offended. “To the saved, not so saved, and people who judge everyone while they Fall short… my bad, I wasn’t trying to offend you and your love for Christ!! I LOVE him too!! So Pray for me but this is this man interpretation and I FEEL he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful!! Sorry if I offended anyone PERSONALLY…BUT I’m not sorry for understanding his artistic interpretation! Get your life”

Tamar has since deleted the posts. 

I wonder if perhaps it’s no coincidence that Tamar has pulled-out of an L.A. Pride event for fear of further alienating religious fans and viewers. Just a reminder: this is just my opinion. 🙂 


[Photo Credit: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com]