Quad Webb-Lunceford: “I’m Not One For Conflict”

Quad Webb-Lunceford

This week on Married to Medicine, Quad Webb-Lunceford decided to give Lisa Nicole Cloud a taste of her own medicine, ordering a background check on her. Quad went the “extra” route and requested a check on Lisa‘s husband and Lisa’s mother’s elbows too. You name it, Quad ordered it.

Quad took to her blog to explain her decision, “It really pains me that I have to conduct a background investigation on someone that I once considered a friend. My intentions were not to hurt or harm ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’ or her family; however, I did want to set an example as to how NOT to treat a friend. Her behavior and actions were highly disappointing, inappropriate, and unjustifiable. Again, ‘She Who Not Be Named’ and I have never discussed doing business together. I don’t work for her, she doesn’t work for me. She’s not an investor, a stockholder, or a business partner in Picture Perfect Pup – and she never will be.”


Quad shared a link to Funky Dineva, who reported, “Going into the season 2 reunion, Lisa-Nicole ran background checks on her fellow cast mates. At the time, her rationale for doing so was so that she would have ammunition if any one of the ladies tried to come for her. Lisa cited that she did not know what to expect going into her first reunion, and she needed to be prepared.”

I believe Lisa Nicole‘s story has changed; never-the-less, I don’t understand why Quad acts like she has NO CHOICE but to go all Inspector Gadget on Lisa. On the show, Quad said, “She sent for me. I have to answer.” Gregory, the wise one, responded, “You don’t always have to answer.”

Quad shared a similar thought in her blog, “It’s really petty that I have to stoop to her level to conduct a background investigation. Let’s just remember #WithoutACallThereIsNoResponse” Um, Quad, without a response there is no unnecessary drama. 😉

“It was not my motive to conduct a background investigation on ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’ until she boastfully and arrogantly came into the Halloween party insinuating that there was something else is in my background, although there’s not,” insisted Quad. “I do not take kindly to blackmail. Actually, I’m not one for conflict. If you notice over the years, I have never started anything with anyone, but I will finish it.”

Quad continued, “While Dr. G’s prayers are going up, the actions are unfolding. Where I’m from, do unto others, as they do unto you. #Matthew7:12 An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. #Matthew5:38 What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. #MyGranny”

“It amazes me how there is a double standard amongst this group of friends,” shared Quad. “Where they hit me over the head with mallets and pianos, they expect me to touch them with a feather. I don’t know very many people who would have allowed this to take place and not reciprocate the action. I don’t know who’s on her advisory board, but with her background, they are setting her up for failure. It doesn’t matter how they TRY to spit venom on my name, in the words of Aretha Franklin, A Rose is Still a Rose. I wasn’t interested in her tax problems, although she seems to think that is the most scandalous thing in her background. Trust me, it’s most definitely NOT.”

Are y’all still with me? Or has the obnoxiousness that is Quad put you in coma?

Quad went on to rip on Lisa and Darren‘s marriage. Because, you know, she’s never about starting conflict. “‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’ is a bus driver, honey,” she said. “She is really throwing Darren under the bus, and I really like him too! I think he’s a nice guy, outside of doing all that gossiping with his wife. If my memory services me correctly, last year ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’ introduced her husband’s cheating habits to the group. Hold the line… did he really just say ‘messy people’ when his wife is the mayor of Messyville, USA. I wonder, did he find it messy when she conducted a background investigation on me while we were friends? And now hiding behind false statements about us doing business together. #Perpetrating #Treacherous #Immoral #Fraud”

Quad added, “In ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’s’ own words, ‘Once you’re married, his problems became my problem.’ Honestly, me conducting a background investigation on Darren is just by default. They are ‘one.’ Darren states, and I quote, ‘When you make a lot of money, you owe a lot of taxes.’ I just can’t stop laughing! Everyone in this group is coined. It’s peculiar to me, no one else is being chased by Uncle Sam and his army. #CatchThatDirt #PayThePeople”

Quad is exhausting. Also, in case you were wondering, that’s the $7,000 dress (in the picture above) that she boasted about on Watch What Happens Live.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo