Quad Webb-Lunceford On Brandi Glanville Unfiltered: Talks Mariah Huq, Lisa Nicole Cloud, And Married To Medicine Season 3

Married to Medicine star Quad Webb Lunceford

Married to Medicine star Quad Webb-Lunceford was Brandi Glanville‘s latest guest on Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. In an interesting twist, Brandi seemed to be intimidated by Quad, so she did not interrupt every five seconds. Nor did she talk about herself incessantly. This made for an enjoyable podcast. Quad dished on the demise of her friendship with Mariah Huq and the drama she has with Lisa Nicole Cloud during Season 3 of Married to Medicine.

Brandi called out Mariah for trying to tear down Quad, her best friend when the show began, because her ego couldn’t handle the fact that Quad became the breakout star of Married to Medicine.

“The dynamics did change,” shared Quad, “and it’s really unfortunate. We see that happen when two people come into a situation of this magnitude. They’re strong, they’re solid, and then somewhere down the line it gets very muddy. For me, I was always trying to keep it straight up and stay loyal and true to our relationship, but you could go back to season one and she was taking shots at me. What you’re doing and what you’re saying we are… they’re not adding up.”


Quad said Mariah lost sight of the fact that she was on Married to Medicine, with an ensemble cast, and not The Mariah Huq Show. “Somewhere down the line that got distorted in her mind,” she shared. “It’s very unfortunate, but I wish her well. I want her to be happy and healthy. That’s all I really can ask.”

Brandi said the very same thing happened to her on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – fans started to like her then her jealous co-stars wanted her off the show. Delusional, table for one.

Quad went on to talk about her recent partnership with BCBG, to which Brandi said, “Good things happen to good people.”

“Always. No matter who tried to tear you down. No matter what they say, or what type of dirt they try to kick up on you, when favor is already on you, it does not matter,” said Quad. “At the end of the day, they end up building you stronger. But they don’t see it that way. What we see a lot in these shows, like The Real Housewives and Married to Medicine, is, people want to latch onto the star. It does not matter if they latch on in a negative way. In their mind, they just want to get a little bit of that shine so they can try and build their names.”

Alluding to her co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud, Quad added, “It’s really ridiculous to see a person say that they believe in empowering, uplifting, and supporting but then they totally abort their beliefs. Not only do [they] betray [their] friends, [they] betray [their] beliefs.”

Brandi added, “It’s mostly because of envy and of jealousy. I have the hottest girlfriends and we all help each other out. I look at these shows, and I don’t see that happening.”

“It brings out the worst in certain people,” insisted Quad. “But, here’s the deal, that’s who they really were. A lot of time people can put on a front, a façade, but it’s just a camouflage. It’s not really who they are. As things progress… one person may become more famous than the other, one person may make more money, or people just might naturally like a person… that angers an individual who is naturally already envious and jealous – or one who is insecure. You see that a lot.”

Moving on to Quad’s other co-stars, Brandi said she likes Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore, because they seem “real, chill, and sweet.” About Toya Bush Harris, she said, “Toya, for me, she’s a little ghetto.” Quad laughed, “She said it, I didn’t! Shade, honey! Shade by Brandi!” Brandi added, “This is me being a fan – she doesn’t 100% fit in but she does make good TV.”

Toya is a person who is constantly growing,” said Quad. “That’s always good to have a person who says, ‘I know where I am, I know where I want to be, and I’m going to kinda just grow it ’till I get there. I’m gonna make some mistakes along the way and you’ll see bits and pieces of who I once was.’ But she is still growing, so that’s good.”

Brandi brought up the Married to Medicine trailer, where Quad‘s seen ordering a background check on Lisa, and the physical fight between Lisa and Quad while filming. Which left Quad cut on the face and bloodied.

“It’s a very bizarre thing that happened,” bemoaned Quad. “For me, I’m not one for the drama. I would never come to a situation looking for the drama but somehow it finds me. It goes back to me saying envious people will try to latch onto you to build their visibility. There was a situation during the time her and I was friends and she decided to get a background investigation on me. I had already been forthcoming about anything that had happened in my past. She just decided she wanted to go into the reunion last year with some ammunition.”

Quad shared, “In my opinion, she is, she who shall not be named. I’m not giving her what she wants. This was all calculated. It was very strategic. Time’s up.”

Brandi said anyone who joins a reality show with something to hide is stupid. Quad agreed, adding, “And don’t even try and go snoop around in someone else’s back yard if you know your back yard is trashy.”

“Me going to get the background investigation on her… it was not for me to hurt her or her family, it was more me mirroring her behavior,” explained Quad. “I wanted to show her that you don’t betray friends. You don’t do this. It was never to hurt her or hurt her family because I truly do believe in family. You cannot do certain things and say you’re a friend. That just don’t fall into a characteristic of being a real friend. I have never in my life…”

Quad asked, “Have you ever done a background investigation on one of your friends?”

Brandi said, “Noooooooo!” Then, “I did look up an ex-boyfriend though.” Then, “I actually did pay $9.99… not a background investigation… but one of the ladies on our show… I wanted to see where she lived prior to where she’s living now cause she said she didn’t live somewhere and I did pay for that. But that is as far as it went. It was just a zip code thing. I’m not looking for dirt-dirt.”

Quad continued, “This was dirt. This was wanting to find a mud. It was very shocking and very hurtful. Again, I find myself being kind to someone, opening up my life to them, being a good friend to them, and you give me your ass to kiss? Can I say ass? <Yes, said Brandi> Cause she’s an ass. You give me your ass to kiss and I’m like, ‘Wow, where did that come from?’ But I get the motivation behind it. As we know, she was always noted to being the boring girl… boring, beige, brown, tan, lethargic, fat… we know that. I think she wanted to ump her flow.”

“She wanted to keep her job,” surmised Brandi. “Oh yeah, her head was on the chopping block,” claimed Quad.

Brandi admitted she’s done things on camera that she wouldn’t normally do. When Quad asked why, she said, “I worry more about the show itself being boring. If I have to throw myself under the bus, I’ll do it to keep it exciting.” Quad replied, “For me, that’s not my deal.” Brandi snapped, “Well I need the job. I don’t have a husband. I have to pay rent. Everyone else on my show is rich. I need the job, so if I have to throw wine and act like an asshole…”

Quad asked Brandi if she’s able to admit she was wrong and apologize.

Brandi said… wait for it… “Oh, yeah!”

“When you’re able to take ownership instead of going out into the world and lying and trying to spin the f–king story, then I can appreciate you,” said Quad. “We’re all human. Things happen. They’re going to happen until we die. But once that’s been brought to the forefront and if someone says, ‘You’ve hurt me and this is what you’ve done…’ I think that just being the better person… you need to acknowledge their feelings and apologize and take ownership.”

Brandi said… wait for it… “Oh, absolutely!”

Quad continued to talk about liars and story spinners. As soon as she could, HAHAHAHA, Brandi changed the subject to how funny Quad is on Married to Medicine. “I want you to laugh,” said Quad. “It warms my heart that I’m able to just change someone’s day by saying something and putting a smile on their face. Let’s be honest, some days are freaking crappy and we need something different to shake it up.”

Brandi asked Quad if she wants kids. “I do want one,” she said. “They’re very expensive. You just have to be ready. Right now I’m very focused on career. I’m very focused on Picture Perfect Pup; we’re doing amazing things. Just turning the idea into a true, tangible line, that takes a lot of tenacity, energy, and resiliency. I remember when I initially said that’s what I wanted to do… people laughed at me.”

Quad went on to say that she did not want to put out “another wine, lip gloss, lipstick, workout this, workout that” so she followed her passion… and Picture Perfect Pup was born. She said sales are good. Brandi took this opportunity to plug her new wine, Unfiltered Blonde, and brag about how hard she works.

Moving on to the upcoming season of Married to Medicine, Quad said, “It’s intense. Production says it’s the best season yet. It is quite intense. Again, I try to stay away from the drama, but when you’re forced to protect yourself, then you have to do what you have to do.”

“I always say, we can tongue tussle all day long, but at no point do I feel that it is ever okay to strike another person. Never. Ever. I don’t agree with that. I never in a million years would have thought that I would find myself in that position,” Quad said about her physical altercation with Lisa. “I had made this abundantly clear to the cast, as well as the production team. I said, ‘If it is not about making money and having fun, I’m really not that interested.'”

Quad continued, “What happens in these situations… weak links… you have weak links. They get batteries put in their backs and they’re super charged up and they’re ready to go and they latch onto the negativity and before you know it they try to drag you into it. I’m really disappointed by that. But again I was the person who was forced to defend myself. I don’t know any person who is going to step back and let somebody throw a glass at their face and cut their face. This beautiful face, by the way, this face that makes me money. It was a mess. I’m dealing with it legally now. Of course, I definitely called 911. I’m dealing with that. It’s still under investigation.”

Brandi asked what’s to investigate it if happened on camera. “That person, she who shall not be named, is saying she didn’t do that,” said Quad. “What happens is, people try to get out in front of the story. It’s all damage control.”

“There were some things that she said about me, and you’ll see that this season, that could have been detrimental to my marriage,” shared Quad. “This whole concept of family and I’m protecting my family… I understand family… just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean that I don’t have a family. When I took that man’s last name, that made us one, and that made him my family. It’s not okay for you throw certain B.S. out there about me and then when I say something to you it’s like ‘I can’t take it, you bitch!’ and throw all kinds of stuff.”

Quad concluded, “I was very shocked and taken back. Here is a person who says they’re all about uplifting women. I’m like, no. That is what you’re selling. You’re trying to make money off of that, but that is not what you’re about.”


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