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Married to Medicine‘s Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Heavenly Kimes were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Quad and Heavenly dished on Quad‘s drama with Lisa Nicole Cloud and where each of them stands with Mariah Huq.

Lisa Nicole defended her decision to run a background check on Quad during Married to Medicine, tweeting, “Background checks are a standard business protocol in business. No malice intended.”

On WWHL, Quad replied, “I think that’s a good cover for She Who Shall Not Be Named. We all saw my investors last season and she was not one of them. We were not doing business together whatsoever. She actually wanted a little something to go into the reunion with last year, but you will catch that tea later.”


Tonight’s poll: “Would you “Pull a Quad” if someone ran a background check on you? Whose side are you on? Quad or Lisa?” Lisa’s interpretation:


In a game called Marriage Made in Heaven, Andy asked Heavenly and Quad to share their thoughts on the following scenarios:

#1 – Husband doesn’t want wife to work (with a picture of Eugene and Toya Bush Harris) – Heavenly said, “I think that’s fine if the woman does not want to work.” Quad agreed, adding, “But sometimes they do that for a little control, so you gotta watch.”

#2 – Wife forgives husband’s infidelity (picture of Darren and Lisa Nicole) – Heavenly answered, “If we get some help or we come to some conclusion…” Quad interrupted to throw shade at Lisa Nicole, “But 3 times? 5? 6? 10?”

#3 – Two husbands who are friends trying to get their wives to play nice (photo of Eugene & Toya and Cecile & Dr. Simone Whitmore) – Neither Heavenly nor Quad liked the idea. Quad added that the men need to allow the women to work it out on their own.

#4 – A married man who goes to the strip club (picture of Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey) – Quad said, “If he doesn’t go a lot, then I’m okay with that.” Heavenly said, “As long as his wife is cool with it and he doesn’t have issues.”

#5 – Wife who makes more money than husband (picture of Gregg and NeNe Leakes) – Heavenly rambled on about a woman’s place, “That’s okay just as long as the woman knows her place. You can’t overbear the husband. You have to let him be the man. Men have ego. You cannot just overbear him cause he’s not going to take it well.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

“If the man is confident,” said Quad, “then that should not be an issue.”

Andy asked Quad, “If you have nothing to hide, why were you so upset about the background check?”

Quad explained, “It wasn’t that I was upset. I was quite disappointed. I felt that her actions were inappropriate and unjustifiable as a friend.” As for why Quad turned around and opened an investigation on Lisa, she said, “I just really wanted to show her this is how not to treat a friend. It was not that I had malice intent or wanted to hurt her or harm her or her family, that was not it.”

A caller asked Heavenly and Quad their thoughts on Shahs of Sunset‘s MJ Javid naming her new Chihuahua puppy after Toya Bush Harris. Quad said, “I thought that was interesting – and I’m happy that she’s watching.”

Andy and Heavenly called it compliment; Quad disagreed. This led to what felt like 15 minutes of Quad and Heavenly bickering about whether or not they’d name their own dogs after each other.  (This is when my hubby stood up, asked “what is wrong with these people?”, and left the room. True story.)

Heavenly won the argument when she said she wouldn’t ever name one of her dogs “Quad” because “they’re not extra.”

About Dr. Jackie Walters ambushing her at her house with a scale, Heavenly said, “You know me and Jackie have had these issues with weight. It’s been a constant struggle for me. I think Jackie means well. I really do, though I can see how it can be offensive.”

A viewer asked Quad, “Who are you wearing tonight? Lisa Nicole?” To which Quad replied, “No, this is Miss Herve Runway, and she’s about $7,000.”

Andy asked Quad if she ever sees Mariah around town, talks to her, etc. “We never bump into each other in Atlanta,” she said. “The only thing for me is, as long as Mariah is happy and healthy, she is doing well, and her family is doing well, that’s all I can ask.”

Heavenly shared, “Mariah blocked me a long time ago.. on Instagram, Twitter, all of that.. but I, too, hope she’s well.”

When asked if the cast dynamics have changed for the better with Mariah off the show, Quad said, “You know, we still have issues. Any time you get a group of women together there’s going to be challenges. It’s a messy boots situation.”

Poll results: Quad won with 56% of the vote. Lisa‘s tweeted:



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