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I don’t know about y’all, but I’m still reeling by Mother of the Year Melissa admitting that MacKenzie should have lost to older sister Maddie on last week’s Dance Moms. What doozies does she have in store for us this week? And what kind of hateful ridiculousness will Abby Lee Miller emulate as the ALDC goes head-to-head with the West Coast’s equivalent of the Candy Apples? So many questions regarding last night’s episode, so let’s dive right in, shall we? 

The episode begins with the girls joking about the previous competition. Of course, MacKenzie has earned her a spot at the top of the pyramid, and Maddie teases that her tap routines never lose, so it’s game on against her sister. All of the dancers agree that Abby won’t be too bitter about the group loss since she can blame it on Michael Jackson’s choreographer. Kendall is on the bottom of the pyramid, and Jill bites her tongue. A shocked JoJo follows, with Abby claiming she is capable of doing better. Nia rounds out the bottom, with Kalani in third on the second rung, and Maddie as runner up for losing to her sister. MacKenzie earned her place in the pyramid’s first place ranking. 


The mothers remind Abby that MDP will be competing against the ALDC this week, and so far the tally is one-to-one. Whoever wins this showdown will have bragging rights. Before Abby can announce the solos, a teary JoJo raises her hand to announce that her cancer-stricken grandmother will be in town to watch the competition. She would love the opportunity to dance for her. If Abby shoots this down, I may have to boycott the show. Even Melissa is in tears. An empathetic Abby agrees, granting JoJo a solo routine along with Kendall. The group routine will feature MacKenzie over Maddie in a number entitled “Voices In My Head.” When Abby asks if MacKenzie is up to the task, she timidly answers, “I hope.” Did Abby make the right choice? Melissa chastises MacKenzie’s delivery, but Abby praises her for not wanting to let down her team, and not caring about disappointing her mother. JoJo is out of the group routine, much to Jessalyn’s dismay. Abby asserts that she wants all of JoJo’s focus to be on her solo routine for her grandmother.

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Across town, MDP is doing some sort of dancing-cross fit hybrid to prepare for going up against the ALDC. Their group routine likens Abby to a monster, and the girls rally around beating their nemesis. As the ALDC rehearses their group number, Abby hopes that MacKenzie will have the maturity to tell a story for her facial expressions. Of course, all of the mothers feel that Abby has already set up MacKenzie for failure for continuing to ask if she’s up for taking her sister’s place in the lead. The following day, JoJo and Jessalyn are lunching with Jessalyn’s mom Cathy who is in town to see her granddaughter perform. She’s rearranged her chemotherapy treatment for the event. JoJo beams that she’ll be dancing a solo with her infamous sass. MVP’s director is determined to have one of her dancers win the solo division…a feat not yet accomplished against Abby. The ALDC mothers are appalled to learn that the MVP is partaking in 12-hour rehearsals. Jill reminds the girls that while the MVP may have flashy costumes, the ALDC has…technicality beautiful lines something. You know. Something. Kendall complains that she thought Abby’s pep talks were bad. Thanks a lot, mom!

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JoJo’s solo is a lyrical number, and it’s a far cry from the cheeky jazz routines she’s accustomed to doing. Holly hopes this is JoJo’s chance to show Abby that she’s not just a one-trick pony. As Kendall practices, Abby reminds her that she’s had two weeks to perfect it. Careless mistakes are not an option. Jill cringes as Abby criticizes her daughter, questioning if she wants to lose at competition right before her single is released. The MDP girls are being taunted with an American Girl doll they are supposed to equate to Abby. I’d say that’s a nice comparison. The mothers work hard to tease the doll’s hair and bedazzle her with rhinestones, making her the perfect Abby voo-doo doll. In Abby’s LA studio, Abby lauds MacKenzie’s technique while railing her inability to change her facial expressions. MacKenzie is forced to watch as her sister performs her part while Abby beams with pride. When Abby substitutes Maddie for her younger sister, Melissa beams that Maddie did do a better job. When Jessalyn questions how MacKenzie feels about Melissa’s favoritism, Melissa swears that she loves her daughters the same, but she is much more partial to Maddie when it comes to dance, life, family, and love. So I may have exaggerated a bit…Jill is sickened by Melissa’s refusal to stick up for MacKenzie, but the robot Melissa reminds them that Abby knows best. 

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On the day of competition, the MDP moms gift Abby with a bouquet of balloons which Jill promptly pops. Don’t worry, Abby has her own tricks up her sleeve, telling Melissa to have Maddie dress out in her solo costume and practice in the wings. She’ll make sure the MDP is intimidated to the enth degree! JoJo’s grandmother arrives, and the dancer tries to hide how emotional she is. Her routine is stunning, and she’s greeted by her teammates’ hugs as she exits the stage crying. Kendall’s solo is next, and I have to wonder where are all the people in the auditorium. Was this competition exclusive to ALDC mothers? Is everyone else in the rafters? Kendall’s dance is great, but it doesn’t have that emotional wow-factor of JoJo’s routine. Abby hopes that having Maddie lurking backstage will unnerve the MDP soloist, but the little girl is beyond talented. Wow. 

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As the ALDC preps for their group number, the MDP taunts them from the hallway. A grinning Abby chastises the team for being obnoxious, and promptly reminds her girls that they have to win. After all, winning is why she replaced MacKenzie with Maddie. The MDP routine is adorable, well choreographed, upbeat. It reminds me of past ALDC winning group routines. Maddie shines as the lead (her Sia training has paid off for sure!) of the ALDC performance. In my opinion, it’s not as entertaining as the MDP girls, but the crew performs it flawlessly. Melissa believes that making Maddie the lead likely sealed their fate as winners. In the awards ceremony, Kendall scores second place for her solo (the fact she’s had two weeks to work on it isn’t lost on Abby), and the MDP dancer wins the division. Abby praises JoJo’s dance as a beautiful tribute to her grandmother. Abby is livid when her group routine scores second best to the MDP. As the MDP celebrates backstage, Jessalyn takes the opportunity to berate a rival mother. An MDP mom tells Abby that her mom must be so proud of her antics, and Abby icily responds that her mother is dead. Shuts that lady right up! I’m not going to lie…I once had a drunk rival football fan say the same thing to me and my retort was the same. Victory. 


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