Is Maddie Ziegler Leaving Dance Moms; Abby Lee Miller Says Lifetime Owes Her Money?!

Maddie Ziegler - Reality TV Awards 2015

Maddie Ziegler may be taking everything she’s learned from Abby Lee Miller and channeling it into her own career. Abby does say she wants to train working, professional dancers… 

Dance Moms season 6 is still up in the air as Abby battles production and complains of low wages, while focusing her attentions on her LA studio. With almost the entire original cast gone (Nia Frazier is said to be be done after season 5 as well), Maddie may be the next girl to pick up her dancing shoes and flee. 


Maddie has built a prestigious career around her ALDC exposure, appearing in several Sia music videos, performing at the Grammys and rumor has it she may be headed to Broadway – all of that means she may not have time for reality TV. Of course, there is always the spinoff possibly – after all Maddie does land all the solos! 

“We just finished filming Season 5,” Maddie recently told MTV Australia, which may be her final season. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen for Season 6. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, so it just depends,” she added. Abby recently leaked that the kids made only $1,500 per episode until this season, and that production interferes with what the true focus of the show should be: drama dancing. 

So, if Maddie left ALDC, what would she do instead? “Acting,” she shared. “I’ve been auditioning a lot and I definitely want to act.” Maddie has an upcoming guest role in Pretty Little Liars and although she says dancing is her true love, she wants to be seen as a “triple threat” in the industry – i.e. able to dance, sing, and act. “I love dancing just because I’ve done it my whole life and it’s definitely what I want to do,” she explained. “I feel like, I want to train with acting, and do movies. Those two are my main priorities. I definitely want to be able to sing and model too.”

While Maddie may leave the show, she adds she has no intention of leaving ALDC. With filming on hiatus, she plans to spend the summer doing normal kid stuff, hanging out with kids, taking classes and dancing at the Pittsburgh studio. 

However – Maddie may not be the only person leaving Dance MomsAbby Lee herself has made no secret of her annoyance with the show’s producers. Giving more details, she “doubts” her Pittsburgh team would follow her to LA (although she doesn’t specify why – if it’s her choice, the dancer’s and families, or the producers). Additionally Abby presently doubts her own future with the show.

“Lifetime is a little in arrears on their payment plan with me personally and so I think that will have to be taken care of before we talk about Season 6,” Abby disclosed. Nothing like putting the pressure on…  Abby also wants changes to her contract before agreeing to another season. “I don’t get a creative credit. I don’t have anything to do with creative, and yet, I create the numbers every week.” 

Elaborating, Abby complained of further creative differences with production, which caused her to quit filming for a week during season 5, a drama that will be shown in the later half of this season. 

“There was an altercation and the producer threw me out,” Abby revealed. “So I left and I didn’t come back. There’s about one week that I just wasn’t there, and I thought, ‘You know what? If they can do it without me, do it without me.’”

Abby also blames production for the original ALDC team leaving. “Kids left because of the crew,” Abby complained, adding that production doesn’t want the kids training in normal dance classes, only focusing on numbers for the show, something she vehemently disagrees with and has been in constant fights with production over. “The kids on the show need to take class, need to continue training… nothing is more important to me than them being in class.”


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