Abby Lee Miller Warring With Dance Moms Producers; Accuses Them Of Ruining The Show With Fake Drama!

Abby Lee Miller - Dance Moms

It’s no surprise that Abby Lee Miller has let her fame go to her head, but now she’s treating Dance Moms producers the same way she treats her dancers and their mothers! Abby is blaming producers for the show’s constant conflicts and arguing lamenting they don’t respect her or the cast.

Abby went on a tirade against producers, calling them “morons” and if they don’t change their ways, she wants them to change their jobs. In true vitriolic Abby fashion she refused to take accountability for the negativity of Dance Moms, and accused producers of destroying it by faking conflicts and issues on the show. Which is the ultimate insult for Abby who declares she is fully capable of berating mothers and dancers without producer assistance. 


“These new producers …. they just keep push, push, pushing the envelope with this one issue… but when you change producers they don’t watch the show, so they don’t know what’s going on,” says Abby. “They also don’t know anything about dance and it’s just difficult to work with them.” 

Abby, who has sexed up her appearance with weight loss (due to a reported lapband surgery) in preparation for a move to LA, has also landed some new producers and she is not happy. 

“They just push the envelope with people – they push you to the brink of exhaustion and to the brink of losing your mind,” Abby complains to TMZ. She is further frustrated that producers don’t respect her and expects better from people “we make a lot of money for.” Hmmm… well, Abby doesn’t respect people, so… pot meet kettle! 

“I just don’t think the show should be over-produced. We should just let things happen that happen – it’s competitive dance… sparks fly!” Between the “over-emotional” girls and their mothers, plus the high-stakes competitions, is natural drama as it is, and Abby cites the first seasons of the show as examples.

I fully agree with her here – the first couple seasons, yes, Abby was tough, ridiculous, and abrasive, but she wasn’t the psycho she’s evolved in today. Likewise the mothers bickered and whined, but it wasn’t nearly to the level it is today. And because of all of their meddling. 

“We don’t really need producers. I can probably make a kid cry in 30 seconds,” Abby brags. “I know exactly what to say to a child to make them run to their mother and get their mother all ticked off.” Whoa – thems some impressive accolades, Abby. Way to go – you can make little girls bawl. <rolling my eyes>.

Abby reveals Lifetime asked her attorney if she wanted the producers fired and she admits she considered it. “We had kind of tossed that back and forth… ” but she doesn’t want to be “responsible” for anyone losing their job (except the cast members, that is), however she doesn’t want to work them either. Basically, she wants LIFETIME to fire them. “Some people bury themselves, by themselves,” she quips. 

When asked if Abby is feuding with the producers behind the scenes, she smirks that they get along “just fine” because she “ignores them.” I guess the producers are at the bottom of the pyramid. No solos for you!!!! 

Dance Moms is produced by Collins Avenue Productions –  ironically Abby and the producers are presently embroiled in a  lawsuit with former cast members Kelly Hyland and her daughter Paige over producer-manipulated drama! Kelly and Abby erupted into a heated exchange which – speaking of pushing the envelope – pushed Kelly yank Abby’s BumpIt. Kelly alleges producers majorly instigated the situation, then refused to let her leave the scene to further enrich the drama. 

Abby’s favorite, Maddie Ziegler even revealed in an interview earlier this year that much of the arguing is staged and after a huge fight, the moms will be sitting around laughing and talking. And a former cast member from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, who also had a few cameos on Dance Moms, cites an incident where Abby promoted her daughter’s dancing behind-the-scenes and even praised her, but then on-camera berated her and intentionally embarrassed her at an open-call audition for her Dance Moms’ competition team, which was taped for the show. Hmmm… this is all very curious!

You can watch Abby complaining about producers below. 


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