Basketball Wives LA Recap: First Date

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It’s horrible, but I can’t wait for Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman to arrive on the scene of Basketball Wives: LA. I know I will grow to regret ever making that statement, but something needs to break up the lather, rinse, repeat monotony of this group! Am I right?

Last night’s episode begins with Draya Michele revealing Malaysia Pargo’s request to meet with Doug Christie. Jackie Christie did promise she’d do whatever it takes to make nice, and Malaysia knows that’s the one thing that Jackie would never allow…so they will never have to be friends again. Draya tries to explain that Malaysia just wants to learn more about Jackie from the person who knows her best. Jackie is confused…this woman wants to meet with her husband while she’s not around? Draya wonders if she should have used the word “date” to describe the event instead of calling it a meeting. Too late now!


Newbie Patrice Curry is picnicking with her husband Eddie who is a former NBA player. They discuss Malaysia’s divorce, and Patrice admits that her husband’s infidelity has given her a multitude of trust issues. Together, the pair have seven children, with son Noah being the product of Eddie’s affair. After Noah’s mother was tragically murdered, Patrice has welcomed him into their home and is considering adopting him. She cites that it’s been a long road to get to where she is happy in her marriage again.

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Jackie is always happy in her marriage (and she’ll tell you a hundred times over!), but she’s not happy on the day of her cognac commercial shoot. What if there’s an issue with the snake? What if the producers don’t get her vision? The snake handler is running late, as is her leading lady, and Jackie is beside herself. No snake means no amazing commercial. Agreed. Mehgan Jones shows up to support her friend, and Jackie decides to make her the star. On cue, the python handler arrives. Did I tell y’all I bought a baby ball python last month? His name is Lowell, and I can’t believe he’s going to get that big. While Jackie invited all of her friends to the shoot, Patrice is the only one besides Mehgan in attendance. Patrice and Jackie don’t know each other well, and they circle each other cooly. Jackie promises that, out of all the ladies, she stays the farthest from drama. Patrice has heard otherwise, and Jackie shares her disdain for Patrice’s behavior with Mehgan. When Patrice walks up on their conversation, Jackie flat out tells her they are talking about her. Mehgan and Patrice trade passive aggressive jabs before Patrice exits stage left. Following the commercial shoot, Patrice dines with Malaysia and Draya to rehash Mehgan’s insults. The discussion only fuels Draya’s animosity towards her newest co-star.

Later, Malaysia and her kids join Patrice, Eddie, and their brood in the park. She watches the family play together, and she is proud of her friend for sticking by her husband, but she knows it wasn’t the right choice in her marriage. Malaysia wants to plan a birthday party for her friend’s husband to properly welcome them to Los Angeles. Mehgan and Draya are meeting to chat about the fact they both seem to hate one another. Mehgan still refuses to admit that she’s friends with Jackie, and Draya asks about her run-in with Patrice. Mehgan brags about her comments to Patrice, and Draya is impressed with the newbie’s ballsiness, but she warns her that she needs to stay in her lane.

That night Malaysia is hosting Eddie’s birthday, and Draya announces that Jackie has agreed to host a fundraiser for ovarian cancer to appease Brandi Maxiell, and Malaysia can have her date with Doug, except it’s not a date, it’s a meeting. Malaysia can’t believe her bad luck…she specifically wanted a date because she knew that would make Jackie hate her and leave her alone going forward. She cusses out her friends before storming away. Brandi and Draya assumed that Malaysia would find it hilarious, but when she returns, she’s still peeved. Malaysia pulls Draya aside to explain her side, and Draya gives a breakdown of her verbatim conversation with Jackie and Doug. Malaysia agrees to go out with Doug and hear Jackie’s apology, but Draya is put off by her friend’s tantrum. Enough of the drama, bring on the little strippers! What?

bbwla jackie and brandi

The following day, Brandi runs into Jackie, and Brandi jokes that she’s surprised that Jackie agreed to let Malaysia go on a date with Doug. Jackie goes into full on Jackie-mode…it’s not a date. She’d never let another woman date her husband, and she’s suspicious of Malaysia’s intentions. She changes the subject to try to figure out why Brandi has beef with her. Brandi accuses Jackie of laughing at her cancer. Jackie denies anything of the sort, and she explains that she would be honored to plan a fundraiser. Brandi feels better after their chat, but she’s understandably reserved. 

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The whole “Malaysia-Doug meeting” really has Jackie in a tizzy, and she’s having lunch with Mehgan to figure out if it’s a good idea. Mehgan doesn’t think that Jackie should be concerned or threatened…after all, she’s the one who is married to him. When it’s time for the date, Malaysia makes sure she is covered from head to toe. She barely shakes Doug’s hand. She knows that Jackie has to be lurking nearby and she doesn’t want to exacerbate the crazy. As Jackie spies from a car across the street, Malaysia tries to get a better handle on Doug’s wife. Jackie is extremely worried that Malaysia is filling Doug’s head with lies about her. She starts calling Doug repeatedly, freaking out when he won’t answer. When he finally does pick up the call, he reminds his wife that they can discuss it at home. However, Malaysia does realize how difficult it must have been to allow her to meet with Doug, so she’s willing to listen to her apology. As Doug hugs her good-bye, I’m worried that Jackie is going to bust through the car door and into the coffee house like a mad woman. Luckily for Malaysia, she doesn’t! 


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