Fresh from watching her first-ever charity event go off without a hitch (well, almost) on this week’s Real Housewives of New York, Kristen Taekman spends some time in her blog taking Ramona Singer to task for being such a grabby, greedy wannabe co-sponsor at her Smiletrain event. Life on the Ramonacoaster is no life for Kristen. Nor anyone, really…including Ramona herself at times!

Kristen gushes, “Smiletrain event! It’s finally here! My first ever charity event! I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing organization! We raised a bunch of money, thanks to Heather [Thomson] and Yummie!” Kristen goes on to clarify Heather’s involvement in her charity work, which consisted of more than throwing “a few necklaces down on a table” and demanding acknowledgment. “Let me set the record straight! Heather and I had collaborated six weeks before the event to work out the details that her Yummie team had been in contact with Smiletrain about to set up the pop-up store and work out the logistics.”


But Ramona, of course, thought her contribution was important enough to warrant some attention! Kristen snarks, “Ramona–thanks so much by the way–of course came to the jean decorating party and brought some of her necklaces and said, ‘Here, maybe you can all use these to decorate the jeans.’ That was very nice of her, and I appreciated it. (Let’s remember that this was two days before the event). Once again, Ramona is acting selfishly.” 

Meanwhile, Ramona had no idea about the lengths Heather and Yummie had gone to in order to help make Smiletrain a success. (But the question is: even if Ramona had known, would she have given a fiddler’s fart?) Kristen explains, “Yummie donated hundreds of pairs of jeans, set up a boutique, and had staff to support the boutique. Ramona comes in, throws a few necklaces down on a table, and expects top billing?! I am so confused here. I would have been more than happy to have supported True Faith, but you can’t come in at the last minute and expect all of these demands at a charity event. Ohhh Ramona… for once, just sit back, and chill the F out!”

Kristen goes on to comment on Dorinda Medley’s apology to Heather, and Dorinda’s two-faced behavior in her interview segments is not lost on Kristen. See? Pretty IS smarter than we think! (Seriously, I’m really enjoying Kristen these last few episodes. You go #prettttty!) “I am happy to see Heather and Dorinda had a nice chat, although Dorinda in her interview seemed a little back-handed!” says Kristen.  

After giving props to the coffee grind reader for her gifted insights, Kristen moves on to express a bit of boredom with watching Bethenny Frankel’s ongoing therapy sessions. “Bethenny and her therapy all just feels a bit déjà vu and played out. I really do think that the therapist seems really good for her. I like how he calls her out.” But she only has kind words for Carole Radziwill, her dinner party, and her new man. “Carole’s dinner party was really sweet. It’s nice to be in more of an intimate setting with the ladies–less noise and less outside distractions…Adam and Carole are very, very sweet together. I am happy to see Carole happy.”

Kristen closes her blog noting that she’s also happy Carole and Dorinda have each other to lean on in their upcoming trip to London. “Carole and Dorinda going to London together seems like a wonderful thing,” Kristen shares. “It’s nice to have someone to relate to. No one else could even begin to imagine what these ladies have gone through. It was nice to see her open up. I can’t imagine all that she has been through. Carole has lived so many different lives.”


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