Vicki Gunvalson Weighs In On Shannon’s Marriage, and Meghan’s (Lack of) Parenting Skills

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 10

As the Real Housewives of Orange County get ready to take on Tahiti, Vicki Gunvalson reflects on the sad season it’s been so far for her, and for some of her castmates. In her blog, Vicki weighs in on how she’s coping with losing her mom, her perspective on Shannon Beador’s marriage, and why Meghan Edmonds’ parenting skills “would never fly” in her home. 

Vicki starts by sharing that she’s writing from Oklahoma this week, where she’s visiting Briana and her boys, Troy and Owen. “Troy will be three in September and Owen just turned one,” reports Vicki. “They are beautiful boys and so sweet. You will see them on the show later in the season when I come out and visit them, and they also came back to California for a few days so stay tuned.”


Vicki remains skeptical about her session with a medium to channel her mother’s spirit (although she did learn how to pronounce medium! hurrah!). “On this week’s episode, you will see my brother Billy and I struggling with the sudden passing of my mom. He suggested we see a ‘medium’ (not median :)) to see if that would help us bring some closure. Because Billy is the one who found my mom, he is the one that is really taking it the hardest.” 

Though she went in to the session with an open mind Vicki admits, “Although I felt at times he was connecting with my mom, the overall experience what somewhat freaky. I mean was this guy really connecting with my mom’s spirit? I simply don’t know how that can be.”

Bowling night provided some much needed fun, says Vicki, but she was not happy that Shannon felt the need to insert her opinion about Brooks Ayers’ cancer treatments in the middle of Vicki’s “much needed break.” She asserts, “Shannon approaching me about Brooks’ cancer in the midst of me trying to have some ‘fun’ was not good timing as far as I’m concerned.” But Vicki is jazzed about the girls’ trip to Tahiti which Bravo says she can take credit for

Adding yet another paragraph of heartfelt thanks to all those who “have reached out to Brooks,” Vicki goes on to explain why they’re taking the juicing route to such an extreme. Vicki argues that “a crucial part” of Brooks’ treatment is “focused on boosting his immune system and literally starving the cancer away. He has been focused on drinking raw juices from clubDetoxoc which delivers over 25 pounds of highly concentrated nutrients and cancer fighting antioxidants per day. The juices contain 40g of living protein for the body to have the needed energy for healing and repair.”

Defending their choice (to Shannon?) to explore #extremejuicing, Vicki maintains that “This is not the only thing that Brooks is doing, however his primary focus is boosting his immune system. Without having a strong immune system, the body will continue to break down. He is also being overseen by his oncologists and is finally seeing positive results on his recent scan which is very encouraging.” Vicki goes on to basically do an impromptu infomercial for clubDetox, which I’ll spare you from. But it remains a mystery why she and Brooks are pushing the juicing so hard on the show – and in her blogs – yet staying pretty vague about the rest of his treatment. Hmmmm…

Moving on to Meghan’s parenting struggles with her stepdaughter, Hayley, Vicki doesn’t hold back on what she thinks the #CoolStepmom is doing wrong. “Watching Meghan and Hayley seemed a little confusing to me. So Meghan, Jim, and LeAnne haven’t set the ‘school rules’ down. The fact they allow their 17 year old not to be in traditional school and the fact that she doesn’t show up to independent study class sounds like a recipe for disaster. That would never fly with me. Education and school should never be an option for a 17 year old. Good luck with that. Isn’t that a parent’s responsibility to be sure their children are able to make it on their own by making sure they are educated?” (Note: Vicki’s blog was written before news broke that Haley’s mother, LeAnne, sadly passed away.)

But Vicki has only supportive, kind words for Shannon, who’s marriage crumbling has been a central focus this season. “I am so proud of David and Shannon and their commitment to their marriage,” shares Vicki. “Watching David give Shannon her Valentine’s Day gift was so thoughtful and inspiring that marriages can survive after one has been unfaithful. I agree with Shannon that you have to be honest and forthright in order to be able to move forward.”

Vicki admits, “I’m a lot like Shannon, and forgiveness is something I am not very good at, so that even makes me more proud of her that she has been able to do that so well.” 

Closing her blog with gratitude for the “love” she’s gotten in the wake of losing her mother Vicki writes, “Thanks again for all your love and support on my mother’s passing. I know how it’s been for a lot of you as well losing someone you love. I look forward to being with my parents again one day in heaven.”


Photo Credit:  Paul Drinkwater/Bravo