Ice-T And Coco Austin Are Pregnant; Will Share All The Details On Their New Talk Show ‘Ice & Coco’!

Coco & Ice-T announce pregnancy and talk show

So, Coco Austin is pregnant. Things are about to get very very interesting on instagram. I’m sure Coco, known for her audacious and bodacious IG feed filled with g-string photos (and other clothing-optional poses), won’t disappoint us by combining baby bumps with sex appeal. 

Coco announced the news via twitter while simultaneously revealing that she and hubby Ice-T will be returning to TV with a new talk show Ice & Coco

The former reality stars have been married for 15-years and after conquering reality TV, social media, and even dramatic television the couple is excited to embrace this new venture while expanding their family. Ice and Coco are 20 years apart and he is also grandfather, but this is Coco’s first time branching into mommyhood!


Their new talk show Ice & Coco will premieres August 3rd on select Fox stations and Coco promises not to be secretive about pregnancy details. “Ready for mind blowing news! I’m pregnant!!! Yah!! Ice & I are so excited! I announced it Friday on our new talk show @iceandcocotalk which airs Aug 3rd,” Coco shared on Instagram. “On the show I get into all the details about getting pregnant, the sex and how far along I am!! I was so overwhelmed I cried!”

In promos Coco debuts her baby bump, because the premiere will be all things baby: the couple will reveal how long they’ve been hiding their baby secret, whether they’re having a girl or a boy, and their baby name! 

The talk show has reportedly been in the works for a while. Ice announced 2 years ago they were ending their reality show Ice Loves Coco to focus on a talk show, possibly produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions. Well that talk show is finally here! 

Coco Austin shares pregnancy news on new talk show

Ice, who says he “hates” daytime talk shows, was shocked to find himself taping one, but decided he and Coco could present a unique perspective not currently represented in daytime TV. And by unique perspective I don’t mean Coco’s ass taking front and center. “I don’t really watch talk shows,” says Ice. “I think a lot of them are very one-sided. You’ve got the female telling you everything, and I’m like, ‘Come on, I need a little male perspective on some of these things!’ So our show will be very interesting. I think the fact that I don’t watch talk shows will definitely make this a unique adventure. [Laughs]”

As for Coco her talk show viewing is limited to Jerry Springer (“We can’t believe that’s still on TV,” she admits) and The Real. “I was actually on their test run when they first started, and I really liked it,” Coco says. 

For their own show Coco and Ice plan to mix celebrity guests with real life situations from both a male and female perspective. The show came about by surprise. “When you get to a certain position, people come to you with ideas,” Ice tells AdWeek. “So it wasn’t like we thought we could do a talk show; people were like, ‘You should do a talk show.’ It’s actually been fun! We’re just going to try our best and see what the world says.

“We did a rehearsal back in January, and it was really fun. It was like talk show boot camp,” adds Coco. “You don’t know how much goes into making a talk show; it’s not just sitting in front of a camera.” 

The couple has just started shooting and they’re still brainstorming ideas and guests. Coco describes her number one dream guest as Charlize Theron. “I’ve been a fangirl of hers for years. Charlize is the full package. I would love to meet her someday.” 

As for Ice, he’s hoping to entice Barack Obama into appearing once his presidential run comes to a close. “Just so he can tell me where the spaceships are and all the good stuff,” Ice laughs. “He could come on wearing a hip-hop T-shirt and just kind of let his hair down and be a normal person. I know there’s so much that he wants to say that he can’t say right now, so I’d love to get the first interview after he leaves the White House. That would be crazy.”

In addition to celebrity guests and pregnancy updates, Coco and Ice will use their natural and authentic dynamic to tackle “all things newsworthy, celeb-worthy and, of course, puppy-worthy — showcasing the couple’s fun, authentic vibe and honest curiosity about what’s happening in the world,” says the press release. 

Ice & Coco will be available for viewing on New York (WNYW), Los Angeles (KTTV), Washington D.C. (WTTG), Atlanta (WAGA), Phoenix (KSAZ) and Detroit (WJBK), as well as on Sinclair Broadcasting stations in Baltimore (WUTB) and Raleigh (WRDC).


[Photo Credits: Anders Krusberg/ Warner Bros]