Sonja Morgan is Proud of Sonja Morgan!

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This week’s Real Housewives of New York is all about Sonja Morgan, Sonja Morgan’s fashion show, and Sonja Morgan’s totally unexpected success. And guess who couldn’t be happier about it? Sonja Morgan, of course! Sonja took to her blog today to gush and blush about all of the “support” she’s had in making her dreams of being an International Lifestyle and Luxury Brand a reality. But she doesn’t forget all of those naysayers out there who she owes a big fat “I told you so!” to either. Calling out most of her castmates, Sonja reiterates why she knows what she’s doing. She thinks. 

“I am so proud of Sonja Morgan New York,” begins Sonja. “The girls have doubted and criticized me and my team (including my CEO Gaurav and Marketing Director Laura, my apparel partners AJ & BJ) for a long time, implying they were smoke and mirrors. My team is not in this for fancy titles. They want to build a lasting brand as I do. It feels good to be able to show the world what I love to do and that I can produce a collection that I am proud to put my name on. I am so thankful to everyone who helped and believed in me, and I can’t wait to keep adding to the collection.”


Sonja lays out her brand concept (possibly for the first time!) as “affordable top-level luxury.” She claims her “team” is working on adding more price tiers, though, so everyone can “have a little piece of Sonja style.” She explains, “My clothes represent an international fashion lifestyle brand, because they can be bought and worn in any country and still be stylish and appropriate. Sonja Morgan New York is a heritage brand, because the clothing and jewelry are of such high quality they can be passed down through generations. Each piece is classic with a sexy twist and will always be in style. In fact, my daughter wears Sonja Morgan New York! The collection currently comprises of swimwear, jewelry, eveningwear, sportswear, and ready-to-wear, but I am already planning different ways to expand the brand.”

Hoping that we’ve loved what we’ve seen so far Sonja continues, “My vision was to offer pieces that one could throw in a suitcase and go to any climate and go day to night effortlessly. I studied fashion, but I have a very practical side.” 

With much of her self-congratulations out of the way, Sonja goes in on her fellow housewives’ lack of support this season. “Of course Heather [Thomson], Carole [Radziwill], and Kristen [Taekman] were telling people that they didn’t know how long I have really been building my fashion house by joking it was all overnight and a vanity product. I have been developing it for years as my creative director Wayne explained to Kristen before she apologized. Heather knows very well how long it takes to build a company from the ground up. I want to walk before I run. This is not a licensing deal with an already established company like Bethenny [Frankel] is doing or Kristen with her nail polishes and Ramona [Singer] with her wine. I want to be established first as Bethenny has done before doing any licencing deals.”

Sonja wasn’t pleased with some of the ladies’ commentary on the location of her fashion show either, which she claims was perfectly acceptable for a first time launch. “At this point I am not surprised that they aren’t being supportive, because they haven’t always been supportive in the past. Reliving my fashion show, I am filled with so much pride and happiness, I don’t have room to be annoyed by them. Did any of these girls show their collection at fashion week? Why did they chide me for not being at Lincoln Center? I don’t know of any first collections showing there. Besides, many top designers are showing downtown now or at the piers and even Brooklyn.”

Specifically defending herself against Heather’s accusations that no (or few) department store buyers were present, Sonja holla’s back, “And yes, Heather, the luxury department store buyers showed up with bells on.” 

As for Heather’s help before the show during model casting, Sonja offers cursory thanks to her and Bethenny, but finds no fault in her own harsh treatment of the models. “I stand by how I spoke to the models,” defends Sonja. “I was not disrespectful and, as typical, I was upfront. I have been working in the fashion industry my entire life. I modeled internationally, so I know what it’s like to walk in these models’ shoes. They want to know if they are booked as soon as possible and certainly don’t take it personally when I discuss the body type I’m looking for, or they would be in the wrong business.”

Sonja also stands by her International Lifestyle Luxury (or is it Luxury Lifestyle?) team, who she feels held up valiantly under the pressure of tough questions from Heather and Bethenny. You know, hardball questions like, “Where are your clothes going to hang in the department store?” Sonja gushes, “My team never ceases to impress me, and they continued to do so during that meeting. Even as Heather and Bethenny were firing bullets, my business partners weren’t breaking a sweat. I have the best people in the fashion industry by my side. The proof is in the pudding, and we were able to create an amazing collection that is me 100%.” 


Taking a moment to congratulate Kristen on her Pop of Color fashion presentation, Sonja comments, “I am proud of Kristen for getting Pop of Color into New York Fashion Week. As friends, we should always be supporting each other. It was nice to hear Kristen, Luann [de Lesseps], Bethenny, Carole, and Ramona being supportive of me and of course I will always support them in their future endeavors. I’m not one to carelessly point out potential hazards in a friend’s business to the world to examine under a microscope. I promote people! I’ve been in PR my whole life!” And, there it is. 

Admitting that her own show’s intermission did indeed take too long, Sonja snipes that “Bethenny and Ramona found a great way to pass the time during the intermission. Give these women even a minute of down time, and they’re at each other’s throats.” And although Sonja gets why Bethenny got a bit riled up, it seems she’s not taking sides (at least in her blog) for now. “I understand why Ramona’s New Beginnings Party confuses Bethenny, but if Ramona is going to try to improve herself, we have to support her. I am glad that I was backstage and didn’t have to be in the middle of that argument! I had my own fires to put out.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo