Basketball Wives LA Recap: Spitting Image

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I think we all can agree that it’s not a party in Santa Barbara until Jackie Christie has bandaged her tongue and Shaunie O’Neal arrives. We learn something each week on Basketball Wives: LA, don’t we? She arrives right after the fight between Mehgan James and Brandi Maxiell. At least Brandi, Mehgan, and Malaysia Pargo are able to sit civilly in the kitchen as they rehash the brawl. Shaunie questions Jackie’s drinking, and Jackie goes off on Draya Michele for being mean to Mehgan. 

Shaunie, Malaysia, and Brandi retire to a bedroom to further discuss the fight as Meghan and Draya bond over the realization of Jackie’s craziness. Jackie resurfaces to scream about what a great friend she is to Mehgan. With a manicured nail in Mehgan’s face, Jackie swears she had her back before totally losing it. Mehgan grabs a water bottle to launch at Jackie, and Jackie returns the favor by spitting on her. Nostrils is appalled. It’s one thing to punch somebody, but it’s quite another to be trashy and spit. Jackie packs her bags and calls Doug. He needs to take out bail money if anyone else comes after her. Mehgan feels badly for Doug, citing that he’s probably been with someone else because he couldn’t be faithful to the crazy.


Malaysia and Shaunie try to convince Jackie to stay, and she promises she’s going to take an Uber so she doesn’t kill Mehgan. Jackie then tries to run after her with Shaunie holding her back. As Jackie leaves, apologizing for ruining the night, Malaysia calls it a collective effort. Malaysia is upset that the women didn’t leave before Mehgan got spit on, and, by the way, she’s over all of her friends. Can you blame her? Back in LA, Shaunie is playing the role of the Godfather and checking up on Mehgan. She wants to hear her take on madness. Mehgan cites Draya’s instigation and Shaunie agrees. However, Mehgan’s anger is now directed towards Jackie. She wants revenge. She may even try to sleep with Doug

After the trip, Malaysia and Brandi are having dinner with Angel to get to the bottom of the “real” friend comment that Draya made about her. Malaysia interrogates Angel about her friendship with Draya while Brandi is more forgiving. Both Malaysia and Brandi have changed their tune about Mehgan…they now adore her. The trio laughs about Jackie’s antics and both Malaysia and Brandi are warming up to Draya’s friend…sans Draya. Speaking of, Jackie is meeting up with Draya to give her an ear-full. Jackie accuses Draya of being a pot stirrer, and Draya seems incredibly confused. Didn’t Jackie want Draya to call attention to Mehgan pretending not be friends with Jackie? Jackie blames Draya for her new found need to want to beat the poo out of Mehgan. She needs Draya to apologize to Mehgan for instigating her to the point of Jackie spitting on her. Jackie isn’t crazy, but Draya disagrees and recommends shock therapy. Jackie then fist pumps Draya…they’re cool. Wait what?

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Malaysia wants to get rid of some of the bad energy by exercising, so she’s invited Brandi and Patrice Curry to go to a cycling class. After they stagger off their bikes, Patrice talks about whether she will legally adopt Noah, her husband’s child from an affair. She reveals that the little boy calls her “mom” although he really misses his mother and sister who were murdered. Patrice admits that the betrayal was difficult but therapy helped. Malaysia finds it interesting that all three women had similar issues in their marriages with three very different outcomes. The following day, Patrice and Eddy take their family out to celebrate their son’s twelfth birthday. They are both happy with the growth in their relationship, and they discuss adopting Noah to make sure he can stay with their family in the event something happens to Eddy. 

Also sharing some couple time are Jackie and Doug. He’s leading her through a work-out so she won’t have a FUPA on social media. Doug may be the most patient man on the planet. Jackie hasn’t shared the entire story of Santa Barbara, and Doug is disappointed to hear that his wife spit on another person. He urges her to handle herself better and be the bigger person. Only Doug should be able to make her mad enough to spit. But alas, he’s not.

bbwla jackie doug

Jackie is meeting up with Brandi to go over her cancer event. Brandi is late enough for Jackie to have had three drinks, and she hasn’t answered any of Jackie’s calls. As Jackie goes off, Brandi interrupts to tell Jackie to stop drinking and take her crazy meds. Much like with her conversation with Draya, Jackie accuses Brandi of instigating her fight with Mehgan and forcing her to spit on someone. Jackie then starts yelling that she’s a boss who owns nine houses and nine real Rolexes. Brandi just laughs as the diamond flies out of Jackie’s ring and hits the floor. You can’t make up this stuff. I’m glad I didn’t make up a drinking game to take a sip every time Jackie says the word “boss.” No one in the restaurant is even batting an eyelash at their shenanigans. The women are yelling, insults are thrown, and Brandi warns Jackie to call her a bitch one more time. Jackie does and Brandi leaves, but not before Brandi tosses some French fries at Jackie. Jackie retaliates with a drink toss. And fin. 


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