Dance Moms Launching ‘Dance Secrets’ App, Plus Abby Lee Miller Wants To Be On Celebrity Apprentice & Chloe Lukasiak On Her Life Now!

Chloe Lukasiak wins a Teen Choice Award - 2015

Dance Moms season 6 has been confirmed, and now the popular show is launching its own app! Yay for 24/7 Abby Lee Miller access. #Sarcasm

Abby partnered with her extra-special favorites Maddie Ziegler and her little sister MacKenzie, along with Kendall and Kalani, to create the “Dance Secrets” app. The app provides fans of the show access to exclusive photos and videos, dance tutorials taught by Abby and the cast, plus “a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their everyday lives from backstage rituals at competitions, shopping trips, traveling, insider tips, trade secrets, and more!” 


Dance Moms 'Dance Secrets' App

Abby hopes giving viewers never-before-seen-access will change public perception. “So many people think of me as a character on TV, but first and foremost, my passion is teaching dance and creating employable working dancers. I’m excited to share my teaching just the way kids learn in my studios!” she explains in the press release. “I am going to also bring some of my star students along for fun videos, demonstrations, and more to help show how fun and rewarding it can be to learn to dance.”

Dance Moms 'Dance Secrets' App

Purchasing the app buys you weekly updates from the ALDC team, access to the ALDCNN (Abby Lee Dance Company: News Now) feature, hair & makeup advice from Maddie, dance routines to learn and dance alongside the ALDC elite competition team, dance bag essentials, bloopers and behind-the-scene footage, downloadable wallpaper, plus a ‘Fan of the Week’ winner who will get to interact with the cast. 


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Well that sounds exciting – visit iTunes today! 

Moving on – as Chloe Lukasiak did, the former Dance Moms star couldn’t be happier on her own and away from the ALDC. After winning a Teen Choice Award last week, trouncing her former friend and co-star Maddie, Chloe is on top of the world and giving an update on her life. 

Comparing her new studio to the ALDC, Chloe says everyone is “super positive” and the outlook is to be supportive of the other dancers. “Even when they give corrections and critiques, they’re all really nice about it so I have the best time.”

Unfortunately Chloe no longer dances solos in competitions due of her appearance on Dance Moms. “I thought that I would either be judged too hard or too easily, which wasn’t fair to me or the other dancers,” she explained to OK! Magazine. Chloe still competes in duets and group numbers – plus her team just won nationals. Take that ALDC!

Despite all the drama on Dance Moms and her issues with Abby, Chloe has no hard feelings about her appearance on the show. “It was an amazing opportunity to be able to dance on television and travel around the world with my best friends,” she says of her experiences. She doesn’t keep in touch with her former co-stars due to “really different schedules,” however. 

Chloe also has a new boyfriend – Ricky Garcia, who she met at the Radio Disney Music Awards. “One of my acting coaches is his acting coach so she kind of introduced us. I see him a lot whenever I go to Los Angeles,” she blushes. Chloe is also excited to be doing a meet-n-greet with her former dance team buddy Paige Hyland, the two are still close friends. Well, it seems like everything is going great for Chloe and I’m thrilled to hear it! 

Finally, Abby Lee says she wouldn’t mind picking up where The Donald left off by hosting Celebrity Apprentice, but she’d much rather be a contestant! NBC is hoping to revive the show with a new host, now that Donald is off insulting everyone in America in his bid for president. Abby is hopeful the show returns and she’ll get her opportunity to show her Apprentice skills!

Bragging that her project management skills are amazing, Abby thinks she could win the whole show. “As far as planning an actual event and getting it done, I can do that all day long,” she tells Wetpaint. “I can do that with one hand tied behind my back.” 

However Abby does acknowledge that her weakness would lie in the fundraising challenges. “Having all the wealthy friends, I’m not too sure about that part of it.” Well maybe her recent move to LA will change her social circle. 


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