Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: High, My Name Is Fizz!

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Finally. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is following the trend it created by introducing a bunch of peripheral characters in one episode that we’ll struggle to keep up with for the remainder of the season. It’s about time. Last night’s episode begins with Brandi confronting her husband Max in the studio. The trifling hos didn’t know he was married because he’s neglected to wear his wedding ring. Not okay, especially according to this newbie player! She unearths his wedding band from her suitcase size purse and holds it up as proof for the ladies who were draped across her man. Again, it’s the girls fault, not so much his. Max and Ray-J drag the tiny Tasmanian devil out of the studio, but she puts up quite a fight. She screams at Max about how he’d feel if she was out without her wedding ring. HOW WOULD HE FEEL? I’m guessing he wouldn’t care all that much.

Kamiah is still reeling from being deleted from Lil’ Fizz’s menu, and she’s meeting with celebrity blogger Jason Lee who spouts off his Hollywood resume like I order my weekly Bo Jangles. Kamiah recaps the downfall of her relationship with Fizz which started with her moving her stuff into his place and ended with a rock wall break-up. She recalls Fizz’s erectile dysfunction while Jason foams at the mouth. He can’t wait to post this madness! He reminds her that she needs to be focused on a man that can rise to the occasion. Pun intended.


Miles is trying to make amends with Milan after their relationship has gone south. He’s enlisted friend Hazel-E for advice to commiserate about how tough communication can be with a significant other…which is even harder when his career, family, and religion aren’t okay with his televised coming out party. Hazel is relieved to learn that Miles isn’t cheating on Milan, but she feels badly for his struggle with the homophobic hip hop culture. Add in his strong ties to his church and he’s in quite a pickle. Religion and music aside, Miles is in love, and he knows that he needs a grand romantic gesture to show Milan that he’s in this for the long haul. Hazel couldn’t agree more. 

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Nikki is twerking like it’s her job at a club in Santa Monica. Lo and behold, Fizz arrives, fresh off his conscious uncoupling from Kamiah. I’m happy to see Fizz wearing sunglasses because his squinty look isn’t working for me. Someone needs to get him away from Cheech and Chong. Higher than a kite isn’t attractive, sweet Fizz. Nikki has heard through the grapevine that Fizz has been messing with basic bitches. He replays his restaurant analogy, and instead of being insulted (as she should be), Nikki brags that she’s an appetizer, main course, and dessert, complete with nasty sprinkles.

Across town, Ray is trying to make things right with Princess, but he’s still unnerved that she’s hanging out with his ex Teairra Mari. Princess wonders how he has the 411 on her whereabouts. Here’s a hint…it’s your new friend who is trying to win back her whiny man. Ray reminds Princess that his partying is far different from her partying. He’s a man. Men party. She’s a woman. Women sit at home while their men party. Feminism at its finest. Thanks, Ray! After her show-out at the studio, Brandi is even more peeved that Max didn’t come home the night after her altercation with no one. When he returns to their house, Brandi serves him the third degree, but Max is over the interrogation. He cites not wearing his ring because he doesn’t want people to know that he’s married to a crazy person. As Brandi yells, Max retorts that he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. He peaces out, and she follows him, screaming that they don’t need to argue in front of the neighbors. He reminds her that their neighbors probably have issues too before chucking his wedding ring into the yard. She’s sobbing and standing in front of his car so he can’t leave. That’s why there’s reverse…

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A very giggly Fizz is lunching with Apryl Jones to chat about his new feelings for Nikki. Apryl is glad that her friend has found a big-booty-licious soulmate. Jason arrives at the same restaurant and takes the opportunity to confront Fizz about his inability to perform with Kamiah. Apryl tries to defend Fizz, but Jason won’t back down. Fizz is too fixated on that invisible bag of Doritos and hitting up Taco Bell for fourth meal to engage in the conversation.

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Miles and Milan are meeting to make amends. Miles hopes that Milan realizes how significant it is that he’s planned a public meeting. He doesn’t care who sees them, and he suggests matching tattoos to solidify their relationship. Too late! Miles has already gotten inked, and Milan is blown away by the gesture. They couple even shares a public kiss. I guess Miles finally realized they were being followed by a production crew so his secret was bound to come out at some point! Meanwhile, Fizz is upping his swag game by showing off the movie theater he’s invested in hoping to impress Nikki. She’s impressed and waxes poetic about her lingerie line. Nikki is hoping to get a sit down with Jason Lee to boost her brand. Fizz opens his eyes enough to roll them back in his head. That guy again? He warns Nikki against Jason as she rants about Kamiah spreading rumors that she’s plastic. Are they technically rumors if they are true? Nikki puts aside her hatred for Fizz’s appetizer long enough to suck off his face.

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Princess and Apryl are shopping, and Princess has finally realized that Teairra is using her to funnel information back to Ray. Apryl hopes that her friend wouldn’t do such a thing, but it sounds fishy. To retaliate, Princess tries to catfish Teairra. She invites Teairra to Vegas (with no intentions of going) knowing that if the invitation gets back to Ray, Princess has found her mole. Even though Apryl wants to stay out of the drama, she’s impressed with Princess’ strategy. Frankly, I am too.

Disregarding Fizz’s advice, Nikki is meeting with Jason in hopes of boosting her lingerie line. Nikki reveals that she wants to enlist Hazel to help promote her brand, and she’s invited Hazel to join them at the lunch. Jason is floored. Nikki thinks that Hazel used to be a publicist? Maybe she interned at a PR firm once, but… When Hazel arrives, she touts being the publicist behind Gnarls Barkley’s fame. Jason retorts that knowing Gnarls doesn’t make Hazel a Fugee. He accuses Hazel of being homeless at one point in her life, tosses a drink in her face, and exits stage left. Um, what just happened? Nikki can’t believe a man would ever treat a woman with such disrespect. It’s the only intelligent sentence to ever come out of her mouth. 

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Miles’ former girlfriend is rehashing the confusion she’s feeling (and she doesn’t know he’s gay yet!) with Teairra and Moniece. She wants to move forward or get closure. The conversation quickly turns to Princess’ invitation to Teairra. She is taking a lot of pleasure in setting up Princess, and Moneice encourages her to share the Vegas text with Ray. Quit trying to make fetch happen, mean girls! Over at Fizz’s house, Nikki is waiting in her finest lingerie for Kamiah to come retrieve her belongings. She recaps Jason’s deplorable behavior, and Fizz tries to open his eyes long enough to say “I told you so.” Kamaiah arrives, and Nikki starts in on her right away. Kamiah tries to take the high road as Fizz tries to intervene to remind the women that Kamiah just needs to get her stuff and go. Something is tossed, Kamiah smacks Fizz in the face, and alas, it’s the end of the episode. Geez. 


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