Couples Therapy Recap: Foaming At The Mouth

Big Ang and her husband Neil on Couples Therapy

The wait is over! Last night was the season 6 premiere of Couples Therapy, and let me start by telling you that is was definitely chock full of dramatics. Joining Dr. Jenn this season are Mob Wives star Big Ang and her husband Neil, Creed front man Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn, Love and Hip Hop’s Joe Budden and his on again off again girlfriend Kaylin, transgender model Carmen Carrera and her husband Adrian, as well as outspoken model and television personality Janice Dickinson and her beau, Rocky.

Arriving at the house, almost all of the couples seemed to be there for the right reasons, except for one, but we’ll get into that one later. Carmen and Janice seemed to form an immediate friendship, and Janice ended up being the first person that Carmen told about her gender, while the rest of the house had no clue. But what happened when her big secret was revealed? You don’t want to miss this!


It’s definitely going to be an explosive season of Couples Therapy, and hopefully, most of the couples will end up falling in love again. But it was nothing shy of dramatics on the season premiere.

Janice Dickinson on Couples Therapy

For The Love Of God Woman, Let Him Get A Word In

Yeah, that happened – and with more than one of the couples. When the first four couples arrived (Joe and Kaylin were late), they headed into their first group session with Dr. Jenn, who was trying to find out what each couples’ darkest moment was. While Scott and Jaclyn had an easy time dishing all about Scott’s bipolar disorder and substance abuse, it not come as easy for Big Ang or Janice Dickinson.

Big Ang kicked things off by sharing that things began to sour when they started to build their house, but when Neil tried to explain that it seems to be all about the money (which he doesn’t have) with Ang, she lost it and cut him off. “Can you let him talk?” Dr. Jenn asked, and was met with, “No. He lies. He f–king lies about everything,” from Big Ang. And that theme seemed to continue with Janice and Rocky, as Janice almost blew a fuse when Rocky started to open his mouth. Again, their issues stemmed from money, but every time Rocky opened his mouth, Janice would shut him down and belittle him, claiming he doesn’t act nicely to her at all when no one is around.  “You’re f–king busted now,” she said, leaving us all clueless as to whether or not she needs medication, ha. And um, why are you with him, then Janice?


The Cat Is Out Of The Bag Now

Going into the house, Carmen had no intention of telling anyone right away that she was transgender, because she claims she is constantly judged. But almost immediately, Janice could sense something was off with Carmen and pulled her aside for some girl talk. Carmen spilled her secret to Janice, and Janice promised she wouldn’t tell and would support Carmen’s decision to wait until she was comfortable with the rest of the group to make her reveal. Hmm, not sure I would have trusted her with a secret, would you?

It didn’t really matter anyway, as that plan wound up backfiring on Carmen (and Janice) when Dr. Dow revealed Carmen’s secret to the group. “Oh, I thought everyone knew,” he claimed. As you can imagine, Carmen was horrified, but even more horrified was Janice, who began to belittle Dr. Dow. “Why did you say that?” and “No one else knew,” Janice started her tirade with, before going off and leaving everyone speechless. Yeah, Janice reminded us all of a rabid animal foaming at the mouth during the premiere.

Carmen Carrera and husband Adrian on Couples Therapy

Don’t Take It Personally, Honey

Scott and Jaclyn were ready to have their two-on-one with Dr. Jenn, and they seemed to be pretty open and honest about their issues. Obviously, Scott had many – from his bipolar disorder to his addiction to alcohol, he was definitely a hot mess. But through their marriage, Jaclyn stuck by him for the most part, until recently when she filed for divorce (which is likely why the ended up on the show). And Dr. Jenn wanted to know why, as she felt Jaclyn may have been hiding some sort of past pain within herself.

Jaclyn, however, thought it was ridiculous that Dr. Jenn would ask such a thing and she completely shut down the idea that she was doing anything wrong or hiding anything. After the session, Jaclyn was complaining to Scott about it, and he tried to reassure that Dr. Jenn meant no harm. But that wasn’t good enough. Jaclyn then went to talk with Janice, who exploded, once again. If that was me, “I’d bitch slap her,” and “f–k you Dr. Jenn,” were Janice’s words of advice. Janice then ended up having a meeting with Dr. Jenn, where the two seemed to work that issue out, but something tells us, Janice will be blowing a fuse again shortly.

Are You Sure You’re Here For The Right Reasons?

Love and Hip Hop’s Joe Budden and Kaylin were the last couple to arrive at the house, and neither of them seemed like they wanted to be there. Maybe Kaylin did a little bit, but she sure is one tough cookie, while Joe seemed to be completely disinterested. Joe explained numerous times that he and Kaylin are on different intelligence levels, and then he would tell her how much he wanted some loving from her. “Sorry, you aren’t getting this,” was Kaylin’s reply. You go girl, stand your ground!

When they wound up meeting with Dr. Jenn, Kaylin had a break down listening to their past over again. But for Joe, he didn’t seem fazed by any of it. He wanted to figure out if they were worth continuing on, but something tells us that they won’t be getting hitched anytime soon. Meanwhile, Joe blasted Carmen defending Kaylin, and telling them that she had hoped they would work out. Um, what? 

Scott and Jaclyn Stapp on Couples Therapy


Just as the episode was wrapping up, Carmen and Adrian were in their room and Carmen was in tears. It appeared that someone wrote the word “tampon” under her name on the shopping list. Carmen took that as someone poking fun at her being a transgender. But who would do that? The only person who seemed to have a beef with Carmen was Joe, but mind you, Joe and Kaylin didn’t know about Carmen at this point? Perhaps Joe wrote it just to joke that Carmen was at that time of the month? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out….


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