Couples Therapy Finale Recap: Let’s Get This Party Started

Couples Therapy finale

Wow. It’s hard to believe that it was already time for the Couples Therapy finale – I mean, doesn’t it seem like the season just started? Time sure flies when you’re hating on your significant other having fun, doesn’t it? So, let’s get straight to it here, folks. Last week, we watched a beautifully romantic proposal by Adrian that began to go horribly wrong when Carmen started to question all of the things that SHE wanted for her wedding day. Notice the emphasis on Carmen.

Would Carmen come to her senses and realize that her wedding wasn’t just about her, but it was about Adrian and their love, as well? For starters, things didn’t go off without a hitch (hey, this is Couples Therapy, after all). And while most of the couples would leave the house in a better place, one couple called it quits! Betcha can’t guess which one (or maybe you can). Get all the details inside.


Since coming to the house a few weeks ago, most of the relationships on Couples Therapy have gone through wonderful changes. However, there have been a few things have still needed work, like some of the communication skills.

Don’t Ruin His Moment

We all watched as an infuriated Adrian walked out last week, and after he did, Carmen couldn’t figure out what she did wrong. Leave it to Joe (yes, I know, Joe of all people) to be the voice of reason this week. Joe made it perfectly clear to Carmen that she needed to stop with the “me, me, me” and worry about Adrian’s feelings and all the thought he put into planning their big day. 

Carmen then realized that Adrian’s feelings matter too (gee, took you long enough), and that she needed to talk to him. In chatting with Adrian, Carmen then learned that she would still get to “plan” some of her big day, and she then enlisted Janice (you know that was gonna be fun), Jackie, and Ang to help her get everything planned for their big day. While Carmen asked Neil to walk her down the aisle since her dad couldn’t be there, Janice took it upon herself to nominate herself mother of the bride. Gag me now.

Couples Therapy Janice dickinson


I Need To Fix Me, While You Fix You

For the last group session and amid the wedding chaos, Dr. Jenn wanted each couple to give their partner their “bottom line” that they would stick to upon leaving. For Ang and Neil, it was easy – Neil wants Ang to keep going the way she is, and Ang asked that Neil complete a rehab program. Jackie and Scott’s was equally easy as Jackie simply asked for sobriety, while Scott, like Neil, wants to be treated like a man. Fair enough.

Too bad it wasn’t that cut and dry for everyone. In the case of Janice and Rocky, they even had a final two on one with Dr. Jenn, where Janice cried and whined over the prenup. For Janice, she doesn’t want to be left in the cold if anything were to happen to Rocky (doesn’t she have enough of her own money, hmm..). But by the group session, it seemed as though Janice and Rocky decided that they would do a special prenup which would include stipulations so Janice wouldn’t be left with nothing. Whew, bet she was relieved.

And now for the shocker – she has a voice, folks! When it was Kaylin’s turn to answer, she teared up talking about wanting someone to love her, cuddle her, etc. “I don’t see that person being Joe,” Kaylin answered. Joe, on the other hand, looked shocked. He didn’t say it, but his face read. “Are you breaking up with me?” Yep, the couple agreed to remain friends, but Kaylin decided that she needed to focus on her, and grow. Will these two end up together again in the future? Only time will tell, but Kaylin is in no rush for any man.

Couples Therapy Kaylin breaks up with Joe

What’s A Wedding Without Some Drama, Right?

Because everything is always more exciting with some drama! And if you thought that Carmen and Adrian’s day would go off without any, you were dead wrong. Come on, people….not with Janice around! Jackie quickly took on the role of wedding planner trying to schedule everything for Carmen, but Janice was having no part of it. In fact, when Jackie tried to speak to Carmen about something, Janice tried to push her away, claiming Carmen was taking a nap. The two got into a little spat in the kitchen, but they quickly moved on (or more like Jackie walked away to kill the drama).

carmen carrera and adrian torres wedding

After the drama and some tears, Carmen and Adrian walked down the aisle and tied the knot. I’ll be honest, it was a beautiful wedding, and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Carmen then realized that was exactly what her wedding was supposed to be like. Awe, we wish them a lifetime of happiness.


Photo Credit: VH1