Meghan King Edmonds’ Stepdaughter Blasts Vicki Gunvalson Over Lack Of Empathy

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Hayley Edmonds herself was only a brief blip on our screens this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but her stepmom Meghan King Edmonds did talk about her every chance she had.  Well, when she wasn’t busy with all of her investigative work, that is.  Hayley is hitting back this week at some of the harsh comments Vicki Gunvalson made about her this season. 

On the first part of the reunion, Vicki and Meghan butted heads about buying cars for their daughters and debated about whether a woman loves biological kids more than step kids or adopted kids.  Hayley took issue with Gunvalson’s comments about her education and more.  She shared with People magazine, “She is in her 50s, and she has the audacity to attack my life when she doesn’t know me.  She hasn’t even met me! She sits around and talks about how I don’t deserve a car and how uneducated I am, when I worked so hard to take care of my sick mom.”

Hayley and Vicki both lost their moms this season and Hayley’s shocked that Vicki doesn’t have a little more empathy for her, especially since Hayley lost her mother at such a young age.  She told People magazine, “I want Vicki to know how wrong and cruel it is to use harsh words so carelessly towards me.”  She added, “She talks on the reunion about how no one understands losing a mother. I know what is feels like to lose your mother! Does she know what is feels like to lose your mother as a teenager? I sit here and watch, and it’s hard for me to feel bad for someone who can be so closed-minded and cruel to others.”

Hayley says that with Meghan joining the cast, she knew she’d be included in some way, but it was much more traumatic than she envisioned.  “I knew that my life would be talked about and that it would change because of the show; however, I never thought that I would be going through the hardest time of my life while it aired.” 


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