On this week’s 90-Day Fiance, the clock is ticking on each couple’s 90-day race to the altar, and the harsh tones of reality are setting in. For Mark and Nikki, this reality involves the fact that Mark is nearly a retiree while Nikki is a teenager. This is apparently news to Mark, who doesn’t seem to understand why Nikki isn’t thrilled with the idea of rising early in order to pull yard weeds. I mean, wasn’t that your dream at 19?

Nikki sleeps late most days, which irritates Mark whose prostate wakes him up before dawn. So, he’s come up with a solution: blowing a train whistle at the bottom of the stairs to awaken his bride-to-be! Nikki is not pleased with this method, noting it feels like she is being treated like a child. (Or an animal, one might argue, as most parents don’t unleash the train whistle on their sleeping kid unless that kid has maybe just returned from juvie!) 



Mark complains, “Nikki’s seen me on vacation. I’m not on vacation here.” He’s got work to do! But Nikki wants a kiss. He’s got plants to re-pot! But Nikki wants to drink tea and sunbathe. Nikki is concerned that Mark isn’t giving her enough attention. He focuses too much on his work, while he should be spending this short 90-day window on their relationship, she says. In Mark’s mind, he just needs to find something to occupy Nikki in order to keep her happy. And right now, it ain’t his time. 


Cut to Melanie and Devar, fresh from their grilling session by Melanie’s sister, Beverly. Devar is concerned that Melanie is down in the dumps after Beverly’s less than supportive stance on their upcoming marriage (STDs were apparently not an upbeat topic of conversation), so he’s taking her ring shopping. Who’s paying for these rings, we wonder? Melanie’s parents! (Psssssst: Don’t tell Beverly!) Devar can’t work under a K1 Visa, so he won’t have a source of income until after their marriage. They need to depend upon outside sources for now. What he can’t supply in finances Devar says he’ll make up “in lovin’…oh yes” though. Mmmkay.  

Melanie is stressed about the wedding, but more specifically about meeting Devar’s mother soon, who lives close by in Maryland (they’re in PA). Devar’s mother left Jamaica when he was 9-years old, and is purportedly not the most receptive to the news that Devar is marrying a white woman. Hmmm. I’ll bet she is receptive to Melanie bringing her son to the US. Devar promises to be honest with Melanie about his mom’s feelings, even if they’re hurtful. 

We catch up with Josh and Aleksandra next, who are heading to a July 4th party at his extended family’s house. Aleksandra is trying to put her life of partying in Prague behind her, but it’s tough to do in the face of her radically different (and curious) new Mormon family-to-be in Rexberg. At the party, plenty of Josh’s extended family puts forth a sweet effort to welcome Aleksandra into the fold, cheerfully introducing themselves and making small talk with her. But when she shares her life stories from back home, which include a good bit of alcohol and risque clothing, his cousins are taken aback. It isn’t part of the culture here. Aleksandra seems wiling to adapt to her new lifestyle, but she’s not a big fan of wearing sleeves in church. “It looks like old people,” she jokes. Not sure if Josh’s family is laughing along though.

Down in New Orleans, Kyle and Noon are sleeping in Kyle’s roach infested bed while his roommate, Bryan, strolls on through. The privacy in this apartment is lacking, as is the hygiene. Ugh! No! The roaches are still scurrying up and down walls, so Noon springs into action. “I have to clean messy man house,” she states flatly. Bryan gamely lifts his feet so Noon can sweep beneath them while he and Kyle play video games. Whataprince. #FREENOON! (Can we start a GoFundMe campaign for Noon’s much deserved professional house cleaning service? I’ll throw in ten bucks!)

To make up for her wretched living conditions, Kyle hopes surprising Noon with a ring – and some skydiving! – will do the trick. He wants to propose to her after they jump out of the plane together, with his friends along to watch from the ground. Noon is nervous, but goes along with the plan. Living in that Roach Motel has injected Noon with a whole new level of human courage, it seems! More on this later…

Fernando has finally made the trip to see Carolina in Colombia. It’s been almost a year since they’ve seen each other, and after he knocks on her door, they kiss and embrace before moving to the living room to catch up. It’s been a long (10 month) process getting Carolina’s K1 Visa approved, partly due to paperwork Fernando needs to provide from a past divorce. Carolina complains that while he drags his feet in te US, she’s stuck here in Medellin with no work, no money, and no fiance. He tells her she’s just got to wait. She knew this was part of the deal, but Carolina’s parents are becoming suspicious. Fernando promises to speak with her dad to set the record straight. He hopes their relationship can survive this.

Back in PA, it’s time for Melanie to meet Devar’s mom, but he can’t seem to pin her down on a date to meet yet. Since his mom left when Devar was nine, she’s sent money back to her children in Jamaica to support them, but her absence has emotionally affected Devar (he breaks down in tears describing this loss). Devar’s mom was “astonished” to find out he became engaged to a white woman, he says. 

We cut back to the plane out of which Kyle and Noon are about to jump. Kyle jumps out and lands first, laying out a huge sign on the ground that asks, “Will you marry me?” for Noon to see on her way down. She lands, says yes, and puts her ring on. “I want to throw up,” she says after the hullabaloo is over. But she does seem authentically excited, and says she can’t wait to plan their wedding. 


In Maryland, Mark has cooked up a plan to keep Nikki happy: a new car! He takes her to the red convertible he’s chosen for her, and Nikki seems excited about Mark’s big gesture. What she’s not sure about is the driving part: she doesn’t know how. Mark muses that he’s taught four kids to drive, so why not a fifth Nikki? She’s shaky as she takes her first test drive around the block, but Mark is pretty patient with her as she nervously heads home. Mark hopes this car makes Nikki happy because he says, “My future depends on her happiness.”


If his future depends on her happiness, one might wonder how Mark decides on his next course of action. Because, once back in the driveway, Mark let’s it slip that the car he’s purchased for Nikki is the EXACT same model he bought for his first wife. She never learned to drive it, though. (Does the ex-wife seem like the menacing ghost haunting this relationship from Day 1 or what? It’s practically turning into a gothic novel up in here – like one where the new fiance finds the ex-wife locked in the attic!!!) Nikki’s reaction to this news is, uh, not great. She’s taken aback, then asks the question we all wonder: is this the ACTUAL car he bought his ex-wife!?!? No, he says. Just the same model. #brushforfingerprints

In Rexburg, Aleksandra is trying on wedding dresses – long sleeve, of course! – with Josh’s mom, Janie. A modest dress is a must, but Aleksandra is not thrilled with the 1903 look. She (gasp!) goes for a short sleeve number, but asks for some bracelets to cover her wrist tattoo, which she’s embarrassed about. Aleksandra is afraid that Josh’s family will think she’s a bad person – for the tattoo, for her past – and just wants to fit in. She finds a dress that is both tasteful and youthful, but admits she finds it strange to look at herself in this getup. She feels too young for this.


 Devar has finally nailed down a meeting date with his mother, so he and Melanie make a road trip to meet her (and her live-in friend). Melanie is stressed out, but hopes Devar’s mom trusts her and sees that she really loves him. When they arrive, the all exchange hugs, then sit down for a meal. Devar’s mom cooks for a living, and says she lives her life to take care of her children. When Melanie tells her she’s got a son, Devar’s mom tells him straight: “Take care of that baby there. Take care of that child.” 

Devar asks what his mom thought when she heard he was marrying a “white lady.” She admits that she can’t pick for her son; he knows what he needs. Apart from the table, she interviews later that she can’t say anything now because she “can’t stop it.” If he loves her, then so be it. At the table, she tells Melanie and Devar that she hopes it will be forever.

Melanie asks if Devar’s mom has been trying to get her children to the US? Yes, she has. But it’s been a long, tough process. Devar says he’s happy to be here and that “Melanie want to take me over herself,” as the K1 Visa process has expedited things much quicker. Ah. The plot thickens! Devar will have his green card three months after they marry, but Melanie argues she had no idea Devar’s mother was petitioning for his entrance to the US before they met. She doesn’t care what people think, even though they might suspect ulterior motives on Devar’s part.

In Colombia, Fernando and Carolina prepare dinner for Carolina’s parents. Fernando knows he must convince Carolina’s parents that his intentions are legit. As they dine, Fernando explains why the Visa has taken so long, but Carolina’s parents don’t fully understand (or don’t fully trust) his reasons. Carolina is their only daughter heading to the US and, as much as Fernando assures them that he will take care of her, they don’t know whether to take his marriage proposal seriously. It’s just been too long since that day.

Carolina assures her parents that she still wants to pursue this path with Fernando, even though there will be obstacles (the language barrier being one). She says this is why the Visa gives you 90 days to make a decision. If things are working in their relationship, she’ll stay in the US and marry Fernando. If not, she’s out! Let’s hope Carolina has the presence of mind to make the right decision if – and when – she hits US soil. And faces the mother-in-law to be waiting for her there.     


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