The Real Housewives franchise keeps chugging along!  Even when we get annoyed by a particular franchise, we’d never, ever give up on any of these crazy ladies and their sidekicks.  And thanks to Bravo, we’re going to have another batch of rich and (sometimes wacky and tacky) women to watch! 

There have been rumors for years now about the possibility of new cities being added to the Real Housewives family, but none have ever came to fruition.   However, Andy Cohen confirmed this week that a new franchise is coming and SOON! 

Andy was a guest on Amy Phillips’ radio show ‘Reality Checked’ (airing on Radio Andy) and he revealed to her that a new franchise city IS coming and will be here “sooner than” we think!  Listen here to hear it straight from Andy’s lips! 

Which city do you think would be a great fit for the franchise?  We know that D.C. and Miami just didn’t work out – even though we never got an “official” confirmation on Miami’s cancellation, but there are so many other potential cities out there!  Dallas, Houston, Chicago, other areas of NY, Cali, etc. 


Photo by Instagram