Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Manning Up

hollywood fitting 2

Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was all about man power. The guys on this franchise have no issues with getting along, but the women? That’s another story! Now that Willie is out of his contract, he’s back in the studio, joined by Rich and Ray-J. Rich describes Ray as a one-man creep show which is epic. Ray jokes that he is excited to have some single friends, but wait! Willie has a wife and he needs to be a stand-up husband. Plus, Rich is dating Moniece, and Ray is worried that if he helps Rich stray, he’ll get stabbed. Ray wishes he was back with Princess so he could have a crazy girlfriend too. He doesn’t want to be left out. Meanwhile, Moniece and Fizz are successfully co-parenting Cameron. Fizz knows that Rich has met Cameron once, and while he’s happy that Moniece is happy, he needs to get to know the man who will eventually be spending more time with his son. Moniece understands where Fizz is coming from, but she’s worried that Rich isn’t going to be on the same page.

Miles has had a traumatic couple of weeks, but now that he’s come out to Amber and his family, he feels that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He hopes now to be able to mend his relationship with Milan. Milan has been dodging his calls, but he’s finally agreed to hear Miles’ side of the story. After speaking to Amber, Milan knows it must have been difficult to share his news with her, but it doesn’t make Miles’ lies any easier to swallow. Miles admits that he’s come out to his family, and he’s ready for them to meet. This revelation makes Milan very happy, and he’s appreciative of Miles’ journey. 


Now that Moniece is spending more time with Cam, Fizz is able to focus on his budding relationship with Nikki. He’s got her in mind to star in his new video for his Good Lotion. Nikki is flattered (is she?), but she’s going to have to pass on being a video vixen as she’s super busy with her upcoming fashion show. She thinks it’s selfish of Teairra Mari to have gotten liposuction so close to their event date. However, Nikki is grateful that Hazel-E is stepping in to help even that means sharing the catwalk with Princess. Fizz is disappointed that Nikki is turning him down because she was his inspiration. She jokes that he’ll need to find new inspiration, so he looks to the lady working the pole. Wait, isn’t that Willie’s wife? Nikki shares that Shanda has started working for her club part time for some extra cash. Fizz tries not to stare. It is his buddy’s spouse, after all! 

Over a picnic, Moniece wants Rich Dollaz to  get to know Fizz, but Rich feels like he’s under a lot of pressure. Moniece makes him feel obligated to keep jumping through hoops, but Rich is tired of having to defend his past actions and Internet gossip. Moniece counters that Fizz isn’t going anywhere, but Rich wonders why she doesn’t appreciate all the efforts he’s made thus far. Omarion and Apryl Jones are giving a radio interview about Omarion’s latest album and his upcoming tour with Chris Brown. Apryl reveals that she will be joining him on tour so Omari isn’t deprived of being a father to new son Mega. She’s also itching to get back into her music, but Omarion interrupts to say that she’ll have her time. When she does, he’ll be supporting her just like she’s supporting him now…in his time. On the way home from the radio station, Apryl and Omari bicker over Apryl’s need for support, and she’s worried that her time is passing her by. He encourages her to keep singing, and he’ll be there for her regardless. 

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Hazel is doing a photo shoot, and Princess comes to visit to she can hear Hazel’s pitch about joining the fashion show. Hazel wants to make sure that Princess is okay working with Teairra, and Princess promises to be on her best behavior. Of course, Princess hopes to get the same treatment from Teairra. She also wants to know that Teairra’s product is high end and not Payless. The designers in the show all need to be showing top tier pieces. That evening, Willie is doing a performance, and he and his wife are having a pre-showcase cocktail with Nikki and Fizz. Nikki innocently mentions that she loves watching Shanda dance at her club. Apparently, Shanda forgot to tell Nikki that Willie was clueless about her side job. As things between the pair escalate, Fizz and Nikki awkwardly exit stage left before Shanda storms out of the club. The show must go on, so Willie can’t chase after his wife. When he’s finished, he finds Shanda crying off her make-up on the sidewalk, explaining why she did what she did. Willie dries her tears, and the two kiss and make up.

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Rich is still confused as to why he has to pal around with Fizz. Why can’t they just have their co-parenting relationship and leave him be? As soon as they sit down, Rich is on the defensive, but Fizz isn’t out to rehash any gossip. He asks if Rich plans on being in Moniece’s life long term. He only hopes that if Rich doesn’t plan on being a consistent, long term part of Cameron’s life, he and Moniece spend less couple time with the child. As a father himself, Rich can appreciate that request. Rich wants no part in disciplining Cameron, nor does he want Cameron to get attached to him if he’s not going to be around for long. Rich tells Fizz as much, stating his only parental role with Cameron will be to ensure his safety. Both men are saying exactly what the other wants to hear. They exchange thank yous and a hand shake. That wasn’t so bad was it, Rich? 

hollywood fitting

The fashion show is a week out, and the designers are having a fitting. Teairra is no where to be seen, but Milan now has his underwear line featured in the show. When Teairra arrives with her patterns (her manufacturer is going to crank out the blazers with plenty of time to spare), Nikki is floored to see she has no finished product. Teairra is fine to learn that Milan has models walking in the show, but she didn’t notice Princess fitting her girls in the corner. Nope. Not going to happen. Teairra is done. They can do the show without her. Princess steps in to counter that Teairra can’t play nice because she’s not prepared for the show. Hazel then does what I feel like she’s been planning to do all along…go off on Teairra for being a crappy friend and hooking up with her ex. The cussing and insults are flying back and forth, and Hazel cites every way Teairra has wronged each of her friends. Milan escorts Teiarra out as she and Hazel wish death on each other. 


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