Sister Wives Finale Recap: Fish Of The Day…Salmon Or Catfish?

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I can’t wait to see the numbers that tuned into last night’s Sister Wives to witness Meri’s anticlimactic catfish confession. The episode begins with the Browns still on an Alaska high after a fun-filled family vacation on TLC’s dime, and Christine is thrilled at how well the kids got along…and the wives too! Janelle is glad that her oldest children’s significant others could join the crew. Maddie’s boyfriend Caleb is a bit nervous to have “the talk” with Kody. Before he bites the bullet, he and Madison are sneaking away for a double date with Logan and his girlfriend Michelle. Logan reveals that dating has been hard for him because people seem to automatically assume he wants to be a polygamist. While he loves his family, he only wants one wife.

Over dinner, Michelle admits that she found meeting Kody to be intimidating, but Caleb? Not so much. Caleb and Logan both assure their significant others that they are one-woman guys. Michelle and Caleb both enjoy the dynamic of all the mothers. Madison believes that not having multiple mothers will be the oddest part of raising her own kids. Janelle thinks that all of the Brown children feel grateful for their different upbringing, and she knows there were times her kids likes Meri and Christine more than they liked her. Robyn finds it funny that the parents are putting so much pressure on Kody and Maddie to get married, but they hold back when it comes to Logan and Michelle. She wants everyone to take a chill pill until they are certain Caleb is ready to tie the knot. Thanks, Robyn. As always, your opinion is the most important. Where is the sarcasm font when you need it?


At the tail end of their vacation, the family is taking in the sights and enjoying nature. Kody and Janelle are taking the oldest kids deep sea fishing, while Christine is leading the rest of the group on a dog-sledding excursion. Caleb and Madison are such a cute couple, as are Logan and Michelle. The older Brown kids definitely have good heads on their shoulders, and the credit certainly goes to Janelle. Christine is giddy about the prospect of dog sledding. Man, her meds are on point! The younger kids love playing with the adorable puppies. It’s really cool to see how well trained the dogs are, and Christine is glad that Kody isn’t there to see it. She knows he’d make a crack about how easy it is to get all the bitches to do what is asked of them. Christine laughs about Kody’s bitches as opposed to the the dog trainer’s bitches. She is on fire! I’m starting to doubt that her medication is prescription…could she be smoking something as well? No judgment, Christine. You do you.

Kody is convinced that Caleb wants to ask for Maddie’s hand in marriage while they are in Alaska. Robyn wants everyone to slow down…he probably just wants to tell Kody he’s raised a cool chick. Caleb approaches Kody, first thanking him for the vacation and then seguing into how Madison is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He doesn’t mince words, and he asks Kody for his blessing in marrying Madison. Kody gets a bit emotional as he lauds Caleb as a man worthy of Maddie’s love. Kody foreshadows in his talking head that marriage is hard. One day you can be madly in love with your spouse(s), and the next day you can despise them. That night, Robyn is prepping a taco salad dinner, but Kody comes in with a salmon gifted by a neighbor that Cody is going to cook for the family. The kids are equal parts grossed out and intrigued by the giant fish, and not to be outdone in a quest for attention, Robyn runs from the room gagging and barfing. Everyone is impressed with Caleb’s culinary skills, and Janelle couldn’t be happier with her daughter’s choice for a mate. 

The next night in Alaska, Kody has planned a dinner date with all of the wives. They toast to the best family vacation ever, and Kody shares that Caleb has asked for Maddie’s hand. In your face, Robyn! Speaking of, Robyn needles that while she’s happy for the couple, she still needs to learn more about Maddie’s future betrothed. Meri tentatively states that she has something she needs to confess to the family. She begins by saying she’s been struggling since Mariah left for college, feeling isolated and lonely. Christine loses her smile for the first time all season as everyone listens to Meri. Do we really think TLC was there to film her telling her catfish story? No. Meri says she’s distancing herself from the family, and they may wake up one morning and she’ll be gone. Christine hopes that Meri sees them as more of a support system, and Janelle is concerned about Meri’s desire to run away. In her interview, a tearful Meri explains that the loneliness caused her to go online where she made friends…one in particular who made her laugh. Is it me, or are the wives more concerned with Meri’s well-being than Kody? Why do I even find that surprising? 

Meri relays that her online relationship allowed her to feel vibrant again. She details that it began as a friendship over the Internet, but the phone calls then led to attraction. Meri was confused by her feelings, but she enjoyed someone finding her attractive and worthy of love. Can you blame her? Meri admits that she shunned her suitor’s advances because she found it strange that he was so infatuated with her when they barely knew each other. She admits that she wanted to meet him, but he was never available. In the back of her mind, Meri states that she knew there were cracks in his story, but she ignored them because she was so desperate for attention. At the dinner, Christine asks how they can help. Dare I say I really like Christine this season? Meri is indecisive about her next move, and both Janelle and Christine remind her that Meri can do whatever she needs to do and they will love and support her. Meri is humbled by the support of her sister wives, but she also cries that they have no clue what she’s done. When she questioned her suitor, he threatened to have a technologically savvy female friend ruin her life. Meri learns that her online paramour is a woman pretending to be a man, and she’s decided to push her family away to negate the damage her actions have caused. 

After being radio silent, Kody admits in his talking head interview to being confused by Meri’s bombshell. Of course, he doesn’t want to ask her because he’s worried that she doesn’t want to be married to him any longer. Kody doesn’t want to know the answer. The family comes together for one last meal in Alaska. I’m guessing it’s a tad awkward. Tamron is going to have a big job next week on the tell-all special! 


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