Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: I Do My Little Turn On The Catwalk

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Something tells me that we aren’t going to see any of the runway shenanigans featured on last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood during Fashion Week! This crew can’t have even the simplest event without major drama. Even back-to-school shopping is more than just backpacks and tiny jeans.

The episode begins with Lil’ Fizz and Moniece clothes shopping for Cameron before he starts kindergarten. Fizz is thrilled to finally be co-parenting with his ex, and he’s got a plan that good benefit both of them…he wants Moniece to be the featured girl in his upcoming video that Nikki declined. Moniece is happy to oblige but she’s confused by the emotions that are starting to resurface, especially given how much she loves Rich Dollaz. She presses Fizz about his dating life, and when Moniece learns he’s seeing Nikki, she realizes he’s just going for the low hanging fruit. Ray J is still moping over his break-up Princess, so he seeks advice from his friend Max. No matter how many hotties Ray may find in a club, no one compares to Princess. She’s changed him. While Ray used to cheat 90% of the time (that’s two girls a week, according to him), now he’s only cheating 5%…and most of that is just him watching porn. Wow, he’s such a catch!


Engaging in some retail therapy with Teairra Mari, Moniece shares that she’s now dealing with feelings for Fizz. In fact, she thinks she may have fallen back in love with him Before Moniece approaches Rich with this revelation, she wants to talk to Fizz to see if he is experiencing the same thoughts. Teairra recaps the disastrous fashion show fitting fueled by Hazel-E’s revenge. The women plot the ultimate payback for the event. The following day, Brandi is devastated to learn that her younger sister Amber has been diagnosed with MS. She’s meeting with her sister, mom, and grandmother to show their support and form a game plan for treatment. Brandi makes it her mission to do everything in her power to find a cure for her sister.

In Beverly Hills, Miles is still struggling with how he left things with Amber. While she is still upset about his revelation, Amber is willing to hear him out now that she’s in a calmer place. Miles shares that he’s come out to his family which resulted in a fist fight with one of his nephews, and Amber reveals that she told her daughter Zoe to prevent her from learning it from someone else. Miles is upset that he wasn’t a part of that conversation given that he’s always been a father figure to Zoe. He apologizes over and over again for hurting Amber, but she assures him that she will be able to move forward. She is happy that Miles is living his truth.

Across town, Fizz and Moniece are filming his lotion video, and he’s happy the pair is able to work together as friends. Moniece is still conflicted. She believes that Fizz is finally becoming the man she always wanted him to be. She confesses her love to Fizz and questions if he ever feels the same. Yeah, not so much. Fizz enjoys their ability to maintain a friendship with good communication, and he believes that their current relationship is what is best for their son. Moniece tearfully explains that she just wants the family she’s always envisioned, and he comforts her with a hug. Feeling guilty about saying no to starring in Fizz’s video, Nikki pops by the set to support her man. She mentions seeing Moniece, and Fizz explodes with the news that Moniece just confessed her love for him. Nikki tries to stay neutral, although she finds it shady that Moniece would be macking on her baby daddy while she’s in a relationship with Fizz. However, Nikki understands the nostalgia and she vows to step aside if Fizz wants to rebuild his family. Fizz assures Nikki that he’s happy with the place he’s in with Moniece. 

Ray drops in on Princess who is prepping for the fashion show. He wants to attend and show his support, but she’s not ready. Ray demands to know if she has another guy that will be at the show. Geez, Ray. Princess realizes now that her issues with men are bigger than her situation with Ray. She’s getting ready to see her father for the first time in years, and it’s forced to examine the kind of woman she is. Although he isn’t receptive to the idea, Princess stands firm with Ray, asserting that she needs time to work on herself. Ray begrudgingly agrees to give her some space. After learning her sister’s diagnosis, Brandi is leaning on husband Max despite their recent rift. As they walk on the beach, Brandi apologizes for her tantrum about the wedding rings, but Max wants to leave their negativity in the past and move forward.

It’s time for the infamous fashion show, and Hazel is tending to the last minute details. However, when she receives a text from Teairra saying she plans to crash the event, Hazel decides to peace out and let the designers fend for themselves. Milan tries to convince Hazel to stay, but he’s unsuccessful. He then relays the news to Princess and Nikki. While they are appalled at Hazel’s behavior, they are determined to put on a fabulous show without her. Nikki’s lingerie is the first to head down the runway, followed by Princess’s line and Milan’s combat inspired tightie whities. Teairra then storms the catwalk with models in blazers. Milan thanks everyone for attending…even those who weren’t invited. Princess and Teairra get into a passive aggressive microphone duel before Milan intervenes. How the heck did Teairra get a mic? At the close of the show, Princess heads home to find Ray waiting for her in the parking lot. He knew she didn’t want him at the show, but he wanted to show his support. Plus, he brought flowers! Princess lectures Ray and says she’ll accept him as a friend. They will have to rebuild their relationship from there. What? Flowers aren’t enough? Ray is miffed, but he can be patient…at least for a few minutes. 

After that joke of a show, Nikki and Milan invite Teairra to a round table discussion about the evening’s events. Teairra brings her attack dog Moniece, and Princess is exhausted by the duo’s recent antics. Nikki lays the groundwork for their conversation…they are all going to run in the same circles and will be doing business together. They need to act accordingly. Teairra is game to play by the rules, but Moniece wants to stir the pot. Princess throws the first drink, and Nikki realizes she should have put a little more thought into this summit. Bless. 


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