Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Finale: Mo Dollaz, Mo Engagement Rings

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Last night was the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. What a ride! The episode begins as Moniece and Rich Dollaz are having a date night, and she applauds him for his civil meeting with Lil’ Fizz. She’s excited with the state of their relationship–Rich has done everything she’s asked of him regardless of how crazy he may consider her requests. Of course, with Moniece we know that that’s saying a lot! Next on her list? Engagement rings and wedding bands! Rich is on board as long as his ring is just as expensive as hers. Meanwhile, after coming out to his ex-girlfriend Amber to appease his current boyfriend Milan, Miles has decided to face his best guy friends with the news that he is gay. After the regular friendly ribbing and a quick game of pool, Miles realizes he should’ve never been nervous to tell his friends of his sexual orientation. They are extremely open to his admission, except for the fact that he didn’t feel comfortable telling them earlier.

Ray J is still whining about losing Princess, and he’s pulling out all the stops in hopes of making her come back to him. Cue a giant red bow and a brand-new house. He is all in as far as a relationship goes, but Ray’s not all in as far as Dabo’s (#allin #BYOG #GoTigers) standards go. Princess knows that Ray can be unpredictable, but she’s hoping he realizes why she needed to slow things down in the first place. She still loves Ray, but she’s not sure she can trust him due to his history of strippers and late nights. This is Ray’s final chance with Princess. Until the next chance, obviously. Princess cites that she is not ready to move into a new house unless Ray can promise her that it will be hers forever. She wants everything in her name. Ray isn’t about to convey his latest property over to Princess, but he lies and tells her that it’s in the works. Princess is excited about this next chapter, but she shouldn’t hold her breath for a quitclaim deed. Neither should Ray J, as we all know that this is just VH1 renting a house for filming purposes and for no other reason.


Meeting with Rich, Nikki can’t wait to stir the pot. Nikki tells Rich she’s so happy to see Moniece and Fizz co-parenting after all their drama. Furthermore, she’s glad that Moniece was able to star in Fizz’s latest video after she had to turn him down. Nikki reveals that she went by Fizz’s video shoot to show her support, only to find that Fizz was featuring Moniece in his upcoming song. Wait, what? This news comes as a big surprise to Rich. If Moniece wants Rich to shop for an engagement ring, she should have at least mentioned the collaboration. Nikki innocently mentions that Fizz told her how Moniece professed her love for her baby daddy, and she wonders if Nikki shared the same with Rich. Um, no. Rich is upset to learn that he’s on the cusp of proposing while his girlfriend still has feelings for a man from her past. Nikki feigns shock to learn that Rich is clueless about Moniece’s revelation, and she makes a quick exit so Rich can stew in the bomb she’s just dropped on him. 

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Apryl Jones is happy to be on the road with Omarion and their son Mega, but it’s also a constant reminder that she isn’t working on her music career. While she doesn’t want to continue bending Omarion’s ear with her concerns, she isn’t sure how else to get her post-baby life back on track. In other words, the most normal and drama-free couple on this show needs a dramatic story line. 

Miles regrets that he wasn’t able to share the news that he is homosexual with his family. Amber did that for him. He apologizes to his mother and sister for the fact that they found out via Amber and social media, and he hates the family drama that came with his announcement. He cries about disappointing them, but his mom assures him that his family is proud of his bravery. He is still the king of their castle. It’s exactly what he needs to hear before introducing Milan. On cue, the doorbell rings. Despite their openness to Miles’ confession, his family isn’t as welcoming to Milan as one would hope. Milan is extremely nervous, and his sister and mother are peeved to learn that Miles has yet to meet Milan’s family. Miles’ mother wants to know if Milan has plans for his future besides stripping. While Milan admits to some salacious modeling shoots, he’s not a stripper. Miles’ mom wants to know if Milan has any morals, and Milan understands Miles’ family’s concerns. Milan admits that his mother has disowned him, and Miles’ sister thinks it’s probably because he’s taking nudie pictures. Milan continues, saying that his mom doesn’t know about his sexy photos…she washed her hands of her son because he was gay. Miles’ sister is adamant (she’s yelling it as loud as she can!) that Miles’ family wants the best for Miles, and if that’s Milan, their arms are wide open. Miles takes the opportunity to stop his sister’s pride rage to invite the crew into a group hug.

After his chat with Nikki, Rich is livid at the realization that he’s done so much for Moniece only to learn that she’s professed her love to Fizz. Talking to Moniece, a teary Rich recalls how much he’s changed for her and their relationship, and he says he wishes he’d stayed the same player he’s been throughout the franchise. Rich reveals that Nikki told him about Moneice’s confession of love for Fizz. He thinks that Moniece used him to get closure, and he storms out on her, but not before tossing the engagement ring for which she’s been angling in her face. Moneice is devastated, and she believes that Nikki certainly has a death wish. Across town, Milan is back in the studio. He needs to make more music and less sexy Instagram posts. He’s happy to finally be accepted by Miles‘ family, but he’s a bit unnerved by the double standard presented by Miles’ mom and sister. It’s okay for a woman to show her bum on social media, but it’s not fair for him? Milan then meets with a friend to recount his own coming out story. He recognizes how different it is from Miles’ own journey. Milan lives his own truth, and he never wants to stray from that path. It’s helped him focus his energy and emotion into his music. 

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On the road, Omarion is constantly excited by his tour…what an experience it’s been! However, Apryl can’t share in his joy because she feels like she’s missing out on her moment. Omarion doesn’t get why Apryl can’t see that he’s going to help her get back to where she feels she needs to be career-wise. He questions her timeline with her music career, and she responds that she hopes to be back at the top of her game in five years. Five years? Omarion believes that Apryl is giving herself too much time. Why not now? He stops his tour bus and surprises Apryl with some studio time so she can start making her music sooner rather than later. Apryl is over the moon, and Omarion reminds her that if he says he’s going to be supportive, he’s going to go above and beyond to do it. 

It’s the evening of Fizz’s Lotion video launch. Not only is it his newest video, it’s a great cross-promotion. Moniece is on-hand to confront Nikki for ruining her engagement to Rich. She approaches Nikki to ask why she feels privy to her private conversations with Rich, and further, why Nikki felt the need to share that chat with Rich. Before Moniece can throw the first drink (or punch or bitch slap), Brandi intervenes. No one talks smack to her friend! Brandi goes after Nikki, and when Brandi gets sidelined, Moniece launches herself at a screaming Nikki. I am ninety-nine percent sure her pants get caught as she’s jumping over the banquet. It may be the only thing that saves Nikki from a total psycho beatdown. Fizz is appalled at Moniece’s behavior during his event. If nothing else, it’s a much needed reminder as to why they don’t work as a couple. 

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This franchise needs to learn the importance of an easy segue. It’s the season finale, so after the club brawl, viewers are treated to Teairra Mari (who has been absent the entire episode) opining about her growth this season. Fizz is thrilled to be slaying lotion and fatherhood. Moniece is upset about losing Rich, but she hasn’t lost sight of what is important…her son music…oh, and her son. Brandi and Max are also focused on music and family, while Miles and Milan are facing the world as an example of living their truth. Amber is also hoping that her music career gets back on track. I am excited to learn that Amber has more of a story line than just being the girl who was once in love with Miles. Speaking of love, Princess just can’t quit Ray, and he’s grateful for that. The finale ends with Ray popping the question…ten bucks it’s with the ring that Rich tossed at Moniece a few commercial breaks ago! As for Soulja Boy, Nia, and Hazel? I guess we’ll have to wait for the reunion…if they’re invited! 


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