Report: Porsha Williams In ANOTHER Real Housewives Of Atlanta Brawl!

RHOA season 8 still filming according to Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams better abandon her career as a Real Housewives Of Atlanta and give ultimate fighting a try! The girl was reportedly in another brawl while filming! 

Including the fight that will happen with Cynthia Bailey on tonight’s episode, this weekend’s altercation between Porsha will be the THIRD  fisticuffs starring Porsha, who probably should change her name to Puncha. Or P-Hulk!

In the latest incident witnesses say that during a holiday party filmed for Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Porsha “attacked” her friend Jamie Ziegler because of the man Jami brought with her! 

In the above photo, Porsha confirmed RHOA was still filming. “#NoDaysOff Lights camera action 😉 #Rhoa”


Aside from the question of WHY Real Housewives Of Atlanta is still filming, no one seems to know what set Porsha off about sighting Jami and the unidentified mystery man she showed up with, but allegedly Jami knew Porsha had issues with said man, but brought him anyway – on purpose!

Does Mystery Man’s name rhyme with Zuke Zilliams? Or perhaps Toredell Skewart? Was he possibly a certain former Married African Sugar Daddy in the business of repossessing previously gifted Rolls Royces? But seriously – why are there so many secret, unnamed men causing problems on RHOA? 

Back to the brawl. At first Porsha tried to be diplomatic by getting Jami and her male accomplice ejected from the party. 

TMZ reports that Jami finally left, but Porsha followed her outside and shoved her to the ground. Presumably because Jami belongs on the curb like trash (Remember that first infamous fight between Porsha and Kenya Moore?).

Once Jami was on the ground both ladies started “punching and pulling hair.” 

The specific drama can be chalked up as “bad blood” between Porsha and Jami’s man – whatever that implies! Jami is a PR rep and image consultant, who apparently worked with Porsha in some capacity until very recently. Perhaps that was the cause of the drama?

Porsha Williams brawls with Jami ZieglerHere’s a photo of Porsha and Jami together in happier times (AKA last month). [Credit: Instagram]

Sources say the fight was broken up quickly – so quickly the cops weren’t called – and there were no injuries. Oh – but the worst part: although Real Housewives Of Atlanta cameras were rolling, they didn’t get outside fast enough to capture the fight! 

Luckily for us we’ll get to whet our whistles with footage of Porsha fighting with Cynthia on tonight’s episode! The ladies get into on a boat, then Kim Fields steps up to the plate as the mediator after Kenya tries and fails to give Porsha advice on behaving with dignity. 

Uh – has Porsha thought about Anger Management? Mood Altering Drugs? 

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[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]