The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore Plans to Undergo IVF

Kenya MooreThe Real Housewives of Atlanta’s resident pot-stirrer Kenya Moore is not letting her age or marital status stop her from keeping her eyes on the prize, a bouncing baby boy or girl. Kenya recently revealed her plans to undergo invitro fertilization in her quest to join the ranks of mommyhood.

The 44-year-old former beauty queen first made her surprising announcement last year on her highly rated reality show. On one of the episodes, Kenya had a few friends and family members over for dinner when she heralded, that she might need a larger home for herself.   Baffled loved ones were then given the news that Kenya planned on expanding her household to include a child. “I’m going to have a child. I have an appointment to see a fertility specialist,” the dramatic diva coyly stated. Instead of being met with ecstatic enthusiasm, Kenya was faced with varying degrees of skepticism on as to whether or not, she can actually fit the unending demands of motherhood with her full schedule. One friend retorts: ‘You’re a busy person. Having a child takes time and patience. Do you have that?’ Kenya’s Aunt Lorie, who helped raise her, then lays down a boom by posing the question, “Why do you feel that you want to have children so badly?” Kenya then forlornly responds, ‘I’m so tired of not having my own family.”


During a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Kenya admitted to pretty much having her baby plans all set in stone, “I actually have an appointment set up for early next year. It’s IVF.”  The raven-haired reality show villainess even went on to discuss with the magazine, the fertility process that lies before her stating, “It gets a little complicated, but when a woman ovulates, a certain day you have to come in to get tested to show how many follicles that you are making that ends up being eggs, the eggs that you have to retrieve and grow,” she said. “So it pretty much coincides with your cycle.”

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As tongues begin to wag about Kenya’s dreams of rocking her own babe in arms, who will the babydaddy be? Kenya did reportedly confirm that she has a sperm donor but remains mum about naming a specific romantic dalliance. “ I’ve been dating multiple people,” she admitted. “But I would have to say that there definitely is someone on the show that I didn’t expect to gain so much attention from me and me to kind of fall for — It’s a really pleasant surprise.”


(Photo credit:  Bravo)