Apollo Nida Blasts RHOA’s Peter Thomas From Prison, Labels Him A ‘Fake Friend’

Apollo-PeterLooks like Real Housewives of Atlanta, once-upon-a-time bro-besties, Apollo Nida (pictured left) and Peter Thomas (pictured right) are at odds with each other. Apollo, who is currently behind bars serving an eight-year prison term on fraud charges, took to social media to bellyache about how he feels abandoned by his road dawg, Peter.

Nida didn’t mince words when he went on Instagram to let ‘er rip about his feelings towards Peter. “CRAZY WORLD RIGHT!! I GUESS IT’s TRUE THAT IN TIME ONE WILL SEE WHOM THEIR FAKE FRIENDS REALLY ARE!!” Peter apparently saw the rant and wasted no time in responding to the man, whom he still considered to be a friend stating, “Wow!! Fake friend, never that, my number hasn’t change. Still holding it down for everyone I love, including you my brother @apollonida03.”

Apparently, Apollo still has folks in his corner, who are handling his publicity and they stepped in on the social media site to shed some light on their client’s posting. “Over all Apollo said he respects Peter’s drive & business sense, but over all Apollo states he is just a little hurt because it’s been well over a year and he hasn’t heard from Peter Thomas and Apollo thought they were boys and Peter had his back and would stay down. #nolovelost! Apollo just showing his emotional side, as a friend should. Apollo said the relationship was never fake on his part so what’s the issue with allowing everyone to know how he feels. Apollo says his and Peter Thomas’s friendship started with you all watching, so Apollo doesn’t mind letting you all know how he feels. NOW GO AND SUPPORT SPORTS ONE BAR & LOUNGE.

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Apollo and Peter were tight buds and spent time together especially before the famed lock-up. The duo used to turn-up at especially strip clubs that appeared to be a favorite pastime they shared.  Apollo even admitted during an RHOA episode that he made it rain to the tune of $8,000 at an Atlanta venue and said so, without demonstrating an inkling of regret.  And Peter’s affinity for watching the club girls drop it like it’s hot is certainly no secret to his wife, Cynthia Bailey.

Anywho, hopefully, Peter will pay his buddy behind bars a visit soon and mend any hard feelings.


(Photo credit: Instagram)