Report: Martha Stewart Insults Luann de Lesseps And Calls RHONY “Lowbrow”

Luann vs Martha

Well, well – Martha Stewart is giving no f–ks for Christmas. The domestic diva recently got into a tiff with Luann de Lesseps. Maybe Bethenny Frankel is right – Martha should join Real Housewives Of New York

Martha and Luann were socializing at a party thrown by Qatari Ambassador to the US Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari, who was engaged in a lovely chat with Luann, and even invited the ex-Countess to visit his country. Next season’s cast trip?


The ambassador is obviously a Bravo fan and admitted to being aware that Luann was on TV. “He said he knew that she was on a TV show and that he would love to be on it, and Stewart leaned in and whispered, ‘You don’t want to do that. It’s lowbrow, very B-list,’ ” a witness reveals. Money can’t buy you class!

Luann reportedly did not flinch from Martha’s rude comment. Instead Page Six says The Countess retorted, “Martha, I can hear you.” BWHAHA! Luann is quick with the one-liners, I’ll give her that! 

According to sources at the Baccarat Hotel, where the party was being held, Martha tried to pretend she had only been kidding with her comment, but Luann was not convinced and issued a little jab of her own by threatening to inform the ambassador about Martha’s stint in prison. “Should I tell him about your shady past?” Luann reportedly asked. 

The ambassador wasn’t aware that when he expressed an interest in Real Housewives Of New York he’d be getting a sampling right then and there. He put his diplomatic skills to good use by disentangling himself from the two women with an assurance of his interest in appearing on RHONY. A triumphant Luann could be overheard cheering “Aha!” before walking away. 

The following day while getting her hair done at the Paul Labrecque Salon Luann was heard recounting the exchange. Martha, to her credit, confirmed she and Luann had words but maintains it was all in jest and her comments were made with humor. 

Luann is currently writing a song about Martha’s infraction, while also sending Martha a couriered copy of “Money Can’t Buy You Class” on a Holiday-Edition iPod.  (we kid)


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