Sonja Morgan Takes a Breather From RHONY Drama

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Sonja Morgan reportedly took a powder to luxuriate at the Canyon Ranch Health Resort & Luxury Spa in Lenox, Mass. to escape the shade that was aimed at her from one pretty miffed castmate Bethenny Frankel. It seems Bethenny, who created her $100 million Skinnygirl low-calorie cocktail line will have some unwelcome competition from Sonja, who has her Tipsy Girl booze line practically ready to roll.

The caflama-filled situation involving the two women has now spilled over from real life to the small screen. It seems Bethenny has arranged a Mexico trip and the adventure will, of course, be fodder for the Bravo reality series. However, Sonja is reportedly fretting that her invite for the trip will mysteriously get lost in the mail. And the invite just might never reach Sonja’s hands.

It was also reported, Bethenny’s company had already taken steps to put the brakes on Sonja’s liquor venture by applying for the trademark “Tipsygirl” (one word), according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sonja’s partner however, Peter Guimaraes was quicker on the draw and had already registered to trademark “Tipsy Girl” months earlier.

Anywho, while relaxing at the famed spa, Sonja de-stressed by taking advantage of many of the facility’s amenities states the news outlet. She even speed dialed her psychic Thomas John so that he could bring a few things into focus for her. The kicker however is that Sonja, who has made her affinity for wine, no secret, remained booze-free throughout her stay at the spa because the establishment does not serve spirits.

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The shade is real and the thirst is even more real! 


(Photo credit:  Bravo)