Woman Who Swindled Terry and Heather Dubrow Says They Ruined Her Christmas!

Heather Dubrow's World podcast

Terry and Heather Dubrow are still hot on the case of tracking down the woman who helped to swindle them out of nearly two million dollarsThe Real Housewives of Orange County stars are taking steps to make sure that nobody else is a victim of the three involved in scamming them.

Heather shared an update on the situation on her podcast today and even shares that Jennifer Lindsay Bell (who is reportedly hiding out in London) emailed them recently to let them know they RUINED HER CHRISTMAS by putting her information out there on the internet!  Can you say balls of steel? 


Heather starts off, “If you remember, we have three players.  We have Gary Hoffman of Hoffman & Nardonne who pretended to be an accountant and is just a tax preparer and personally guaranteed the loan we made and had no money to back it up.  He has admitted to negligence, so we’re dealing with his insurance company but we’re not first in line, because he’s frauded so many people, so I’m doubtful that we’re going to see any money back.  I’m hoping but at this point we don’t know.”  

She shares that despite all of their evidence to prove otherwise, the attorney involved in the scam is denying everything.  “Steve Czick the attorney who also personally guaranteed our loan is denying, publicly, any involvement. He is such a liar.”  Heather says they have “everything” as far as records. “I have his signature, we have the records. Terry put a thing on Rip-off Report and the attorney put a comment, ‘this is not true. I had no involvement in this’.  It’s a lie. He personally guaranteed the loan, he defaulted and he lied and he’s not paying us back.  And the court has sanctioned him in our lawsuit against him. In my opinion, I think he’s gonna lose his license from the bar. And honestly, I think he deserves it.”  

Heather says they’re spending a ton in legal fees, but it’s worth it.  “This is costing us so much money to fight these people and I know it sounds like throwing good money after bad money, but I don’t want this to happen to anyone again.  And they deserve to be punished.”

On the woman at the heart of the scam, “As far as Jennifer Lindsay Bell goes, we know she’s in London. She sent us an email saying how we ruined her Christmas. We ruined her Christmas because of our posts and that she’s on the internet now.”  Heather then warns parents to turn the radio down if there are kids in the car or where they are listening so she can get candid/swear.  “Guess what Jennifer, I don’t give a SHIT if I ruined your Christmas.  Pay us back.”  

Heather ends her update with, “There is a good place down under for her – and not Australia. ”

Heather and Terry had previously put out a $25,000 reward for anyone who helps them track Jennifer down since she split for the UK.  Hopefully someone finds her soon. 


Jennifer Lindsey Bell scammed Heather and Terry Dubrow!

Photo Credit: Instagram