Did Love & Hip-Hop’s Joseline Hernandez Bleach $65K Worth of Husband’s Stevie J’s Belongings?









Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s fiery pair Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. are at it yet again.  Stevie J. has aired his dirty laundry so to speak for all to see but bleach is actually the culprit.  And at whose hands?  The award-winning music dynamo videoed an extensive array of clothing, shoes and other belongings that had been damaged by bleach.  It seems Stevie J. is pointing the finger of blame at his ‘wife’ Joseline whose perhaps out-of-control jealousy made her go bonkers with a bleach container.  Joseline however is denying, she had anything to do with the damages because she “loves” her ‘husband.’

Stevie J. told the celeb news outlet, he had been working diligently in the studio with R&B songstress Faith Evans and alluded to the fact that Joseline might have been jealous.  When the former Bad Boys Records “hitman” arrived home, he was thrown for a loop when he discovered, his clothing and furnishings had been trashed and bleached and the suspect who immediately came to mind was Joseline.  Among those ruined items:  a vintage $10,000 Bad Boy jacket that was gifted to him by mega music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, $40,000 worth of clothing, $15,000 worth of Versace china and thousands of dollars worth of sneakers/shoes.  In addition, Stevie J. claims his estranged missus also destroyed several of his children’s Christmas gifts.

The hot-headed self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess,” told TMZ that she had nothing to do with the bleaching incident and that her hands were clean, so to speak.  When asked about the destruction of Stevie J’s property, Joseline calmly admitted, “I would never do that to my husband, I love him, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

Joseline’s and Stevie J.’s marriage has been questioned because they could not produce any legal documentation to substantiate their union but will they remain together, despite the bumps in their relationship?  Well for now, they’ll have to ‘make nice’ for the press rounds to promote their upcoming VH1 spinoff reality show, Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood which premieres January 25.  


(Photo credit:  VH1)