Karen Huger On Gizelle Bryant’s Reaction To Her Etiquette Gift: “She Performed Like A Peacock On Stage”

Karen Huger

With every Real Housewives franchise comes one (insufferable) housewife who appoints herself head bitch in charge. On Real Housewives of Potomac, that one is Karen Huger, who spent the premiere preaching about etiquette.

“I was taught as a child that proper etiquette would serve me well in life,” Karen says, “and it has. If I care about you and I feel your conduct is inappropriate, as a friend I will gently point you in the right direction.” (disguised as a gift)


Right out of the gate, we saw Karen bothered by Gizelle Bryant, who dared to sit at the center of the table at Karen’s birthday dinner.

Gizelle is a grown woman who knew better,” says Karen. “As she says, ‘she’s got a pedigree.’ Really? I don’t believe Gizelle is comfortable with anyone calling her out on her inappropriate shenanigans. I’m not judging… I’m pointing out the obvious.”

Karen says she didn’t speak up during dinner because she didn’t want to ruin the night out planned by Charrisse Jackson Jordan. Um, so then she caused a scene at Charrisse’s clam boil? How does that make sense?!?

“Charrisse had done such a wonderful job planning my surprise birthday party!” shares Karen. “I wasn’t about  to ruin it by calling Giz out then. She would have loved the drama that would have ensued. Not on my watch! I chose instead a remedial approach at a later date. Printing out the five rules of etiquette on how to conduct yourself when you are attending someone-else’s birthday party was extremely effective.”

Gizelle‘s reaction to my gift of etiquette rules was typical. She performed like a peacock on stage,” grumbles Karen. “I ended up walking away because school was out, lesson taught!”

Oh jeez! I can tell already that Karen is going to be exhausting!!


Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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