RHOA’s Kenya Moore Receives Two Puppies for Her Birthday

It seems reality series villainess, Kenya Moore, the co-star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta has quite a bit to smile about these days.  The dramatic diva just celebrated her 45th birthday recently and received two of the cutest little poochies on four paws, but who was the giver?  Well it seems, Ms. Moore is perhaps playing footsies these days with none other than her beefcake personal trainer on the reality series, Matt Jordan, alias “Mr. Muscles” and the proof is on Instagram pics!  “Mr. Muscles,” she reveals on her social media account is the thoughtful giver of the adorable doggies.

Matt, who has appeared on the reality show a couple of times has been depicted as Kenya’s trainer and their scenes together were filmed at a the gym.   The pair have been shown working out but Kenya always seems to flip the script and her flirty side winds up taking over.  Sunday’s episode finally took the Matt out of the gym and onto Kenya’s manse-in-the-making site.  She asked the strapping body builder to help work at the site of her home and he showed up in all of his muscular glory, showing off his taunt bod and tattoos in a tight vest.  While at the site, Kenya, who seemingly does not have a problem when it comes to biting her tongue, actually brought up the subject of marriage and children to Matt.  Instead of hightailing it for the hills when Kenya broached the oftentimes taboo topic, Matt found the convo intriguing, he didn’t even seem to blink an eye, or take a few steps back.  


Kenya 1

Fast-forward to present day, Kenya and Matt seemed to have found their happy place together, as they now appear to be an item.  According to Matt’s Instagram account, he and Kenya took a trip recently to the Dominican Republic. She also thanks Matt for her new puppies, King and Twirl, both of whom she claims already love her to pieces.  The latest additions to Kenya’s family resemble her dog, Velvet, whom she lost tragically two years ago.

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Now with the additions of a boyfriend and two pups, Kenya, who always seems to endlessly be looking for love has perhaps found what she’s been searching for.


(Photo credits:  Instagram)