Kenya Moore Still Mourns The Loss Of Velvet, Calls Out Hypocrites Who Make Excuses For Porsha Williams

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Apollo Nida‘s legal issues were the main focus of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season premiere, but we did get to see little bits of what the other cast members have been up to since the reunion. Cynthia Bailey, who’s on the hunt for a new best friend, followed the scent of loneliness and ended up on Kenya Moore‘s doorstep.

I imagined Cynthia saying to herself, ‘I shall call her Krazy, and she shall be mine, and she shall be my Krazy.’ HaHa. Don’t get me wrong, though, Kenya‘s crazy is the only reason I watch RHOA. Kenya took to her blog to share her thoughts on the season premiere. Including titles: RIP Baby Velvet, Detroit vs. Everybody Else, Ignorance is not a Handicap, Promise to Detroit Children, and Love Me or Hate Me. So dramatic. So Kenya. Here we go.


RIP BABY VELVET: Kenya shared that November 10 was the anniversary of Velvet‘s death. “I still think of her every day and have not been able to watch any episodes to that point. It was a very difficult time for me. I’m a strong person and have dealt with unspeakable things in my life. But I have never lost anything so close to me. Yes, she was a pet, but she was my baby, she was my family. I still mourn her loss and appreciate all of the kind condolences I received.” Kenya posted the picture above on Instagram.

DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY ELSE: Kenya is Detroit. She pointed out that her co-stars have ganged up on her since day one. Most recently she clashed (understatement) with Porsha Williams. Kenya’s disgusted by everyone who cheered on and/or made excuses for Porsha when she attacked Kenya. Porsha declaring she’ll never apologize? “Disheartening,” said Kenya.

“Watching the premiere episode reminded me of how tough I have had to be. For the last two seasons I’ve felt that it has been me against everybody else. I have taken on every single Housewife (and their husbands in some cases) all at one time. Regardless of how anyone feels about me, there is a hard line between right and wrong. One should never condone violence and a physical attack should never be a response to a verbal one. Hearing anyone say that they will never apologize for a criminal act is disheartening. Even if one felt justified or provoked, it comes down to a choice to walk a way or to succumb to anger and attack.”

Kenya added, “The reunion is contemptuous and many of us become gadflies, myself included. I’ve never played a victim and I give better than I get. With that said, I will continue to take my cues from Martin Luther King and Hosea Williams, the late grandfather of Porsha Williams, who at times protested with him. All who were often times spat on, kicked, beaten, hosed, and tormented, yet, they vowed to never to resort to violence nor raised a hand to others.”

IGNORANCE IS NOT A HANDICAP: Kenya called out Kandi Burruss for making excuses for Porsha and made it be known that she thinks all the “I don’t condone violence, but…” apologists are hypocrites.

“In as much as I respect and like Kandi, ignorance is not a handicap. I am from Detroit and often fashion myself to be a Detroit Barbie. I am crafty with my hands and am a trained fighter who can defend myself. With that said, being from the hood does not mean you have to be ghetto and ignorant. It’s hypocritical to say you do not condone violence, BUT… There simply is no BUT. Let’s not send the message to all the little girls and young women to think it’s cool to be ratchet or take violent actions that land them in jail.”

A PROMISE TO DETROIT CHILDREN: Kenya reminded us about the $20,000 challenge issued by NeNe Leakes at the reunion.

NeNe promised to make a $20,000 charitable donation to the charity of my choice ‘when I wrote the check.’ I chose the Detroit Public Schools Foundation because education leads to success. Detroit is bankrupt and the inequities that befall poor students should not exist.”

Kenya continued, “One significant way to instill confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and your future is through a solid educational foundation. I was poor but attended the best magnet schools in Detroit because I was smart. The city of Detroit is bankrupt, therefore, the schools are not being properly funded.

“Despite our differences, NeNe made a promise to donate $20,000 if I made my donation. Certified funds from my personal bank account were donated to honor this great cause and the DPSF has received my $20,000. I beg NeNe to be a woman of her word and send her donation.” Yes… the Detroit Public Schools Foundation has confirmed Kenya‘s donation. No… self-proclaimed rich bitch NeNe has not fulfilled her promise, and she does not plan to.

LOVE ME OR HATE ME: Kenya repeated that she believes season seven is her season of redemption. “Whether you love me or love to hate me, love is the operable word. Life is about evolution. My heart is open to forgiveness, new friendships, compassion, and evolution. Are you?”


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