Real Housewives of Potomac

Gizelle Bryant Compares Her Lunch With Karen Huger And Charrisse Jackson Jordan To A Bad Horror Movie From 1984

In just two episodes (ever) of Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant has managed to offend Charrisse Jackson Jordan, make an enemy out of Karen Huger (no big loss though), and insult Ashley Darby. It’s way too early to tell if Gizelle‘s going to be fun or exhausting, but one thing is for sure, she’s bringing the drama.

In her blog, Gizelle admitted her sit-down with Charrisse didn’t go as she had expected. “I was really looking forward to cracking, sucking, and eating the crabs I cooked at Charrisse‘s house,” she said. “I cooked them with my secret spice ingredients and even heated up a special dipping sauce. Sitting down with Charrisse I thought was going to be an easy breezy conversation. We were going to talk about the loud noises that I may have caused and up-to-date hair and makeup tips. But NOPE… it turned quick fast and in a hurry into something else. I still don’t know why she was sooooo mad.”


“With her tone and disposition towards me,” added Gizelle, “you would think I slapped her Momma, cursed her kids, or stole her favorite Gucci bag that she always, I mean ALWAYS wears. Since I did none of those things and never would I’m still baffled and confused. There has got to be more to her madness.”

Gizelle turned her attention to Ashley, who she unfairly (in my opinion) judged before she even got to know her, next. “Ashley, Ashley, my little Miss Ashley… honey, that night she was a rambling, hyperactive, boiling hot mess,” shared Gizelle. “Her and her big bushy afro went from talking nonsense about nothing to humping and grinding anything walking.”

About calling Ashley a THOT, Gizelle said, “It wasn’t a secret. Everyone from the bartender to the girl passing out appetizers saw her THOT-ish behavior. I just wanted Ashley to stop talking and stop moving for at least five consecutive seconds. I was getting dizzy just looking at her.

Moving on her lunch with Karen and Charrisse, Gizelle snarked, “Watching Karen and Charrisse walk into the restaurant for lunch was like looking at a bad horror movie from 1984… Tales from the Crypts of Potomac.”

About the negative nellies, Gizelle shared, “When they were expressing their disdain, disgust, and hatred of sweet, innocent Gizelle, it made me feel a little sorry for them. In 2016 who stays mad more than seven minutes, who has time to have their face scrunched up, that causes wrinkles. Who doesn’t know how to take a deep breath and blow out the negativity. They were acting as if as kids, I stole their lunch money, or I did not let them sit at the cool table, or they couldn’t buy a date to the senior prom.”

Gizelle added, “Positivity sometimes is hard to find, like a good book to read or your hair line or edges. My recommendation for these ladies are two things that I love to do… take a yoga class and a tall dark stiff… drink <emoji face with the tongue out and a wink>.”


Photo Credit: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images