Miss Minnie Baby

There is baby and boyfriend drama everywhere on Little Women: Atlanta. And things are getting Juicy baby! (Pun intended). 

Last week Emily Fernandez discovered she was pregnant, but when she told her boyfriend Lontel he bailed. Didn’t Emily say they were TRYING to get pregnant?! Or maybe she was but Lontel had no idea! Because Lontel was like, pregnancy? Huh? How does this work?! Peace out! 

Emily is upset by Lontel’s reaction, but she’s been wanting a baby. Yet, her daughter Eva lives in PA with Emily’s father because Emily is too busy working. So how exactly is adding a new baby to the situation gonna work? 


Emily tells Bri Barlup and her boyfriend Woolen or Wooden or Woofie – frankly I can’t remember – the news. Bri is completely unsurprised Lontel bailed. She’s disappointed Emily got knocked up, knowing how Lontel is. Bri’s boyfriend says Emily brought it on herself, which is advice Emily does not want to hear! 

Bri supports her other cheek and business partner by accompanying Emily to the OBGYN. Emily hopes the baby will be a little person because little people babies are way cuter, plus she will understand what her child is going through, although she doesn’t want her child to face the health problems little people deal with. Lontel has no opinion, because Lontel is not there. Emily also decides this baby is making her fat and throws out all the food in her pantry. Emily makes great decisions. 

Monie Cashette is madly in love with her boyfriend Morlin so long as he goes along with whatever she says. Monie basically wants to have all Morlin’s cake and eat hers too (“cake” being a euphemism for money). Monie is unhappy at her job as a customer service rep and desperately wants to follow her passion as a voice over artist, but she has to support her son. 

She confides in her best friend Minnie Ross. Minnie suggests Monie work at her salon as an assistant so she has more time to dedicate to her passion. Basically Monie will be cleaning up, making appointments, washing towels, shampooing, and sweeping hair. It only pays minimum wage but since Monie decided Morlin will be paying all the bills she’s OK with that. 

Then Monie goes and quits her job. She tells Morlin after the fact, at the grocery store, that he’s now responsible for taking care of her bills too. Surprise! “You left an office job to do custodial work?!” asks a shocked Morlin when he learns about the salon job.

Monie shrugs and orders a smoothie which she decides MORLIN will be paying for, naturally.  In the middle of arguing with Morlin, Monie yells out her smoothie order, then goes right back to their argument. Everyone in the store looks on, shocked. Morlin is furious – rightfully – that Monie made such a big decision without consulting him. Monie apparently misunderstood Morlin “supporting” Monie’s career dreams, with Morlin supporting Monie’s lifestyle. 

The next day Monie starts her job with Minnie and complains about having to do “custodial work” – sweeping! As if. Monie doesn’t want to be ordered around by Minnie. Maybe she should have thought of that before quitting her job? I don’t know why she can’t pursue voice over work AND work a normal, well-paying job, but I’m reaching the conclusion that Monie believes, “What Monie wants is what goes.” And what Monie wants is Morlin’s money. 

Since Morlin doesn’t think it’s financially feasible for him to cover his bills plus Monie’s, he proposes that they move in together. This is not acceptable to Monie – she wants Morlin to leave his checkbook at her house, but everything else, including himself, at his own place. Morlin, I have a suggestion: Move on to another woman! Eventually Monie realizes if she wants Morlin to pay the cable bill, she’ll have to let him live there. 

Minnie is also having relationship issues. After Juicy told Emily and Bri that Minnie was faking her relationship to Pastor Troy, Minnie suddenly starts complaining that Pastor Troy isn’t returning her texts and is distant. She announces that she’s decided to end things with him.

Amanda and Andrea Salinas moved to Atlanta to make a name for themselves, but unfortunately their deadbeat boyfriends moved with them and the twins are the breadwinners. So except for Morlin, all the guys on this show are losers? 

Minnie loves the twins and decided to adopt them as her own personal pet projects. First order of business – the twins must have a housewarming party. Amber and Andrea don’t know what that is – they stare blankly at Minnie like, does that mean we turn the heat up real high? Something is off about these two.

Minnie wonders if they’ll be able to invite Bri and Emily after the disaster of spa day. Amanda and Andrea are like maaaaaaybe Bri, but no Emily. Minnie reminds them it’s their house so they can kick Emily out whenever. Drunk with power the twins agree, Emily can come. 

Minnie and Bri go wine shopping to get a housewarming present for the twins. Minnie complains that Juicy is a pathological liar for saying her relationship with Troy was a fraud. Then Minnie reveals that she and Troy are over. Things aren’t adding up for Bri… she starts wondering about Minnie’s timing. Like maybe Juicy is right and Minnie made the whole relationship up? What if there is no Pastor Tory?! What if Pastor Troy is really a magician like Lontel and that’s why they’re both pulling disappearing acts. 

Bri tells Emily what Minnie said. Emily is dubious, but she has her own asshole to deal with. Plus her dad is visiting and he brought Eva with him. Emily’s father is extremely reluctant to believe Lontel is ready for fatherhood and seems very frustrated by Emily’s decision to get pregnant. “You know I’ve been wanting a baby for a long time,” she whines. Yes, you have one – her name is EVA. She does not live with you. Plus, Emily is only 24 – what’s the rush?!

On the day of the twins Housewarming party Emily shows up with a recalcitrant attitude, wearing a skintight dress that does little to hide her baby bump, and enough jungle juice for a frat house. Everyone is suspicious because she’s not drinking – they don’t notice the obvious bump?!

Minnie distracts the group by asking if Emily and Bri are going to continue their friendship with Juicy. Minnie won’t be socializing if Juicy is around, but Emily and Bri have to be nice to Juicy for business. “It’s not really a big deal,” shrugs Emily. “If I talk to her, I talk to her.” Minnie doesn’t believe it’s strictly business, nor is she going to forgive Juicy for spreading rumors. 

After a quick consultation with Bri, Emily decides she has to come clean that she’s expecting. “You guys think I’m such a bitch, but it’s probably because I’m pregnant,” Emily announces. Ergo spa day disaster never happened! Pregnancy absolves everyone of all their bitchiness. The twins are quick to correct that Emily has always been a bitch – pregnant or not! All the ladies seem genuinely happy. Minnie, weirdly, wonders, “So, is Lontel the dad?” Emily smiles big and wide, answering, “Yes. 100%” That’s probably not something to be proud of since he’s currently an absentee father! 

Minnie realizes she can’t be mad at Emily and Bri for their relationship with Juicy after the baby news, but she’s still hurt by both Juicy’s betrayal and Pastor Troy‘s rejection. Minnie doesn’t understand why he just suddenly lost interest, nor does she understand why Juicy was spreading lies.

Still, Minnie insists that she broke up with Troy over his lack of respect. Minnie confides her feelings to Monie, who encourages her to confront Juicy and not to wallow in Troy’s drama. “You need to face that bitch! If she don’t stop – people are gonna start believing,” counsels Monie, who demands Minnie figure out WHY Juicy is spreading lies. 

“At first I was upset about it, because this was a person that was my friend, but now I’m pissed!” agrees Minnie. “I have to stop her before she talks to anyone else about me. I want to keep my reputation. I’m ready to get answers.” Hmmm… is Minnie hiding something or is Juicy lying?

Monie drives Minnie to meet Juicy and waits outside promising ‘gangsta support’. 

Juicy Vs. Minnie on Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie immediately confronts Juicy about the gossip she’s been hearing from ‘The Cheeks’. Juicy erupts that Minnie used her for social connections then dropped her and never called, tried to steal her identity because she wanted to be Miss Juicy baby, and even stole Juicy’s tagline by renaming herself “Miss Minnie baby.” Does Juicy have a trademark on that phrasing?  Juicy also claims Minne wasn’t dating Pastor Troy, she was stalking him, by showing up everywhere he was. Minnie insists she was invited. Minnie also laughs off accusations that she was trying to be Juicy – since Juicy looks like someone’s grandmother – then tells Juicy to kiss her ass, and storms out. 

Outside Minnie’s chauffeur, Monie, is waiting to take her out for a post-argument drink. Is Driving Miss Minnie Baby part of Monie’s assistant job? Does she get paid extra or was this just a friendship gig? Minnie is shaking with rage, but relieved she stayed classy and didn’t stoop to Juicy’s level.

Inside Juicy orders a double to deal with her “Miss […] baby” doppelgangers betrayal. Something tells me Juicy is jealous that Minnie wound up on a TV show after exploiting Juicy’s lucrative social connections. Or I could be wrong! 


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