Little Women Atlanta Star Ms. Juicy Dishes On Her Rivalry With Minnie Ross, Dating, & Being Deemed “Star” Of The Show

Even though Ms. Juicy wasn’t originally a full-time cast member on Little Women: Atlanta, that mistake was corrected and she got full-time status during the show’s second season. She definitely has the biggest personality on that show and she knows how to get a story line going.

Just ask Minnie Ross, Juicy’s “rival”, frienemy, and frequent imitator. Ms. Juicy works for Ricky Smiley, so Minnie went to him for career advice. Juicy has “Ms.” in front of her name, so Minnie decided to go by “Ms. Minnie.” The similarities are endless and the timeline is blatantly clear. It is obvious who is the leader and who is the follower in this scenario.

Ms. Juicy dished on the Minnie “rivalry” during an interview for the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast. Ms. Juicy admitted, “Well, we have a love/hate relationship.” That’s for sure. Minnie loves doing everything that Ms. Juicy does and this is after Ms. Juicy exposed her for faking a pregnancy.

Minnie started going by Ms. Minnie and Ms. Juicy admitted, “When I heard that, I thought that was just absurd. Let me help you, saying in other words ‘If Juicy can do it, I can too.’ Don’t try to do what I do, but you can create yourself and make it better. Be your own self. That’s what I want someone to do. I don’t someone to copy me, but develop themselves and make themselves better.” Those are all very valid points, but Minnie’s constant copycat behavior makes for some hilarious television.

When Danny Pellegrino described Ms. Juicy as the “star,” she responded with, “I don’t ever like to say that I’m the star… I like to let everyone else say it. I say that we all are stars. I am the queen of Atlanta, though. I don’t want to take anything away from the other girls.”

Ms. Juicy was asked if she was single and if she would ever consider dating on the show, she said, “On the show, I am single.” So does that mean she is single outside of the show?

In tangent, it felt like Ms. Juicy interpreted the word “dating” as letting someone on the show set her up with a guy. She shared, “I think they don’t know what kind of person to set me up with. I have high standards. I can’t just date anyone. To have someone set me up, they really have to know me and what I’m about. I’m not about to date just anybody because that’s not my cup of tea.”

Ms. Juicy really does steal the show, so it’s not surprising that she’s been the subject of many memes. She’s taking it all in stride though. She admitted, “When I look and see all those memes, I say ‘Oh my god.'” She added, “And I’ve loved every last one of them. It is amazing.”

She also teased the rest of the Little Women: Atlanta season, saying, “Oh my goodness. We have a lot, a lot, things happening. We’re rebuilding relationships and rekindling old relationships and things. You’ve got to keep watching.” She added, “You already know, I’m gonna have some surprises for you.”

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