Big Ang with granddaughter

Big Ang Is Staying Positive In Cancer Battle; Not Giving Up The Fight!

Big Ang recently received the devastating news that her cancer had returned, spreading to her lungs and brain. The Mob Wives star has experienced little relief by treating her stage 4 diagnosis with chemo and has turned to alternative medicines. However, Ang is remaining positive despite it all. 

Ang hasn’t lost hope or optimism. “You would never know that she is in the fight of her life,” Ang’s former co-star Alicia DiMichele reveals. 


Ang is truly a beautiful person and is what I like to call ‘Soul Rich,'” Alicia gushed to People. “I had the pleasure of spending time with Ang a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed by her. She lights up the room making everyone in it feel special.”

“She is a wonderful mother and friend to all. I simply adore her and am proud to call her my friend,” adds Alicia. “My boys and I are praying for her, she is BIG in our hearts.” 

After discovering throat cancer in March of last year, Ang had surgery to remove the tumor and believed she was in remission. Believing the cancer was behind her, Ang focused on repairing her marriage to Neil on Couples Therapy. Unfortunately in December a routine checkup revealed the cancer had returned, metastasizing in her lungs and brain. Ang remains determined to beat the disease for a second time and is receiving help and support from family, co-stars, and fans

[Photo Credit: Instagram]