Couples Therapy Recap: Who Wears The Pants In This Relationship?

Big Ang and Neil Couples Therapy

Last week on Couples Therapy, we watched as Joe returned to the house, and did his best to explain what happened, hoping that everyone would give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not a woman beater. Woman beater or not though, Joe and Kaylin’s problems were far from over. We were also shocked to watch as Carmen took over the “shut the hell up already award,” but that was all about to change.

This week, Dr. Jenn’s goal was to determine who wore the pants in the relationship, and guess what? And though we already know who does in each relationship, it was time for the couples to exchange the power. Needless to say, that did not go over well for some, but for others, it was a nice surprise! Get all the details after the jump.


So far this season on Couples Therapy, it’s been pretty obvious to me which couples are going to end up successful and which ones are most likely going to be doomed. Come on, tell me you all see the same thing? And tonight, the tables turned on some them as it was time to swap pants so to speak.

Scott Stapp Couples Therapy

The Dreaded Power Shift

In each one of the relationships, there is clearly one person who has all of the power. In most of them, it’s the woman, well, except for the case of Joe and Kaylin. During the group session, Dr. Jenn touched on this subject, and it hit home with many of the couples. Big Ang finally seemed to realize that if she would just treat Neil with the respect he deserves, he would treat her the way she deserves. Scott then admitted that he feels he has no power because he “checked out,” and he doesn’t feel entitled to it any longer. Jackie agreed, and in their one-on-one session, she revealed that she was going to take a huge leap of faith and give him one final shot to prove that he can be there for her and their kids.


Things then took a fun turn when Dr. Jenn brought in some kick ass, no nonsense chef who would oversee the couples doing a cooking experiment in which they had to shift the power to the other person, or in other words, all of the men (with the exception of Joe) had to play chef and dish out the orders. Kaylin seemed to enjoy dishing out the orders to Joe, but he seemed to treat it like a joke. Meanwhile, the women all did a great job listening to their men and doing exactly what they were told. Well, almost, that is.

Janice and Rocky Couples Therapy

Dude, Just Grow A Pair, Already!

Like I said, all of the women did a good job, almost. Can you guess who had a hard time taking orders? Yep, if you said Janice, you would be correct. Janice did good for a while, but then things quickly changed as she decided to walk out to go change her shirt. Oddly enough, she was snagged doing her makeup, and we we left thinking she just wanted a break, but no one else got a break. Rocky had to chase her down, and when he returned without her, as Dr. Jenn’s chef was not having it and made Rocky go back after her. When Janice returned, the chef was none to pleased with her, but she wasn’t about to deal with him, telling him that he better not yell at her. Talk about nerve, sheesh.

Happy Anniversary Big Ang and Neil

That’s right, this week was also Big Ang and Neil’s 6th wedding anniversary, and it could not have come during a better time. Ang has been making huge progress on how she treats Neil, and it has been so refreshing to watch. I mean, if you’ve been reading all season, then you know I love Big Ang, but her treatment of Neil has been pretty bad, so watching her change has been so nice. And not only has it been good for Neil, but it has paid off for Ang. On the morning of their anniversary, Neil surprised Ang with breakfast in bed, which stunned her.

Big Ang and Neil anniversary Couples Therapy

Later that night, Neil surprised Big Ang again with a beautiful restaurant balcony dinner, and a gift that Ang just loved. But Neil wasn’t the only one full of surprises. During their dinner, Ang pulled out a letter that she wrote to her husband, explaining how sorry she was for the way she treated him, and declaring how much she does love him. It was such a sweet moment that left both Neil and Ang in tears. Looks like these two may actually make it.

Time To Beat A Dead Horse, Again

Back to Kaylin and Joe for the umpteenth time (can you see my eyes rolling, ha). Kaylin decided to sit down with Joe and tell him, once again, how she feels. Kaylin said that she feels he doesn’t love her (I’m still trying to figure out if he really does – he is so hard to read), but Joe wasn’t quite understanding why she feels like that. A tearful Kaylin went on about her dad left her when she was young and she is afraid of Joe doing the same thing. But will they be able to work through their issues? I am not so sure these two should even be together, but I guess only time will tell.

Joe Couples Therapy


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