Mob Wives Recap: Loyalty? I’ll Drink To That!

Put a fork in Mob Wives…it’s done. Just don’t put a fork in Brittany Fogarty’s hand because she’s likely to gouge out Marissa’s eyes. That was one of the most comical wannabe smack downs in reality television history. Marissa in her stilettos and Victoria’s Secret get-up managed to get the only punch in on the farmer newbie. Farmer Brittany tried her best to get in a swing, scaling fences and wriggling out of the umpteen bouncers trying to contain her as she and not-so-prissy Marissy scream c-u-next-Tuesday insults that would make Ericka Jayne blush. Karen Gravano is disappointed. She had high hopes that the newbies could have a civil discussion. So Karen’s a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of person. That’s rich! Drita D’avanzo stays in Brittany’s corner like the little old guy who coached Rocky in the ring. Drita knows what it’s like to want to fight someone but be stopped by production assistants or, I don’t know, the police. Seriously, did you see this on TMZ? Girlfriend needs to take it down a notch.

Karen is peeved that Drita is encouraging Brittany. Brittany is peeved that Karen is being Switzerland in this altercation. The following day, Drita and Big Ang plan a big day of inspiration for Drita’s memoir. They are dining at a restaurant that was a mobsters’ strip club dream back in the day. Speaking of back in the day, don’t take a drink every time one of the women utters the phrase…alcohol poisoning doesn’t look fun. While Drita’s husband Lee isn’t keen on the idea of his wife penning a book, Ang believes he’ll come around and be proud of the finished product. Across town, Renee Graziano is thrilled to have son AJ and his girlfriend Andrea spending the night. Thankfully, Renee did a better decorating job the second time around, sans weed. Renee’s rules include AJ doing the laundry and no loud sex. AJ just needs snacks, Gatorade, and his mother not to make comments that make his girlfriend physically cringe.


Poor Ang is meeting with Marissa after the big brawl, and she’s feeling down after a string of medical tests. When Ang recaps the fight by saying that Marissa came at Brittany first, but Marissa is on the defensive. Brittany came looking for a fight, and Marissa can’t help it she’s more quicker (huh?) than her braided counterpart. Marissa reminds Ang that she needs to be friendlier to her and more leery of Brittany. Ang just wants everyone to get along, and she disagrees that Drita was stirring the pot. Marissa is spewing threats and tough girl talk, and I’ll be honest…I tuned out for a second. You can’t blame me, can you? 

mob wives karen

Brittany, Brittany’s mother Andrea, and Drita are lunching together to discuss the incident. Andrea wonders how her daughter allowed Marissa to make the first contact, but at least Brittany doesn’t look like she got hit. Further, Andrea is pissed that family friend Karen hasn’t reached out to her daughter. Where is the loyalty? WHERE IS IT??? Heck, VH1 picked the wrong Fogarty woman to be the newbie. Andrea is head and shoulders more frightening than Brittany. Poor casting choice, for sure. Meanwhile, Neil is taking Ang to yet another doctor’s appointment. Her doctor is concerned about a nodule on Ang’s lung, and it’s heartbreaking to watch knowing how much she’s struggling now. Ang refuses to have another surgery as Neil and her doctor try to argue some sense into her. Not surprisingly, Ang is terrified.

Carla Facciolo has managed to stay out of the fray on this episode. She’s busy unpacking in her new house when Karen stops by to whine about Drita’s connection to Brittany. Karen can’t believe that Brittany didn’t have enough respect for their friendship to have a normal conversation with Marissa. According to Karen, Brittany is starting to sound like Drita, and Drita did her best to rile up Brittany’s anger. While we’re on the topic of Drita, she’s having her weekly yelling match over the phone with Lee about her book. All she wants is for him to be happy for her. A sarcastic Lee is just ecstatic about his wife’s tell-all, but he’ll let it slide if she brings home some meatballs.

mob wives brittany 1

After talking to everyone but each other about respect and loyalty, Brittany is finally confronting Karen about her neutral stance in her beef with Marissa. Karen is trying to keep it classy, but she is tired of Brittany’s tantrum. As Brittany screeches, Karen remembers just how loyal she’s been to the newbie without getting any respect in return. The women are talking circles around each other, and Karen rattles off all her acts of loyalty since meeting Brittany. When Karen brings up Drita, Brittany tries to defend her new friend. Karen warns the newbie about Drita’s web of manipulation, and she hopes the pair can forget about the incident and go forward with a clean slate…only both women are still very wary. 

mob wives ang renee

On the heels of her frightening news, Ang is sharing her potential diagnosis with Karen and Renee. She doesn’t want to go through any more operations, but Renee wants her to calm down and take care of her health. Karen lists all of the people they know who have survived cancer as Ang breaks down in tears. She’s the one everyone in her family relies upon, and she has kept so much bottled up throughout her journey. In light of her current situation, I am crying (and praying) for wonderful Ang. Karen remarks that this is real life, the newbies’ petty issues are just stupid nothingness. So true. 


[Photo Credit: VH1]