Mob Wives Recap: Ex, Why, Zzzzss

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I wonder if the ladies of Mob Wives remember that warehouse round-table where the vowed to leave their anger behind and not speak poorly about each other. It doesn’t seem like it! Renee Graziano is hopeful that the women are moving forward, and she’s hosting the group (sans Prissy Marissy) at a baseball game. 

Renee, Carla Facciolo, and Karen Gravano argue about the protocol of placing one’s hand over one’s heart during the national anthem…and they are having this debate during the actual national anthem. As if their loud banter isn’t disrespectful enough, Karen swears up and down that your supposed to put your hand over your heart during the Star-Spangled Banner, not the national anthem. It takes her the entire song–and prodding from Renee–to realize the songs are one and the same. Patriotism at its finest. Big Ang is looking great despite her recent tests to determine the mass on her lungs, and all of the ladies agree that their beef is extremely petty in comparison to what she’s facing. Drita D’avanzo arrives with Brittany Fogarty who is understandably wary about facing this group of hens after their last encounter. She’s hoping she and Karen can move forward after last week’s tense chat, and she invites the ladies to come watch her watch in one of the many shows that she’ll be walking in for New York Fashion Week. Wait, what? 


Renee pulls Brittany aside to suggest she learn to manage her anger when it comes to Marissa Jade, but Brittany won’t listen to any advice. When the other women interrupt to say that their issues need to be resolved calmly, Brittany practically foams at the mouth about how she’s an adult and will handle things how she handles them…by climbing up security guards and never making contact with a punch. When pressed, Drita admits that Marissa likely only smacked Brittany because of the violent way in which Brittany approached her. It’s no shock to Karen that Drita is distancing herself from Brittany’s behavior in front of the other women. Speaking of, Marissa is at the salon complaining about her situation with Brittany. She wonders why Drita’s loyalty lies with Brittany given that her boyfriend and Lee are thick as thieves. However, Marissa hasn’t written off a friendship with Drita just yet.

Ang is meeting with a specialist about the nodule on her lung, but she’s at her appointment alone because Neil is at work. As the doctor reveals that it appears to be the early stages of lung cancer, Ang is trying to stay strong. She is terrified and feels alone…and angry with Neil. Thankfully, this time around, she doesn’t totally oppose another surgery to remove the mass. I just want to reach through my television and give Ang a giant hug. The following day, Brittany is doing a photo shoot to update her portfolio with Drita doing her make-up. Drita needles about how annoying the group can be and reveals that Renee and Karen can be instigators. Brittany hopes the women have learned to stay out of her business. Drita clearly hasn’t learned that Brittany has loose lips. 

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Karen and Carla are happy houring with Marissa, and Karen is explains that Drita loves using newbies as her mouthpiece. Marissa is upset at the gossip that Drita claims her boyfriend has asked Lee if the ladies could play nice. This is a no-no according to Marissa–this rumor could cause a lot of problems for her boyfriend who is out on probation and isn’t supposed to be chatting with other felons. Meanwhile, Ang stops by Drita’s house with her terrible news, and a tearful Drita embraces her friend. Ang reveals that she’s telling Drita because she doesn’t want to burden her family with the diagnosis, and she expresses how pissed off she is with Neil’s recent behavior. Drita is just as mad for her. 

Because everyone has to rehash everything eighteen times over, Carla and Renee are discussing how Brittany is morphing into Drita’s mini-me. Renee finds the desire of grown women to brawl to be quite silly. Has she watched herself on seasons past? Carla believes that Drita doesn’t like Marissa and she’s using Brittany to get to her so as not to tarnish Drita’s friendship with Marissa’s beau. Carla also complains that her ex-husband Joe hasn’t been communicating well with her since he got remarried, so she plans to drop by the birthday bash he’s throwing for their twins even though she wasn’t invited. That evening, Marissa is meeting with Drita in hopes of clearing the air between them. Things start off on a positive note, but Drita is shocked when Marissa comes at her about disrespect and loyalty. Drita admits that she likes Brittany, but Marissa accuses Drita of coaching Brittany to come after her. When Marissa drops the bomb about Lee and her boyfriend having the “play nice” talk, Drita seems legitimately surprised. She knows that never happened! Drita is even more floored to learn that Marissa heard she’s the one who started the rumor. She knows that neither Carla nor Renee would make up such a story, and Drita is convinced that Karen must be the culprit. Shiz is about to go down if so!

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After her twins have expressed their concerns about Carla crashing their thirteenth birthday party, Carla calls Joe to express her concerns. Joe tells her that the children are likely worried about how she’ll act towards his new wife. He reminds her that the twins have never had their parents reside under the same roof, so the separation is normal for them. Carla implores Joe to make more of an effort to show the twins everyone can get along as one big happy family. Across town, Brittany heads to Drita’s house for a recap of Drita’s conversation with Marissa. Brittany has already walked in three runway shows, and she invites Drita to come to her upcoming event. She’s also going to include Ang and Karen, but Renee and Carla aren’t going to make the cut. Drita dives right into the rumor that Marissa heard, and she preaches to Brittany about the importance of leaving the men out of the women’s drama. Karen must be obsessed with Drita’s marriage to Lee which Brittany totally pities. Lee doesn’t want to even recall his past romance with Karen…she’s not his ex, she’s a “why” according to Drita.

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Neil has been MIA since Ang’s appointment and she confronts him about constantly working but having no money to show for it. The two scream about finances and she kicks him out of the house. He refuses to leave, citing that he only has six dollars in his pocket. When Ang yells that she’s done with their marriage, Neil storms out and speeds into the night. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get her mind off things by attending Brittany’s runway show. Brittany is crossing her fingers that Drita and Karen avoid each other like the plague. As Karen giggles and tosses shade in Drita’s direction, Drita daydreams about how awesome it would be to punch Karen in the face…and she should know as she’s done it many times. Alas, this is a new Drita (at least for this event), and she doesn’t want to ruin Brittany’s night. 


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