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Mob Wives Recap: We’ll Miss That Smile

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I’m not going to lie, watching last night’s Mob Wives was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do for this gig. I’ve recapped this show since it started, and I loved getting to see Big Ang’s fun-loving personality on her drama-free spin-off Big Ang. It’s so sad to recap Ang’s battle with cancer (and her co-stars’ ridiculous petty, immature, and bullish behavior) knowing the outcome. However, I poured a glass of wine, toasted Ang’s sass and class, and tried to keep the tears to a minimum…and I’m guessing a lot of you did the same!

When the episode begins, Drita D’avanzo is still raging at the thought that Karen Gravano is spreading lies about Lee, but she won’t let it spoil the high of her finishing the first draft of her memoir. She shares a precious exchange with daughter Giselle whose birthday is quickly approaching. All Giselle wants as a gift is a second puppy, but she knows her dad will be a tough sell. Drita does a role play where she pretends to be Lee so Giselle can practice her powers of persuasion. Get that adorable child another dog!


Renee Graziano is also spending quality time with her son AJ, but instead of pooches, they are talking tickets…lots of them. AJ has had his license suspended in the past due to the sheer number of violations, and now he can’t drive in New Jersey thanks to a recent public urination citation. Renee is peeved by her son’s actions, but she’s even more upset because he’s spending less time with her even though he’s back living at home. AJ suggests his mom gets a hobby.

After her fashion event, Brittany Fogarty is extending the olive branch to Karen due to their fathers’ history. On a shopping trip, Brittany admits she didn’t invite Renee or Carla Facciolo to the runway show because she feels they are instigators. She then spills the beans that Drita is pissed because she thinks Karen is running her mouth about the men to Marissa Jade. Brittany just wants to give Karen a courtesy head’s up that Drita thinks Karen is obsessed with Lee. Of course, this sends Karen into a hurricane of expletives about what a (*&#+@% snake Lee is…she even charges the camera. Tell Drita that, bitch! Brittany feigns shock. She certainly didn’t mean to open Pandora’s Box. Just stop. 

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Ang is trying to distract herself from her health issues and her recent fight with Neil when he arrives with roses. It’s going to take more than his dime-store bouquet to get back in Ang’s good graces. When she says she’s got too much on her plate and is just going to die, I lose it. Neil reminds her that she can’t go this course alone, and he wants to be there to help her through her recovery. She begrudgingly agrees and allows him to come back home…but he’s sleeping on the sofa. Across town, Karen, Carla, Renee and Marissa are playing bocci ball, and I think the three veterans borrowed outfits from Marissa’s closet for the outing. Karen rehashes her conversation with Brittany about Drita’s beef with Karen. It’s a giant, messed up game of telephone. Never did Drita say that Marissa told her that Karen started the rumor. Renee and Carla wonder what happened to the truce they made at their round table discussion as Karen wastes a good three minutes of air time being bleeped. 

Keeping his word, Neil accompanies Ang to the lung surgeon to discuss her upcoming procedure, and the doctor warns her that she may need chemotherapy after the surgery. Ang is terrified, and I can’t stop crying every time she’s on my television. Thankfully, I get a bit of comic relief when Renee decides to take AJ’s advice. She’s taking up dance lessons and her instructor Alex needs a spin-off stat. It’s refreshing to see this fun and carefree side of Renee. Across town, Ang is helping Carla shop for decor for her new home. Carla fills in Ang that supposably (geez) Drita is talking smack about Karen, and Karen is flipping her shiz. Ang is so over of this petty she-said, she-said. Carla finds Brittany to be a two-faced wannabe, but Ang believes both of the newbies are sticking their noses in places they don’t belong. She needs Karen and Ang to squash their beef, like yesterday.

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Karen and her daughter Karina are going through her father’s art that he created while in prison. He’s incredibly talented, and Karina is overwhelmed when she opens a portrait he drew of her when she was younger. Meanwhile, Ang is visiting Drita at her Lady Boss store to share the news of her upcoming surgery. She also wants Drita to know that Brittany told Karen their entire conversation. Drita doesn’t care. She flies off the handle when Ang reveals that Carla was also in the mix. Drita rivals Karen in the “getting bleeped” category, but she involves a conversation with a tube of lipstick–she wins points for creativity. Ang is scared of the impending firestorm that is sure to ignite due to Karen and Drita’s explosive tempers. These women are going to feel so guilty when they see how little time they spend reacting Ang’s news in comparison to their cussing fits. 

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In hopes of getting Ang’s mind off her upcoming surgery, Karen has planned a night of art for Ang, Carla, Renee, and Marissa after being inspired by her father’s drawing. The nude male model enters, and the women are catcalls and batting eyelashes. Ang gets to do the honors of disrobing their subject, and Renee jokes that this probably isn’t the hobby that AJ had envisioned. It makes my heart happy to see Ang’s fun and larger-than-life personality in all of its glory. Later, as she prepares to head to the hospital for her surgery, Ang is beyond frightened as she thinks of her kids and grandchildren. She is thankful that Neil is escorting her to the hospital, and I seriously can’t watch a sobbing Ang talk about how full her life has been but there is still so much more she wants to see. Bless you, Big Ang. Rest in peace. 


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